Feedback on Macro Photography talk.
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my talk on macro photography.
Macro is a fascinating and little explored area of photography principally because it is perceived as complex and expensive. In my talks to camera clubs I try to dispel this myth. This particular talk is proving very popular so much so that I have started to run workshops which follow on from the talk. These are specifically designed to give delegates the opportunity to explore, practise and share further the techniques I discuss and demonstrate in the talk. One current such course is at a specialist carnivorous plants nursery – please see the workshops section of this website for more information.
Feed back received from attendees at a macro talk.
"On behalf of our club, many thanks for a fascinating exploration of macro photography. Your explanations of what might have seemed a complex and difficult subject were wonderfully clear and made success in macro a truly achievable goal for all. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation (as I'm sure you gathered) and are very grateful to you for the notes you have made available to club members through the links you have provided. "
"On behalf of Ludshott Photographic Club please accept my thanks for the very entertaining and informative evening you gave us on 7th October. Our members much appreciate the comprehensive coverage of macro photography. As one whose main interest is nature photography, and who over many years has chased a lot of butterflies and knelt on quite a few thistles, I thought I’d tried most equipment used for macro work, but your results with the Canon 65mm lens was an eye-opener. I have used flash, but have not been too impressed with my results, so think I will now have to treat myself to a ring flash. Another of your suggestions that I’ve decided I must try is an extension tube paired with a telephoto lens. I have had reasonable results taking butterflies with a 500mm lenses, but as the minimum focuses distance is about 4m the resulting images need quite heavy cropping, so not ideal. You gave me and I’m sure many others, lots of useful suggestions to improve their maco photography, so once again, many thanks. I hope the applause at the end of the evening conveyed the appreciation that was felt by Ludshott Photographic Club."
"Enjoyed your talk - helped inspire my somewhat flagging enthusiasm in photography and an altogether fascinating & difficult subject."
"Many thanks for another fantastic evening! I have had excellent feedback already which is great of course. Nice to have everything run so smoothly as well"
"Fab macro talk last night thanks! You certainly do have the gift of good teaching!"
"Your presentation was much appreciated by our members. It was, as befits an education professional, superbly presented and delivered, and the interest shown both during the break and at the end testified, I think, to the enjoyment and value attached to the evening by the goodly number who, thankfully, turned out in less than propitious climatic circumstances. With thanks once again and very best wishes. Colin " 
"Thank you so much for coming on Wednesday evening. I have had several people giving me feedback on the evening including this one:
Very many thanks to you and to the others for organising and getting such an interesting speaker whose presentation was brilliant. I have had a look at the private web-site and it is a great reminder as to what was covered. So thanks again to you the organisers and also pass on my/our thanks to Bob Brind-Surch. " 
"Bob, I was at yesterday's presentation to St Neots Camera Club, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good, simple advice and amusingly delivered. In particular I found the advice on micro-adjustment very good - I need to reset my 7d and 600mm so the 30x focusing will be useful . The tips and settings for the ring flash are also very relevant for me. I have a 100mm macro and a Nissin MF18 ring flash and I have configured them on my 5D MkII as you suggested. Works a treat and I can dial down the B tube to give some modelling. Thanks for the good advice and for your talk. " 
"Hello Bob, Very many thanks for an excellent presentation last night - no excuse for anyone not producing some superb macro shots now ! It was a very interesting and informative talk, and I am sure it will inspire a lot of us to have a go at macro, even if some have not really tried it before. It is a very interesting and challenging subject. We really enjoyed the evening, and wish you an enjoyable and succesful forthcoming trip. Best wishes, Mike Saywood. "
"We really enjoyed Bob's presentation and in-depth explanation of macro and close-up photography last night. Its an often misunderstood area of photography and was presented with great enthusiasm and clarity; members have said it was another first class presentation from Bob and they learned a lot about the subject. We can now approach our forthcoming macro assignment with new/renewed knowledge and enthusiasm! "
"I enjoyed your talk at Farnborough Camera club on the 10 September 2015. I have learnt a lot and will be putting it in practice. I did not realize that i had a 100mm Macro lens already which gave me fantastic portrait shots."
