Harvest mice are fascinating and attractive subjects for wildlife photography and a project I first undertook 45 years ago whine i first worked with harvest mice. For a more recent project I re established a breeding colony 12 years ago and immediately started to receive requests to offer opportunities to photograph them. I do warn those attending however that “photographing harvest mice is addictive”.

This is a chance to capture some really stunning images, learn more about your camera and photography and to have some fun at the same time. The workshops are just ½ day and I limit the numbers to a maximum of 3 (2 in the winter months).

The following are a selection of some photos taken by people who have attended this workshops pre 2015 to give you some idea what can be archived.

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William Phillips

Wendy Collens

Suzi Hooper

Peter Wood

Lynne Davies

Linda Martin

Joyce Rothschild

John Reading

John Credland

Howard Broadbent

Gary Chisholm

Debbie Smith

Dave McKay

Dave Gilbert

Danny Kidby- Hunter

Chrsi Barrington

Sue Totham

Sue Hurley

Steve Williams

Rona Bassett

Robert Bannister

Nicky Dodson

Malcolm McGregor

Judy Longthorne

Janet Stone

Frances Kay (Bunty)

Elaine Whitby

Di Norwood

Dave Hollis

Clive Buckley

Brain Clark

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