Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2012

As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2012.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.



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Feedback received during 2012

Gabriele Smolarz – Hitchin Camera Club – November 2012

“Bob, I really enjoyed last night’s talk at Hitchin Camera Club. It was very informative and I was very happy to hear an advocate of nature and macro photography share his enthusiasm.
I love nature in its many shapes and forms, from whales to lichens, the Himalayas to the atom, Landscapes to microscopic views and try to capture what excites me in nature.”

Colin Hewett – Hitchin Camera Club – November 2012

“Dear Bob. It was a pleasure to meet you last night and to hear your excellent close-up and macro presentation. The slides had so much clarity and your delivery style and repartee were much appreciated. I found it captivating and interesting throughout. In addition it was great to be able to access the back-up documentation and go over it at one’s own speed. Lots of people enjoyed it and I would certainly like to have you back in the future.”

Dick Smart – following raptor photo workshop – November 2012

“Bob I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. You could not have done more to make sure everyone was happy and getting the images they wanted. Thank you.”

Keith Tyler – Shirley Photographic Society – November 2012

“Brilliant presentation. I learnt more in those 2 hours than I have in a local 10 week course on photography.”

Jane Storer – Shirley Photographic Society – November 2012

“Hi Bob, I very much enjoyed your talk at Shirley Photographic Society on Thursday evening. From my point of view it was one of the best I have heard for a very long time. Thank you for all the useful information.

Philip Leighton – Shirley Photographic Society – November 2012

“I attended your session tonight at Shirley and really enjoyed your talk. I have learned a lot – thanks.”

Karen Thomas – following a wolf photo day – November 2012

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph wolves and to be so close to them. The staff at the centre were very welcoming and knowledgeable. The advice you gave me was useful. I did very much enjoy the day. Thank you”

Vin Scothern – Following Specialist Raptor photo day – November 2012

“Hi Bob, Never having been on a workshop of this type I didn’t really know what to expect, before the course I had hoped to get some images of the birds in as natural surroundings as possible. I came away from the course knowing an awful lot more about the birds and with some fantastic images.
Gill and I thoroughly enjoyed the Raptor course on the 17th. We can’t thank you enough for a brilliant day, the location was fantastic and the birds were awesome. Big thanks to yourself for the teaching on the day and all the communications before hand.
Also thank you to Tom and Josh for their patient help and answering questions that they must get asked all the time, nothing was to much trouble for them. All in all a wonderful day was had by us both and we shall return for another of your workshops in the very near future. I would recommend them to photographers of all levels.”

David Parker – Nuneaton Bird Club – November 2012

“Great talk at Nuneaton Bird Club – lots of ideas and things to try.”

Paul Lathbury – Nuneaton Bird Club – November 2012

“Great talk last night at Nuneaton Bird Group Bob. Although not many photographers present I heard many positive comments and hopefully the content has inspired others to take up the hobby. Thanks again for a thoroughly entertaining evening.”

Anne Gilmore – Programme Secretary – Market Harborough Photographic Society – November 2012

“Bob – your talk was one of the best ones our Society had ever heard. Ideas, planning, demonstrating the science as well as the as the practical application to photography, the recapitulation at each of the stages of the essential points – all these things made it a riveting and brilliantly clear exposition – and … what illustrations! We were in the hands of a first-rate teacher; (my husband said he wished you had taught him physics at grammar-school). You could tell how much everyone enjoyed and learnt from your lecture. Macro-photography is no longer a closed book to us!”

Michele Davies – Market Harborough Photographic Society – November 2012

“Bob – Just like to say thank you for a brilliant presentation this evening. Thank you again.”

Janet Stone – November 2012

“Bob – your talk on Nature photography was great, and the Harvest Mouse photo workshop was fantastic. You are without doubt very talented, the knowledge you share is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the next workshop with the wolves. I have had fantastic feedback on the photos I have of the Harvest Mice. Thank you.”

