Equipment Reviews for Wildlife Photography
I don’t believe that any particular piece of equipment makes you a better wildlife photographer or allows you to take better photographs. It’s the user that makes all the difference. I do however occasionally come across equipment that I find particularly helpful and am happy to give my thoughts and comments.
I don’t endorse any products and whilst occasionally am asked to test something by a supplier am never swayed by such and will always state if I have been so asked.
I have a section of this website that is devoted to technical explorations and techniques and another that covers my musings as a wildlife photographer but below I have gathered together my equipment reviews. Each is introduced with a short precise but to read the full article click the link and download a PDF. You can even print this if you like to read it at leisure and please do share it with friends who you think would find it useful too.
I will add to this section over time and as more thoughts strike me so please check back regularly for new ones or join my mailing list here.
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