"I thoroughly enjoyed your macro presentation last night at Tamworth Photographic Club. It has inspired me to try macro photography with renewed interest. I am a very busy beekeeper of thirty plus years’ experience so you will understand my appreciation of your macro presentation. Your delivery and presentation, in my humble opinion were superb and the icing on the cake was giving us access to the online information for use later."
Brian Purdy - after Macro talk to Tamworth Photographic Club - March 2015
"Excellent talk last night at Matlock Camera Club. Very informative and great pace."
Chris Baker - Matlock Camera Club - March 2015
"Last night's talk on Macro Photography was fantastic I could have sat and listened for another Two Hours. I cannot wait until the Summer so I can get outside and try to Photograph Plants and Insects. I look forward to reading more from Your newsletter. "
Pete Roper - Oxford Photo Soc - January 2014
"Hi Bob, Thank last night's talk. It was the best talk on photography I have ever attended. I am full of enthusiasm to re-try macro work again. You are a rare talent!"
John Waine - Oxford Photo Soc - January 2014
"Thank you for an Inspiring, informative evening, very well and entertainingly presented."
Ian Rickuss - Cannock Camera Club - January 2014
"Your macro talk was fantastic. Technically informative in an easy way to understand. It's also always good to see what equipment's out there. Very appreciative that your talk and materials are downloadable too. Thanks. "
Kaia Little - Windsor Photographic Society - Nov 2013
"I found your talk on macro photography extremely interesting particularly so as you took the time to explain how and why the focusing works instead of just saying use ext tubes/ macro lens/ close up lens, its one thing to know the way to do something however its better to know why it works . Thanks for a brilliant meeting. "
Ed Thomas - Thatcham Camera Club - June 2013
"I attended the talk that you gave on Macro at Thatcham last night and it persuaded me to try Macro photoghaphy. I found that even in the short space of time that you were talking I was really motivated to try this form of photography. Many thanks for an inspirational talk."
Chris Bates - Thatcham Camera Club - June 2013
"Dear Bob, It was lovely to finally meet you last night and I am so pleased that everyone at the Club thoroughly enjoyed your lecture. I am receiving more messages as the day goes on to say you are the best we have ever had and will you come back again. You were the first speaker of my 2013/14 season and you will be a hard act to follow. I don't know if it was your expertise, your enthusiasm for your subject or your energy that gave us such a well-constructed instructive lecture that left us all gasping! I just wish I had a physics teacher like you at school and then I would have enjoyed science more. Once again, you were marvellous and I hope I see you again."
Sylvia Williams, Programme Secretary - Upminster Camera Club - May 2013
"Thanks for a great talk and presentation at Upminster Camera Club last night it was a fun educational evening for me and my son. We picked up a few tips n tricks also learnt a thing or two regarding cameras and Macro. Look forward to putting some of this to use."
Peter McFarlane - Upminster Camera Club - May 2013
Really enjoyed your lecture at NNPS last night lots of great information supporting excellent images I have ordered some extension tubes and am inspired to have a go based on last nights session. Thanks."
Chris Newham - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you last night and also to thank you for a very professional presentation.
I have been a member of the club for 2 years or so and I can honestly say your night was the most informative. You were so enthusiastic, precise and explained in great detail how to achieve the amazing end result which was great. I should think everyone in the room had a great experience, so thank you. Hopefully I will be able to join you on some jaunt or other in the future but thanks again. "
Joan Shelton - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Full of very useful information, especially regarding techniques and sources of equipment. Some really good illustrations (photos and diagrams). Delivered in a really engaging manner. Reminders of techniques and equipment I used to have and use years ago - extension tubes, reversing rings, etc.
Thank you very much."
Paul Watson - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society. I felt that you tried to make it as understandable as possible to our members. I feel that you have helped our members understand the options available to take close-up and macro images. I also feel that you have inspired in particular, many of our members that would like to take close-up and macro images, but didnt know how to start. Many thanks."
Derek Doar - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"A very comprehensive,thoroughly interesting and entertaining macro evening. Many thanks."
Tom Glancz - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Bob. A really inspirational evening. Thanks for passing on your tips and techniques. I feel sure that you have inspired many of our members to go out and try "macro". Certainly I'll be adding extension tubes to my kit in the near future."
Trevor Burton - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Bob. Great talk tonight at NNPS. "
Gale Cutts - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Hi Bob. Attended the lecture last night at NNPS. It was one of the best, not only informative but excellent practical tips. Thank you so much. "
