I am a professional zoologist, a qualified teacher, a highly experienced photographer and naturalist passionate about my work and sharing my observations of wildlife with others. As a professionally qualified zoologist I studied large carnivores in Africa and as a photographer I have been shooting for over 50 years during which I have had the great good fortune to have worked with some of the very best wildlife photographers and naturalists. In 1977, I obtained a fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society with a piece of work on Macro.

I have been a keen naturalist from a very young age and a photographer from my late teens. Nowadays as a professional photographer I like to think I am foremost a naturalist who photographs what he observes rather than a photographer specializing in wildlife. This is very important to me and goes back to why I started taking photos in the late 60s.

My early photography consisted of taking colour slides to illustrate talks I gave on wildlife and I learnt my photographic craft seeking to capture animals in difficult situations and specifically recording animal behaviour. This was all the more difficult with older manual film cameras but proved a good grounding for practising and refining the skills that still serve me well in the digital age.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have shared experiences and worked with some very competent naturalists and photographers. They have collectively helped me enormously and taken me on my exciting journey of exploration. I am also a qualified teacher and consider it a privilege to share with others the lessons I have learnt and experiences I have gained.

I have developed this website to give an insight into my photographic work and to share with you my enthusiasm for wildlife and photography. I also regularly give talks to camera clubs, lead wildlife photographic days and run trips particularly to a favourite location, East Africa.

Please enjoy viewing my website. I will update it regularly, so please revisit and let me have your thoughts and feedback.