Simon Greenwood – Leek Camera Club – November 2012

“Bob – you visited Leek several weeks ago, and I just wanted to say what a cracking macro session you gave us, everyone was blown away by your presentation. It was by far the best presentation in at least the past few seasons with some long standing members saying the best presentation ever ! cant get better than that !”

Elaine Whitby – Harvest Mouse Workshop – November 2012

“This workshop was more than I expected, Bob is so good at his job, you cannot wish for a better tutor.
The mice are beautiful little creatures, not what I expected at all, but then I have never seen a Harvest Mouse. Tuition on the day was excellent, one to one, Bob is a good tutor, Bob even lent me one of his lens, do not worry if you have not the right lens Bob will sort one for you. My photos turned out better than I could have hoped for.
Thank you again Bob for the wonderful few hours, you would never get so close to these creatures in the wild, that is if you’re lucky enough to see them at all. I have booked three other of your workshops and I am sure I will book more.”

Judy Longthorn – Harvest Mouse Workshop – November 2012

“My expectations for the day which I am pleased to say were fully met were to find out more about harvest mice, take some images with which I was pleased and get some pointers in the camera setup/techniques involved. Most of all to take pleasure in watching the mice!”

Martin Johns – Programme Secretary Swavesey Camera Club – November 2012

“Hi, Bob What a cracking session! I am sure that members at all stages in their photographic journeys learned lots, and the fact that they can check it all out again on the website can only help! What will surely go down as one of the great evenings at Swavesey CC.
I can always tell how well an evening has gone by the amount (and noise) of the discussion of it in the car on the way home – and last night no-one could stop talking about it!
Your enthusiasm for your subject really comes across and coupled with your obvious knowledge of your subject makes the whole evening so very enjoyable: thank you very much!
Thanks once again Martin “

Robin Stanbridge – Swavesey Camera Club – November 2012

“Hi Bob, My wife and I attended your talk @ Swavesey last night and really enjoyed it. You gave us a talk @ St Neots CC on macro and we wanted to hear more. We were the people talking to you about Kingfishers. We do a lot of wildlife photography, for ourselves, and I am pleased to say we ticked every box you mentioned even down to the back button focusing, so we are on the right track. I liked the 5 P’s and do these without thinking. You will have to create another talk that progresses from this one and we will attend that, wherever you give it. The best thing about last night is the way that your passion about the subject comes out of you whilst you are talking and this makes for really interesting listening. Once again thank you very much.”

John Turner – Swavesey Camera Club – November 2012

“Bob. Fantastic talk tonight – I’m an enthusiastic beginner (serious hobby for a year or so) and the information was pitched at the perfect level. Thanks. John”

Jeff Harrison ( – Swavesey Camera Club November 2012

“Hi Bob, Thanks for the talk at Swavesey CC this evening – very informative and entertaining and particularly pleasing to see and hear a fellow wildlife photographer with whom I share similar opinions and philosophies about so many aspects of wildlife photography – such as knowing your subject, having patience, learning fieldcraft techniques and, in particular, being honest about the use of captive or controlled subjects.”

Chris Denning – Beeston Camera Club – November 2012

“Bob. I was at the Beeston Camera Club last night where you gave an excellent presentation on macro photography. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I’ve been photographing for about 20 years now but I learned a huge amount last night. You’ve convinced me that I should not just rely on a macro lens. You definitely inspired me to look into extension tubes, ring flashes, ‘plamps’ and focus stacking. I’m sure we’ll meet again, quite possibly on one of your workshops.”

David Hunt – Beeston Camera Club – November 2012

“An excellent presentation last night at Beeston Camera Club. I learnt a great deal about Macro Photography and will defintely try out some of the techniqies. “

Derek Martin – President Beeston Camera Club – November 2012

“Thanks very much for your presentation last night, extremely interesting and informative. I’m sure it will be talked about for weeks to come.I’m sorry you didn’t have time to give a practical demonstration of focus stacking but your graphics are so superb that I’m sure members understood how to do it.”

