Clients feedback on the Devon Landscape Workshop
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Secret Mammals Workshop in Devon.
I offer this this 1 day optional extension to my existing Secret Mammals 2 day workshop in Devon working with established landscape photographer Huw Alban. Huw describes himself as an artist using photography. He is based in Dorset and specialises in creating of images that capture true nature – whatever the subject. His photographs have appeared throughout the country in various exhibitions and competitions, and have been published worldwide in magazines and books.
The South West of England is rich in the most stunning and beautiful landscape scenes in the UK. Creating successful images from such variety can be a significant challenge, with the weather always playing a part in the final result. Having worked the landscapes of the UK for the last 10 years, Huw knows first-hand what a frustrating but exhilarating pursuit landscape photography can be. His home county of Dorset is famous for its prehistoric coastline offering rough stone bays, sea stacks, and arches. The county of Devon, offers a gentler, more intimate experience which is no less of a challenge with its well visited and already well photographed coastline.

Clients Photos from this workshop

Feed back received from attendees of this workshop.
"I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of landscape photography and to learn how to use filters effectively.
This was a most inspiring workshop. A truly wonderful day. The approach was very different from other landscape workshops I have attended and it was very effective. The teaching, encouragement and feedback was of a very high standard. All my expectations were fully met and exceeded."
"I thought the pre-event introduction from Huw was very valuable and helpful as well as wetting my appetite! I also thought the different venues we went to was an excellent idea as it gave us the opportunity to formulate different ideas in different circumstances and the freedom to build an image from whatever I liked. By the end of the day my eyes had been opened in many new directions and, with Huw's words "does it tell a story" in my head, I hope I will be able to shoot many more landscape images."