Dave Cromack’s Gallery – Kicheche Mara 2013

It’s not without a gulp that you sign up for a photo safari and ahead of the trip I was looking at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I’m looking at it as my first trip to Africa… There’s a spiritual aspect to a photo safari that doesn’t get much of a mention. Sure you get some fantastic pictures but its the way life and how the day can change so dramatically that got to me. One minute you’re jousting or munching on some grass, the next moment all hell breaks out as a predator descends. I know it’s nature and all that and we get to see predation daily on TV but to see it close up is just something else. And to see and hear how the Maasai exist in this world was pretty amazing as well. Also need to mention the excellent facilities and fine like minded travelling companions as well, would recommend it for anyone, fantastic adventure.

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