Taking Control of Your Camera
(Icarus Falconry - Northamptonshire)
I am sorry but due to the nature of these workshops and a good part of them being run in an enclosed space I have had to cancel them as they cant be run meeting COVID guidelines
I will however be running them next year if you would like to reserve a place click the waitinmg list button below.
Other dates or group bookings available on request please e-mail bob@naturesphotos.co.uk to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
Have you just bought a new digital SLR camera and are not sure how to use it?
Do you rely on the automatic modes built into the camera?
Do you want to achieve better results from your photographic efforts but are confused by how all those camera settings work?
Do you want to take control of your camera but are not sure where to start?
If so, then this workshop is just for you!
With a healthy mixture of classroom and practical sessions my aim on this workshop is to provide a relaxing and comfortable setting where you can learn more about your camera and practise your new knowledge by taking some stunning photos. You will learn how to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO to produce more creative images.
The workshop is based at Icarus Falconry, a private falconry centre where I also run my very popular specialist raptor photo days. Having worked with and run workshops at the centre for many years I have excellent working arrangements with the falconers and know them and their birds very well. Unlike most similar centres these birds are trained and actively used for hunting so are in excellent condition, very keen and fit making them excellent subjects for you to practise your new found skills.

Cost £140