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Emily’s Rescue storyEmily’s Supports her herd during drought Emily’s Herd Returns
Emily’s Growing HerdEmily’s 1st Calf – Eve 


Emily’s 2nd calf – Emma

It is with a sense of joy, wonder and amazement that we see wild newborn, and wild living little ‘Emma’ racing around the legs of her vigilant ex orphan ‘Nannies’ as well as those of Emily, her mother, who came to us in early infancy as an orphan and who was, like many other newborn orphaned peers, so problematical to steer through the first three milk dependent years of early elephant life, and most especially through the first four months needed to cut their first set of four infant molars. In an orphans situation these months are invariably life threatening triggering fevers and scouring that are difficult to control and can cost a baby elephant’s life within days. Unlike our newborn orphans, baby Emma is plump and playfully healthy, as a newborn baby elephant should be, and we constantly grapple with what the secret could be in elephant mother’s milk which we as humans simply cannot duplicate to obtain the same result, even after 50 years of trial and error.