Douglas Gregor’s Gallery – Kicheche Mara 2014

I do take a few photographs which do not have some form of wildlife in them, but not many. I take a lot of insect shots and some are as small as 2mm, weighing-in at a fraction of a gram, but on this trip I did not make a great deal of use of my macro lens – I was captivated by the majesty of the lion and the sheer size and power of the elephant. It is quite different seeing them in the wild and in their own environment when we are caged and they roam free.

I have rarely taken a holiday in the same place twice, because there is always something else that I have wanted to see or do. That is not how I felt after my trip to Kicheche Mara Camp. I do want to return and I do want again to experience the hospitality and the opportunities presented on a workshop arranged by Bob.

Crucial to these opportunities were the guide/drivers that Bob selected. They knew what we wanted to achieve and set about making certain that we would leave with our ambitions fulfilled. We were left in no doubt about their skill and knowledge, but what was uncanny was when an animal started to move and our driver said ‘hold tight’ then drove in a great arc and waited. Sure enough within a very short time the lion, cheetah or leopard turned up right on cue!

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Big Cats – Cheetah  

Big Cats – Lions  

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