Ian Taylor – Beeston Camera Club – November 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and presentation to Beeston Camera Club last night and look forward to seeing you again in Feb 2013 at Nott’m & Nott’s PS.”

Elaine Whitby – Beeston Camera Club – November 2012

“Thank you for you talk at the Camera Club, was most interesting and very formative, I learnt a lot ( I hope) hope to learn more from your Photo days.”

Amanda Precious after Wolf Photo Workshop – October 2012

“Enjoyable day in which the staff at the centre were both extremely knowledgeable and really friendly. Great to see the wolves in enclosures that were quite natural and expansive. On the walk, Bob was great at asking the handlers to try to position the wolves in ways to try to hide the fact that they were on leads. Bob also gave some great general tips on camera settings before venturing off to meet the wolves. The weather wasn’t really on our side, but we had lots of time to try to get some good shots of wolf behaviour. “

Alan Jelf after Raptor Workshop – October 2012

“The day (at Holdenby) was excellent from start to finish. From the warm welcome from yourself and everyone at the centre, especially Tom and Mike. The relationship you have with Icarus really enhances the experience as you were able to achieve fantastic photo opportunities in a range of “natural” situations. I can’t think of anyway you could improve the workshop. The relatively small numbers of people you maintain at them enables you to give individual attention where needed. Your knowledge of the Canon product is certainly an advantage for those of us with them too. I came away having learned at least 4 new things with my camera – exceeding my expectations. But I think any more and I probably wouldn’t remember them all either!! It’s now about getting out there and continually using it. Thank you Bob and I look forward to coming along to another workshop with you in the not too distant future. “

Keith Watson – Dunchurch Photographic Society – October 2012

“Just once in a while we have a guest speaker at Dunchurch Photographic Society whose presentation remains with me and within my thoughts for a considerable time afterwards. Last night was one of those nights and I wish to thank you for your presentation last night and for your very interesting and informative approach. I particularly found your demonstration on RAW of great interest. I have been photographing in RAW for only a year and I personally found the difference amazing. I think what you did last night was to assure me that what I was already doing with RAW especially in the post development stage was basically correct, that re-assurance is very much appreciated. I also picked up some useful tips on this area which I am sure will benefit my photography. Many thanks again for a great evening. “

John Saner – Leek Photographic Society – October 2012

“I was very impressed with your presentation on “MACRO” last night at Leek (and your talk on “TANZANIA” last year) which was a welcome challenge after some of the rather soporific ego trips we have had from other speakers.”

Stee Green – Dunchurch Photographic Society – October 2012

“I was at your talk on Wednesday at the Dunchurch club, that was my first time I have been to that club, I found your talk really good it gave me a few tips and I went out today and got “LightRoom” it look really good from the bits I saw you use, just wanted to say thank you for a good talk and some great tips.”

Robert Head – October 2012

“I’d just like to thank you for what was the most informative and well presented talk on photography I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The information you presented will improve my photography greatly and I wish I could have sat for another couple of hours to soak up more. I was happy to hear you like macro photographs with dark backgrounds…as I do too and which can be seen at my websit.”

Diana Gamble – October 2012 – Wolf Photo Workshop

“Very many thanks for yesterday – I really did enjoy the day and I do think my standard of images is improving – with your help of course – as when I used to download them I would think “why on earth did I do that” but now more of them appear to be composed as I had visualised and intended…. Can I also please add that I thought the day was very well organised and the helpers certainly gave me the feeling that they were there to help and wanted us to achieve what we hoped for, but at the same time keeping the Wolves as far as possible in their natural surroundings and respecting them as very powerful animals. I was also very pleased to have learnt much more about them and the way they live and felt that all the helpers, Danny and Clive in particular, were very happy to answer all my questions and pass on their knowledge of Wolves.”