David Bull - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Bob - thanks for a splendid evening at NNPS last night - a great tutorial and insight into macro work - it brought together so much knowledge and experience. Thank you"
Kevin Gibbin - Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc - February 2013
"Thank you for a very interesting and informative evening at Spratton. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole presentation and it has certainly moved me to try harder with my photography. I usually take pictures for my paintings, I now see photography in a different light, if you pardon the pun. Again for myself and behalf of the club many thanks."
Mike Oakes Vice Chair - Spratton Camera Club - February 2013
"Bob. Really enjoyed the presentation at Earl Shilton Camera club last night. Loads of information., with tips etc., well presented too, good feel to the whole thing. Thank you"
Julie Holbeche-Maund - Earl Shilton Camera club - January 2013
"Dear Bob. Thank you for your visit to Club Abington Photographic on Monday the 21st January 2013.
The feedback from the club members regarding your “Macro Photography” talk was 100% positive, and everyone agreed that it was one of the best club evenings they have attended for a long time! Our members certainly came away with lots to think about.
Once more on behalf of all the club members I would like to thank you for your time and willingness to share your expertise, especially in such adverse weather conditions, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the club again in the near future."
Kind regards Gene Col - CAP Programme Secretary - January 2013
"Dear Bob, I would like to extend a huge thankyou on behalf of the club and myself for your excellent macro lecture and instruction. The feedback from members and visitors was fantastic and everyone found the lecture fun, informative and very, very helpful. Many new ideas and techniques were made available to us in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. I hope that many of us will venture into the world of close up and macro following your talk and in fact we have organised a club-run instructional, hands on, evening as a follow up from your lecture, because of the amount of interest shown.Thankyou again for your enthusiasm and inspiration."
Kind regards Annette Programme Secretary Lichfield Camera Club - January 2013
"Hi Bob, Really enjoyed your lecture to our club on Wednesday 9th January. I have been interested in Macro photography and purchased the 100 mm L macro lens with the image stabiliser just over a year ago.Your talk has helped me to understand the subject more. Hope to see you again at our club in the future."
Best Regards, Graham Woolrich - Lichfield Camera Club - January 2013
"Bob, I really enjoyed last night's talk at Hitchin Camera Club. It was very informative and I was very happy to hear an advocate of nature and macro photography share his enthusiasm.
I love nature in its many shapes and forms, from whales to lichens, the Himalayas to the atom, Landscapes to microscopic views and try to capture what excites me in nature."
Gabriele Smolarz - Hitchin Camera Club - November 2012
"Dear Bob. It was a pleasure to meet you last night and to hear your excellent close-up and macro presentation. The slides had so much clarity and your delivery style and repartee were much appreciated. I found it captivating and interesting throughout. In addition it was great to be able to access the back-up documentation and go over it at one's own speed. Lots of people enjoyed it and I would certainly like to have you back in the future."
Colin Hewett - Hitchin Camera Club - November 2012
"Bob - your talk was one of the best ones our Society had ever heard. Ideas, planning, demonstrating the science as well as the as the practical application to photography, the recapitulation at each of the stages of the essential points – all these things made it a riveting and brilliantly clear exposition – and ... what illustrations! We were in the hands of a first-rate teacher; (my husband said he wished you had taught him physics at grammar-school). You could tell how much everyone enjoyed and learnt from your lecture. Macro-photography is no longer a closed book to us!"
Anne Gilmore - Programme Secretary - Market Harborough Photographic Society - November 2012
"Bob - Just like to say thank you for a brilliant presentation this evening. Thank you again."
Michele Davies - Market Harborough Photographic Society - November 2012
"Bob - you visited Leek several weeks ago, and I just wanted to say what a cracking macro session you gave us, everyone was blown away by your presentation. It was by far the best presentation in at least the past few seasons with some long standing members saying the best presentation ever ! cant get better than that !"
Simon Greenwood - Leek Camera Club - November 2012
"Bob. I was at the Beeston Camera Club last night where you gave an excellent presentation on macro photography. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I’ve been photographing for about 20 years now but I learned a huge amount last night. You’ve convinced me that I should not just rely on a macro lens. You definitely inspired me to look into extension tubes, ring flashes, ‘plamps’ and focus stacking. I’m sure we’ll meet again, quite possibly on one of your workshops."

