Secret British Mammals Photo Workshop
Landscapes Extension Day
7th September 2015
Spaces available
Other dates or group bookings to be agreed and available on request please e-mail to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
While in Devon why not take advantage of this 1 day extension workshop run by Huw Alban, an experienced and published landscape photographer. The area offers wonderful opportunities and this workshop is designed for any amateur landscape photographer wishing to improve their field craft, learn new ideas, and gain a different perspective on this challenging but exciting area of photography.
We are really pleased to be able to offer the chance to sample this corner of England, and offer you the chance to:
  Get up close and personal with elements of the landscape
  Step back and take in the wider view
  Realise the rich variety of details that are right at your feet
  Take the time to absorb the scene around you and create an image that captures that feeling
  Learn to ignore the so called “rules of composition”
  Realise that simple concepts, like the orientation of the image, can have a significant impact on how others view your images
  Recognise that sometimes telling the story in the scene is more important
  Prove to yourself that using a tripod does result in better images
  Get creative with your camera and use it as a tool to create different images

Huw believes that we all have our own reasons for getting out into the landscape, but very few of us actually take the time to find out what they are. “One of the most important lessons that I carry with me in the landscape is a realisation that what I feel inside is actually more important than the scene itself and I have a range of techniques that I use to allow these feelings to have a voice in my images.”
The day will see us visting two different locations and will require a certain amount of walking, sometimes uphill for some distance. A reasonable level of fitness will ensure that you get the most of these locations.
This day is designed as an addition to the Devon Secret Mammals workshop but can be booked on its own. It starts at 10AM sharp and as Devon is quite a long way for many to travel I can arrange cost effective bed and breakfast locally. If you are on the secret mammals workshop you can of course extend your stay in the same B&B by 1 day.

Cost £75 (special introductory offer)