Peter Dunn – October 2012 – Wolf Photo Workshop

“I was very keen on attending this workshop, for as you say, there is an irrational fear or dislike of wolves, yet these animals are the direct ancestor of the domestic dog and for me are of great interest and attraction. My expectations were largely met, particularly in being able get close to the wolves on the walk, and only falling a little short where in one or two cases, photographing through the wire was very awkward. Those fences where larger holes had been cut, were much easier to use. However, I do appreciate that it wasn’t possible to enter the enclosures on this occasion, and I found the high viewing platform a very useful facility. We were a little unlucky the weather was so dull and misty, yet many of my shots still look to be very pleasing. Generally the day was as on all your previous workshops, very enjoyable with good company and a most satisfying experience. “

Paul – October 2012 – Wolf Photo Workshop

“Bob thanks to you and the staff of the Wolf Trust for a fantastic day last week. I was really keen to attend this workshop as I wanted to get some special photos of these iconic animals. The added advantage was having you on hand to keep with the technique. I learnt so much about my photography that day. Without your assistance I doubt I would have obtained so many “keepers” thank you so much. You will definitely see me again.”

Sarah Ryan – Royston Photographic Society – October 2012

“Hi Bob. Just a quick email in between my Saturday tasks but I wanted to drop you a line to say what an excellent presentation you gave on Thursday night. I’ve had excellent feedback from members who found it very informative and practical – even enjoyable! We probably don’t hear enough about techniques and diff equipment options from our guest speakers as we usually see a portfolio of images – as inspiring as these have been, they don’t help us to improve ourselves. A massive thank you from me!”

Gary Wood – October 2012

Feedback following Harvest Mouse Workshop.
“A very enjoyable afternoon, with excellent tuition with a good balance between technical explanations and allowing you to get on with taking photos. Bob’s enthusiasm made it a very enjoyable workshop. There was plenty of additonal kit to try. The tea and cake were very nice too !”

Stephen Francis – October 2012

“The course was excellent, the staff really helpful and the enclosures so well designed and built my photos look really natural. Your tuition was just at the right level; you didn’t interfere but seemed always to be there with that helpful tip that made all the difference to the success of my photos. I can genuinely say my photography improved during the day. The opportunity to photograph the mice in the indoor ‘studio’ was the real icing on the cake for me. Thank you for organising the day I hope to return soon to try and make the most of what I have learned.”

Eric Gaffney – Burton Photographic Society – October 2012

“Once again it was good to see one of your lectures. Very straight forward and easy to follow, with the added bonus of being able to recall the information afterwards via your web site which is a huge bonus as a lot can be forgotten when just listening. It is very much ‘now what did he say about that bit?’
Excellent and look forward to the next lecture.”

Stephen Beckworth – October 2012

“Great website and the tips and techniques were a really useful read. I look forward to attending one of your courses in the future.”

Pip – Burton Photographic Society – October 2012

“Can I just say thanks for a great evening. It went down very well with the members. Your demonstrations and clear delivery made a complicated subject much more accessible. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback both from those trying to get to grips with RAW and more the experienced crew.”

Margaret Cooper – British Wildlife Centre Photo day – October 2012

“I had a great day in spite of the weather. Have improved my knowledge of my camera and don’t feel quite so anxious about trying some different settings.
My worries about the animals were unfounded (apart from a kestrel that did not appear very happy), as they all looked very content and adequately cared for with sufficient accommodation for their needs.
My main problem with previous photos was the speed I was using not wanting to increase the ISO too much because of grainy photos. Now understand that this is necessary to achieve more accurate focusing/sharpness in my photos. Also understand a bit more about metering which was a bit of a mystery! Thanks Bob.”

Ian Draper – British Wildlife Centre Photo day – October 2012

“Bob – just a quick thank you for the excellent day on Monday. Despite the weather we came away with some good pictures – not that I’ve had time to vet them all. I enjoyed the trip and found it very useful as always! Katy (the keeper) did us proud and was very helpful to the group as a whole.”