Chris Denning - Beeston Camera Club - November 2012

"An excellent presentation last night at Beeston Camera Club. I learnt a great deal about Macro Photography and will defintely try out some of the techniqies. "

David Hunt - Beeston Camera Club - November 2012

"Thanks very much for your presentation last night, extremely interesting and informative. I'm sure it will be talked about for weeks to come.I'm sorry you didn't have time to give a practical demonstration of focus stacking but your graphics are so superb that I'm sure members understood how to do it."

Derek Martin - President Beeston Camera Club - November 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and presentation to Beeston Camera Club last night and look forward to seeing you again in Feb 2013 at Nott'm & Nott's PS."

Ian Taylor - Beeston Camera Club - November 2012

"Thank you for you talk at the Camera Club, was most interesting and very formative, I learnt a lot ( I hope) hope to learn more from your Photo days."

Elaine Whitby - Beeston Camera Club - November 2012

"I'd just like to thank you for what was the most informative and well presented talk on photography I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The information you presented will improve my photography greatly and I wish I could have sat for another couple of hours to soak up more. I was happy to hear you like macro photographs with dark I do too and which can be seen at my websit."

Robert Head - Leek Photographic Club - October 2012

"Hi Bob. Just a quick email in between my Saturday tasks but I wanted to drop you a line to say what an excellent presentation you gave on Thursday night. I've had excellent feedback from members who found it very informative and practical - even enjoyable! We probably don't hear enough about techniques and diff equipment options from our guest speakers as we usually see a portfolio of images - as inspiring as these have been, they don't help us to improve ourselves. A massive thank you from me!"

Sarah Ryan - Royston Photographic Society - October 2012

"Hi, I would just like to say thank you for last nights talk at Burghfield Camera Club, it was very informative and a thoroughly enjoyable evening. While I enjoy close-up work, especially of flowers I've always found real macro to be not so successful. Last night has certainly fired up my interest in trying harder. I have a Sigma 50ml macro lens for my Nikon but may look into a set of rings as well to give even greater magnification."

Many thanks Sue Totham - Burghfield Camera Club - September 2012

"Dear Bob. I would like to thank  you for the talk on Thursday night, I think  I can say that everybody present enjoyed the evening.  Members who had no interest in Macro after listening to  you explain it I feel will want to have a go.  I hope that  in the next  few competitions we will have more member entering Macro photos thank you of your wonderful presentation."

Dave Reeves - Burghfield Camera Club Program Secretary - September 2012

Quotes received from Burghfield Camera Club members
"This was the best talk I have been to since I joined the club"
"I am now going to try macro for the first time"
"As a result of Bob's inspiring talk I now understand the concept of macro photography and I have been doing it for a number of years"
"Gosh he knows his subject however he has the gift of expressing it so clearly, thank you"

Burghfield Camera Club members - September 2012

"Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your knowledgeable, informative and enthusiastic talk about Macro and Close Up Photography – which I thought was very well presented. You have inspired me to dig out my Macro Lens. Well done!"

Andrew Greenwood, LRPS - Sept 2012

"Dear Bob Can I please congratulate you on an excellent lecture yesterday evening at Corby Photographic Club. It is not very often that we have such a high quality lecture that appeals to beginners and experienced photographers alike. I was familiar with all the methods covered in your talk but still came away having learnt a lot, having a better insight into what is achievable with the equipment available and what choice to make when faced with a specific problem. I was very pleased when one of our newer members came up to me during the break and said "This is great, it is just what I joined a camera club for". I also know you have inspired several of our members to consider buying extension tubes.
We are now all looking forward to your return visit next March"

Best Regards Malcolm - Club programme secretary - July 2012

Very many thanks for coming over to Bedford last evening.Your talk was as I said exceptional and everyone will have learned something from it especially the non physicists. Members will be talking about it for a long time."