Pete Stoves – September 2012

“As a novice, I took many points away from your talk last night at the Rushcliffe Photographic Society. You pitched at a level I could follow, and inspired me to ‘have a go’ at a subject I expected was way beyond my experience level.
Lolly sticks in the garden for me.”

Debbie Ram – Watford Camera Club – September 15th 2012

“A truly inspirational and enjoyable evening listening to your excellent presentation. Thank you so much. I learnt a lot and can’t wait to put some of the things you taught into practice. It was wonderful seeing your genuine passion and love of Wildlife Photography.”

Many thanks Sue Totham – Burghfield Camera Club – September 2012

“Hi, I would just like to say thank you for last nights talk at Burghfield Camera Club, it was very informative and a thoroughly enjoyable evening. While I enjoy close-up work, especially of flowers I’ve always found real macro to be not so successful. Last night has certainly fired up my interest in trying harder. I have a Sigma 50ml macro lens for my Nikon but may look into a set of rings as well to give even greater magnification.”

Dave Reeves – Burghfield Camera Club Program Secretary – September 2012

“Dear Bob. I would like to thank you for the talk on Thursday night, I think I can say that everybody present enjoyed the evening. Members who had no interest in Macro after listening to you explain it I feel will want to have a go. I hope that in the next few competitions we will have more member entering Macro photos thank you of your wonderful presentation.”

Burghfield Camera Club members – September 2012

Quotes received from Burghfield Camera Club members
“This was the best talk I have been to since I joined the club”
“I am now going to try macro for the first time”
“As a result of Bob’s inspiring talk I now understand the concept of macro photography and I have been doing it for a number of years”
“Gosh he knows his subject however he has the gift of expressing it so clearly, thank you”

Dave Cromack – Leighton Buzzard Camera Club – September 19th 2012

“Bob brought this new talk, “The Art of Wildlife Photography”, to us on Wednesday and what a spectacular evening it proved to be.
Our particular evening included many tips and techniques (back button focus and exposure anyone?) that have wider photographic application than wildlife alone. Bob also brought along a whole arsenal of gear including tripods, monopods, heads (pistol grips, ball and gimbal), lenses, clothing and Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks – alright, camouflage netsack thingies – and a portable sofa! There is no need to dwell on Bobs’ passion and enthusiasm, it was obvious and increasingly contagious. As promised Bob wrapped up the evening with further invitations to the various workshops he runs and spoke of the contents of his website and a private area which all members of Leighton buzzard just have to visit.”

Karen Reilly – September 15th 2012

“I would like to thankyou for a great evening at Watford Camera Club. The evening not only provided an insight to how you approach photography but also gave an added dimension by providing us with technical tips that I believe were pitched at an understandable level.”

Alicja O’Sullivan – September 15th 2012

“Extremely interesting and inspiring evening at Watford Camera Club !.”

Barry Saunders – September 14th 2012

“Hiya Bob, I wanted to “Thank You” for attending Watford Camera Club last night (13th Sept. 2012) to give us a “Wildlife talk”. I personally felt it was so much more than a talk, the display of equipment was fabulous for all our members to see that have no experience or prior knowledge of what is required to be a Wildlife Photographer, a real eye opener for them! Your presentation was light hearted, fun and very informative in camera technique, equipment and most importantly for me the photographer’s thought process, execution and desire for capturing the right image, brilliant.
So thank you so very much indeed from all of us at Watford Camera Club and we would welcome you back anytime…”

Andrew Greenwood, LRPS – September 5th 2012

“Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your knowledgeable, informative and enthusiastic talk about Macro and Close Up Photography – which I thought was very well presented. You have inspired me to dig out my Macro Lens. Well done!”

Barry Chambers – August 12th 2012

“I was hoping to get some practical experience of focus stacking, and that is exactly what we did. Good practical hands on teaching. Just right. An enjoyable day in good company. What more can you ask. I had one specific task in mind, and that was met.”

Neil Malton – August 12th 2012

“I had a great day (on a Harvest Mouse Workshop). Bob was on hand to help, but did not intrude once he realised that we did not need any help with the cameras. He knows the subject well and how to handle them.”

Pam Gowans – July 30th 2012

“Bob I thoroughly enjoyed last nights talk. Wildlife is my favourite subject and I found many helpful tips. Thank you.

Sue Bunker – July 17th 2012

“I had a great day and took home lots of photographs of the harvest mice. I felt it was an opportunity that I could not miss. The help that you gave me was invaluable. I think I learnt more about my camera in that session than I have done in the 4 months that I have been using it. Many thanks for the advice that you gave me.”

Diana Gamble – June 22nd 2012

“The location for the carnivorous plant workshop is wonderful and I was fascinated to see all the different shapes and colours of the plants as well as hear about their methods of survival and habitat from the expert, Andy. The plants made a superb macro subject and, coupled with your expertise and technical help as well as all the equipment you made available, it was an excellent day which I would recommend to anyone.”

John Dawson – June 22nd 2012

“Bob. As a beginner to macro I wanted advice on types of lighting, lenses and other useful equipment. My interest in carnivorous plants influenced me in choosing this workshop and I was able to photograph most of the large selection of subjects available. A great workshop where all my expectations were fully met thank you.”

Ian Duffield – June 21st 2012

“I was very impressed with the way Bob went the extra mile to put on this workshop for myself and two friends despite a lack of other delegates. I was also pleased with the way Bob managed to come up with some different locations for the static shots. Despite lighting problems caused by the weather/time of year we did as well as we might have done so overall it was a very pleasing day.”

Craig Muray – June 20th 2012

“Hi Bob. Re the Dragonfly workshop at the weekend. It was a great pleasure to experience a photographic course where the host was as enthusiastic as the photographers attending. Not only did I learn how to photograph this subject matter from an obvious expert in this field, it was an added bonus that he was such good company and so approachable also.
The local expert (Henry Curry) was an engaging personality, you suspect that he knows just about anything to do with Wicken Fen, and the flora and fauna of the area. To have him on tap throughout the day was very welcome.”

Ian Draper – May 14th 2012

“Bob – I’ve been meaning to send in a comment after the gloriously sunny day with Birds of Prey which I joined in March. Although the light was perhaps too perfect, we had a marvelous day and I thoroughly enjoyed it all, even when my batteries went down! I go back through some of the better photos form the day to bring back the memories! Many thanks, Ian”

Malcolm Hupman – May 12th 2012

“Dear Bob, Can I please congratulate you on an excellent lecture yesterday evening at Corby Photographic Club. It is not very often that we have such a high quality lecture that appeals to beginners and experienced photographers alike. I was familiar with all the methods covered in your talk but still came away having learnt a lot, having a better insight into what is achievable with the equipment available and what choice to make when faced with a specific problem. I was very pleased when one of our newer members came up to me during the break and said ‘This is great, it is just what I joined a camera club for. I also know you have inspired several of our members to consider buying extension tubes. We are now all looking forward to your return visit next March.

Nick Hubbard – April 27th 2012

“Excellent and informative talk at Wellingborough Camera Club. And thank you for your lucid explanation of Canon’s back button auto-focus!”

Diana Moss – March 27th 2012

“Very many thanks for coming over to Bedford last evening. Your talk was as I said exceptional and everyone will have learned something from it especially the non physicists. Members will be talking about it for a long time.”

Ian Whiting – March 27th 2012

“Well presented, informative, most enjoyable. I learned several new things and it expanded my interest in macro work. I would recommend your talks and, by extension, your workshops to all”

Mike Olney – March 27th 2012

“I have been struggling with macro work, but last evening it all became clear to me thanks to your excellent and informative presentation. I realised I had most of the equipment mentioned and now I can’t wait to get started. Thanks once again.”