Diana Moss - President Bedford Camera Club

"Well presented, informative, most enjoyable. I learned several new things and it expanded my interest in macro work. I would recommend your talks and, by extension, your workshops to all"

Ian Whiting

"I have been struggling with macro work, but last evening it all became clear to me thanks to your excellent and informative presentation. I realised I had most of the equipment mentioned and now I can't wait to get started. Thanks once again."

Regards Mike Olney.

 "I attended your presentation last Thursday at the Abingdon Camera club.  What an amazing and inspirational evening it was.  Your photos were just wonderful and I learnt so much from you.  Thank you so much"

Linda Given

"I thoroughly enjoyed your magnificent presentation to Abingdon Camera Club on Thursday 15th March."

Andrew Steel

"Excellent talk at Maidenhead Camera Club - thoroughly enjoyed it - very informative."

Thanks. Ashley Rawling

"Bob, a truly inspirational presentation. You have given me a renewed interest in this field of macro photography and saved me purchasing unnecessary lens at this time."

Chris Packard

"An inspirational presentation with plenty of ideas for ways to improve and experiment my techniques." 

Many thanks, Steve Oakes

"Bob, you talk to our club was OUT of this world one of the best I have seen."

Brett Bagley.

"Great job - absolutely excellent! Thanks so much for sharing so generously such a wealth of useful and interesting information. The most enjoyable and fact-filled evening I've spent at the camera club since I joined 2 years ago."

Laurraine Price, Maidenhead Camera Club

"Hi Bob, many thanks for the information. After seeing your presentation last Thursday I was inspired to "have a go" at close-up/macro at a local nature reserve yesterday. Your tips really helped, can't wait to try again!"

Thanks again. Stephanie

"Bob, I so enjoyed last night's talk at Abingdon Camera Club - thank you SO much. You have totally inspired me."

Annabel Ownsworth

"Dear Bob, On behalf of Lea Valley Nature Photographers I would like to thank you very much for the fascinating talk you gave us last Thursday. Judging from the feedback I have had everyone seems to have enjoyed it very much and learnt something. I know I did and I didn't realise about the microchips in extension rings doing horrible things to one's camera if they were the wrong sort.
Thank you also for letting us download your information. I hope your safari is a great success."

Best wishes, Margaret

"Hi Bob, Just to say a huge thank you for your talk last night – I certainly enjoyed it and the feedback has been very positive. Some members, who were unable to be there last night, are sorry to have missed it. I have a feeling that there might be an increase in the number of macro / close up images shown at the club and a future club outing could become very entertaining if everyone adopts the rocking technique.

Kind regards, Evelyn

"I loved your talk. Thank you for being so informative and open to questions during the break."

Leisa Houlder, Maidenhead

"You were absolutely riveting in your presentation! While some of it went over my head (I’m a beginner) your simple instructions with diagrams really helped me get the gist. Though I’m still not sure what turning the lens around would achieve? (one to Google)"

Thanks Sue Bennett-Snewin

"Brilliant, I have rarely come away from a talk more excited about photography. I think all the audience was as appreciative of your talk as I was."

Tony Andrews

"Probably the best talk I've been to. Very interesting and educational, it will certainly inspire me to get started in macro photography - probably as soon as this weekend!"

Paul Deakin

"First class talk at Lee Valley Nature Photographers last night,well worth attending,have new found insperation to take close up and macro pictures."

Many thanks. Peter Elton

"The Macro Photography talk by Bob Brind-Surch at Lee Valley Nature Photographers was all that any macro photographer would need; he clearly relayed and freely shared his forty years of macro photography experience. All the equipment needed for macro photography was laid out on tables, the physics and technical factors were clearly explained to emphasize the importance understanding of the process in order to get good macro images. We were shown quality examples of photographs taken using the range of macro equipment.
I am an aspiring amateur photographer who is aiming to write natural history books illustrated with high quality photographs for young children; the macro presentation given by Bob has given me all the macro know how I will need for this project. It's now down to me to top up my equipment, practice, challenge my skills and hopefully get the high quality images needed.
Thank you Bob for sharing your experience."