Linda Givern – March 19th 2012

“I attended your presentation last Thursday at the Abingdon Camera club. What an amazing and inspirational evening it was. Your photos were just wonderful and I learnt so much from you. Thank you so much”

Andrew Steel – March 19th 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed your magnificent presentation to Abingdon Camera Club on Thursday 19th March.”

Ashley Rawling – March 19th 2012

“Excellent talk at Maidenhead Camera Club – thoroughly enjoyed it – very informative. Thanks.”

Chris Packard – 18th March 2012

“Bob, a truly inspirational presentation. You have given me a renewed interest in this field of macro photography and saved me purchasing unnecessary lens at this time.”

Steve Oakes – 16th March 2012

“An inspirational presentation with plenty of ideas for ways to improve and experiment my techniques.”

Stephanie Waterman – 16th March 2012

“Hi Bob, many thanks for the information. After seeing your presentation last Thursday I was inspired to “have a go” at close-up/macro at a local nature reserve yesterday. Your tips really helped, can’t wait to try again!”

Brett Bagley – 16th March 2012

“Bob, you talk to our club was OUT of this world one of the best I have seen.”

Maidenhead Camera Club – March 16th 2012

“Great job – absolutely excellent! Thanks so much for sharing so generously such a wealth of useful and interesting information. The most enjoyable and fact-filled evening I’ve spent at the camera club since I joined 2 years ago.”

Annabel Ownsworth – March 16th 2012

“Bob, I so enjoyed last night’s talk at Abingdon Camera Club – thank you SO much. You have totally inspired me.”

Margaret Welby – March 16th 2012

“Dear Bob, On behalf of Lea Valley Nature Photographers I would like to thank you very much for the fascinating talk you gave us last Thursday. Judging from the feedback I have had everyone seems to have enjoyed it very much and learnt something. I know I did and I didn’t realise about the microchips in extension rings doing horrible things to one’s camera if they were the wrong sort. Thank you also for letting us download your information.
I hope your safari is a great success.”

Richard – March 15th 2012

“Always interesting, always passionate and always great images”

Evelyn Barnard – March 14th 2012

“Hi Bob, Just to say a huge thank you for your talk last night – I certainly enjoyed it and the feedback has been very positive. Some members, who were unable to be there last night, are sorry to have missed it. I have a feeling that there might be an increase in the number of macro / close up images shown at the club and a future club outing could become very entertaining if everyone adopts the rocking technique.”

Stuart Davies – March 14th 2012

“I loved your talk. Thank you for being so informative and open to questions during the break.”

Leisa Houlder – March 14th 2012

“I loved your talk. Thank you for being so informative and open to questions during the break.”

Sue Bennett-Snewin – March 14th 2012

“You were absolutely riveting in your presentation! While some of it went over my head (I’m a beginner) your simple instructions with diagrams really helped me get the gist. Though I’m still not sure what turning the lens around would achieve? (one to Google)”

Nigel Betteridge – March 14th 2012

“I really enjoyed your talk and seeing your wildlife images the other evening. Thank you.”

David B – March 13th 2012

“It was another fabulous presentation from Bob, enjoyed the way in which he created the atmosphere and showed such wonderful pictures that just made us wish we could have been there to witness it all. Always look forward to the evening when I see Bob’s name on the calendar.”

Sylvia Adams – March 13th 2012

“Bob visited Kettering camera club last night to give us his latest talk which was a Virtual Tour of Tanzania. As usual, he gave us so much more.His fabulous images were bought to life with his enthusiastic recollection of every instance when he took them. His knowledge on the subject matter and the geographical area where first class.Very generous in giving his time to come and share so much with us.Sure I can say that all of us left buzzing with Bob’s contagious enthusiasm & will all be getting lottery tickets this weekend so we can join him on one of his magical tours. Thanks so much Bob & hope to see you on a Birds of Prey course soon, Sylv.”