Julie Mullings.

"I visit Derby City Photo club on various occasions. Yours was one of them and I found that your lecture was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you very much for coming. I have since attempted to put into practice your talk today and have found that using extension tubes (borrowed!)is easy. However getting the depth of field etc correct is hard, but focusing is much easier using your rocking technique, it works nicely.I do need to practice alot to get anywhere close to your images, but a challenge is good."

Eric Gaffney.

"I joined the Derby Club when I started photography 3 years ago (at 64) and I found your evening the most informative todate, I almost did not go to the club due to the weather, but I was pleased I made it, your techniques and tips made a refreshing change from looking at photos or talks on photoshop."

Garnett Parkes.

" Enjoyed your presentation last night. Nice to have some technical info as well as nice photos!"

Sarah Middleton.

"Thank you Bob for a presentation that will be useful as I reinvigorate my interest in photography. I'm new to digital in terms of using a DSLR so I suspect will go thru a fair few of the trials and tribulations you have. Just got to be organised!!!"
Paul Dent
"Bob Many thanks for your insightful talk to our members at Derby City Photographic club on 6th February 2012. In many ways it resurrected quite a lot of the photographic techniques I was involved in when in my younger days. You have spurred me to re-explore this area of photography again."

Regards from Barry.

"Really enjoyed your evening at Marwell last night. Thank you for invoking a great interest in macro photography. One of the best evenings I have spent in a long time"

Thanks Dee James.

"Bob, what a exceptionally good talk you gave last night, at Marwell Zoo Photographic Club. You have certainly re-kindled my enthusiasm for macro photography; I will be looking for some extension tubes, and a ring flash when I go to the NEC (Photo on Imaging) in March. Thanks again for a super evening."

David Chaplin.

"An excellent presentation which I really enjoyed, it would be really great to participate in one of your workshops which I am planning to do when my diary for the year becomes clear!"

Best regards Mike Clark.

"Bob your talk was excellent and informative. Gave me lots of food for thought and also the spur to get the extra bits of kit I need to give macro a second chance."

John Hughes.

"Bob I found your talk very inspiring. Whilst it was quite technical, I didn't find that a problem and to learn that you could do macro shots with a telephoto and extension tubes was very exciting. Just made me really yearn for a ring flash!"

Lisa Winson. Olney Camera Club

"Very Good Show at Olney Camera Club the otehr night Bob. Reminded me that I have all the macro gear but that I have let it lapse. Your talk gave me useful macro tuition which I have not received from books & magazines."

Andy Gailer. Olney Camera Club

"Absolutely fascinating, and very engaging. Tons of useful information, and a lot of which you would plainly only learn the hard way. Definitely going to get my hands on some extension tubes for my Nikon and give it a go."

Thank you very much, Steve

"Fascinating talk last night Bob. I was not aware of extension tubes and the great photography that can be achieved - I will buy some and try to take some good images!"

Thanks Jeff Taylor

"Bob a terrific evening thank you. The feedback I’ve received is all good, and members have asked for your return. I would like to get into macro so this was just the talk we needed. I'm busy looking at what my next purchase is going to be."

Thanks once again. Colin Gadsby

"Really good evening with good information and well presented.  Made me even more interested in macro and the equipment I need not spend money on!"

Thanks. Tony Lamming

"Hi Bob, Fantastic talk on Macro techniques and equipment last night at the Olney Camera Club, time just flew past and your energetic presentation kept me interested from start to finish, I love any thing to do with nature and your talk last night kind of made my mind up where or what direction I wanted to go with my photography."

Trevor Sudds

"Bob your talk was fantastic!! Very well presented and loved the physics of how to do these great shots. This is how all lectures should be."

Kevin Dye. Burton Latimer & DPS

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable & informative evening last night hope to see you again soon"

Steve Martin. Burton Latimer

"Bob thanks for a very interesting, informative talk last night. Made me want to go out and buy extension tubes. Your advice on purchase of new 1D Mk4 was also extremely helpful and welcome."

Kevin Marsh. Burton Latimer Photographic Society.

"Bob, Thank you for your presentation to our camera club on 18th Jan 2012. Really professional, informative and full of tips I had never thought of using. Very enjoyable and informative, was well received by all who attended. Once again many thanks for coming to talk to us."

Yours sincerely Richard Smart

"A brilliant evening last week at the Deepings club. Full of knowledge, great photos and only a hint of physics.You had my attention from start to finish."

Congrats Frank Emonds

"Hi Bob, Thanks for a great presentation at the Deepings club last night. Your style of practical talk is what I thought a camera club would be about, in the two years I have been going, last night was one of the fews times my expectations have been met."

Thanks Simon

"Thank you very much for your interesting talk on macro photography at Banbury Camera club. My wife and I found it very interesting and we were fascinated by the detailed photographs you showed us. We certainly intend to have a try at macro photography."

Thanks, David & Mo Mulley

"Bob, on behalf of the members of St. Neots Camera Club please accept a huge vote of thanks for your recent superb presentation.  You are so very generous in sharing your knowledge and presented it in such a manner that even those with little photographic experience were able to gain knowledge and thoroughly enjoy the evening. 
Following your suggestions my personal Christmas present list is now so large that Santa will most certainly have trouble with getting down the chimney!
Looking forward to meeting you again and hopefully attending one of your workshops."

Thanks Shirley Kevern

"Many thanks Bob for a fantastic evening on monday, I really enjoyed all aspects of your talk and you have inspired me to look into macro and close up photography."

Thanks Darren Lewis. Banbury Camera Club. 

"Excellent talk last night at Banbury Camera Club. One of the best visiting lecturers they have had. Has spurred me on to get into macro photography."

John Hall. Banbury Camera Club.

"Thanks for a most enjoyable lecture earlier this week on Tuesday, it was one of only a few memorable and enjoyable lectures that I have been to at the camera club the others being Heather Angel and Andy Rouse. I will hopefully look forward to joining you on one of your workshops next year where perhaps I can learn a little more about the practicalities of macro photography, in the meantime I will invest in the extension tubes you suggest."

Many thanks again. Graham Barber.

"Bob..... thoroughly enjoyed the presentation last evening at a newcomer to the club I was extremely impressed and found it very useful for me as complete novice to the hobby. If you have any additional tips for the novice yet to buy my camera equipment, I'd be very grateful for the thoughts and comments of a professional with many years experience."

Geoff Unwin. St Neots and District Camera Club

"Thanks for a great talk last night, it was a really useful insight into the realms of macro photography. A set of extension tubes will definitely be added to my Christmas list, I've recently bought a Canon 400mm lens which I love, especially the detail it gives of butterflies etc, but there is always the problem of needing to be 4m away from the subject. It will be great to be able to get closer to the subject and be able to focus!"

Thanks! Helen

"One of the most impressive lectures I have attended in the last 10 years and for it to be at Blythe Bridge was a bonus. We were impressed how your lecture was personal to our camera club members with the information you made available on your website. Thanking you on behalf of members and myself."

Kind Regards William Frank Winfield. President Blythe Bridge Camera Club

"Hello Bob, I attended your talk on macro photography earlier this week at Blythe Bridge Camera Club and just wanted to thank you for your really helpful and interesting lecture - really enjoyable and informative. Thank you also for this facility too - very useful to be able to have a copy of the material to refer back to."

Rosie Piggott

"Thanks for the most enjoyable and very skillful talk on macro photography you gave to Blythe Bridge camera club on Monday.The fact that we can go to your website and check important details we may have missed makes it even better."

Regards, Denise - Blythe Bridge Camera Club

"Bob, Many thanks for a wonderful evening, your talk on macro photography must rate as one of the best evenings I have had at the camera club."

Jim - Blythe Bridge Camera Club

"Bob, thanks for the really detailed notes from the talk at Biggleswade. I really found them useful as I have done no really close up work ever."

Anthea Saunders - Biggleswade and District Camera Club

"Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Rushden Camera Club. Many thanks."

Bernard Hager

"Very much enjoyed your talk at Rushden PS last night."

Many thanks Mike Quickenden

"Hi Bob, Your talk to us yesterday evening on macro photography was among the best I have listened to in my 22 years as a member of the RDPS. I found it inspiring, informative and most importantly a pleasure to listen to."

Many thanks Geoff Stone President Rushden and District Photographic Society

"Bob thank you for your wonderfully informative and lively talk last night at Biggleswade. A group of us would definitely want to take part in your dragonfly workshop next season and possibly the insectivorous plant one as well."

Frances Kay (Bunty) - Treasurer and Vice Chairman Biggleswade and District Camera Club

"Bob, last night was the best evening we have had in my time at the club - very professional presentation material and loads of practical advice and tips delivered in an easy to listen to style."

Many thanks Tim Hancock - Biggleswade and District Camera Club

"Many thanks for the presentation on Macro Photography. We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, There was plenty for everyone especially for new members, and hopefully we will be in contact during the summer for one of your field trips / workshops."

Keith Hurst  - Biggleswade and District Camera Club Programme Secretary

"As an attendee at the lecture given by you at the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society, I would like to say thank you for such an interesting, informative and entertaining lecture presented on 22.09.11. The feedback from my friends, colleagues and guests who also attended has been positive across the board with even our most seasoned photographers stating that he learnt something new from the experience. The follow-up access to the PDF download from your website is a positive boon, assisting and reinforcing the presentation and providing excellent support to a very intense and information packed talk. Brilliant and I hope that we can have you back in the future."

Many thanks George Reilly (Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society Member)

"Bob I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your talk and presentation you gave last night at Dunchurch Photographic Society. Although technically, I found some of the concepts a little hard I was fascinated and certainly inspired to get out there and practice! practice! practice! Many thanks once again."

Claire Randall - Dunchurch Photographic Society

"Hi Bob, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your talk last night at Dunchurch. All too often guest speakers do little more than show a slideshow of their work so it made a refreshing change to have a speaker who was prepared to share some of their methodology. I also appreciated the fact that you dealt with some of the more technical issues and I thought you explained them very well indeed."

Simon Coates - Dunchurch Photographic Society

"Thank you for one of the most inspiring talks that I have listened to in many years. Needless to your pictures were out of this world. Keep up the good work and again my sincere thank you."

Mal Aston - Newbury Camera Club

"I would just like to say thank you for an excellent presentation on macro to Newbury Camera Club. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has indeed sparked my interest in developing my skills in this area.
Your download pdf files are really useful and in a language that I can understand. It was a pleasure to have things explained in a simple manner with technical information kept to a minimum (with details to locate more information as required). For me, your presentation was definitely worth the effort of rushing down the M6 from Preston to arrive at the club on time! "

Thank you - Collette Haworth.

"Bob, On behalf of Duston Camera club I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation on Macro Photography. This was a superb evening pitched at exactly the right level. As you may have gathered at halftime we had members present from beginners to advanced. Everyone went away with something from the night and I had several requests to book you again in 2012 which I will do early in the new year."

Ian Oxborough (Programme Secretary).

" Bob gave a talk at Kettering Photographic Society on macro photography. He was enthusiastic and inspirational. His talk was backed up by images, easy to relate to slide show coupled with numerous stories and technical information. Everyone left the evening buzzing, itching to pick up their cameras and focus on anything that moved. "

Thanks so much, Sylvia.

" Hi Bob Thank you very much for the splendid talk on macro photography it was most informative and the presentation was superb. I have not enjoyed a presentation so much since I saw Barry Thomas at Jessops on Photoshop in the 90s. I shall be pestering our committee to have you visit again. " 

Regards Alan Horn

" Bob, You recently presented your macro talk to our camera club. It was superb, I enjoyed every minute and learnt so very much. I cant wait to play and explore some of the techniques you described with my own camera. Well done, well presented and very informative. "

Many thanks. Sue Grantham

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