Alan Horn – March 13th 2012

“Hi Bob. Last night was the second time I have been to a presentation by you and just as the first one i was so impressed with your knowledge of the country and wildlife and then to be able to present it on screen so professionally
The only problem is that i really need to go on Safari ONE DAY!!!!!”

Geri Coop – March 13th 2012

“On my first night at a camera club, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction: it was a wonderful trip round Tanzania, thank you, not only for the fabulous photographs but also the many snippets of intriguing information. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to walk out with half your prints under my arm!”

Tony Andrews – March 10th 2012

“Brilliant, I have rarely come away from a talk more excited about photography. I think all the audience was as appreciative of your talk as I was.”

Paul Deakin – March 10th 2012

“Your macro talk to Northampton NHS was probably the best talk I’ve been to. Very interesting and educational, it will certainly inspire me to get started in macro photography – probably as soon as this weekend!”

Peter Elton – March 2012

“First class talk to Lee Valley Nature Photographers last night, well worth attending, have new-found inspiration to take close up and macro pictures.”

Julie Mullings – March 10th 2012

“The Macro Photography talk by Bob Brind-Surch at Lee Valley Nature Photographers was all that any macro photographer would need; he clearly relayed and freely shared his forty years of macro photography experience. All the equipment needed for macro photography was laid out on tables, the physics and technical factors were clearly explained to emphasise the importance understanding of the process in order to get good macro images. We were shown quality examples of photographs taken using the range of macro equipment.
I am an aspiring amateur photographer who is aiming to write natural history books illustrated with high quality photographs for young children; the macro presentation given by Bob has given me all the macro know how I will need for this project. It’s now down to me to top up my equipment, practice, challenge my skills and hopefully get the high quality images needed. Thank you Bob for sharing your experience.”

Peter Greenway – March 5th 2012

“An absolutely brilliant, brilliant talk. Very enjoyable and informative.”

Paul Dent – February 26th 2012

“Thank you Bob for a presentation that will be useful as I reinvigorate my interest in photography. I’m new to digital in terms of using a DSLR so I suspect will go thru a fair few of the trials and tribulations you have. Just got to be organised!!!”

Malcolm Sargent – February 6th 2012

“Monday 6th February, this was a most informative evening thank you.”

Garnett Parkes – February 7th 2012

“I joined the Derby Club when I started photography 3 years ago (at 64) and I found your evening the most informative todate, I almost did not go to the club due to the weather, but I was pleased I made it, your techniques and tips made a refreshing change from looking at photos or talks on photoshop.”

Sarah Middleton – February 7th 2012

“Enjoyed your presentation last night. Nice to have some technical info as well as nice photos!”

Regards from Barry – February 7th 2012

“Bob Many thanks for your insightful talk to our members at Derby City Photographic club on 6th February 2012. In many ways it resurrected quite a lot of the photographic techniques I was involved in when in my younger days. You have spurred me to re-explore this area of photography again.”

Regards from Barry – February 7th 2012

“Bob Many thanks for your insightful talk to our members at Derby City Photographic club on 6th February 2012. In many ways it resurrected quite a lot of the photographic techniques I was involved in when in my younger days. You have spurred me to re-explore this area of photography again.”

Thanks Dee James – February 3rd 2012

“Really enjoyed your evening at Marwell last night. Thank you for invoking a great interest in macro photography. One of the best evenings I have spent in a long time”

David Chaplin – February 3rd 2012

“Bob, what a exceptionally good talk you gave last night, at Marwell Zoo Photographic Club. You have certainly re-kindled my enthusiasm for macro photography; I will be looking for some extension tubes, and a ring flash when I go to the NEC (Photo on Imaging) in March. Thanks again for a super evening.”

Best regards Mike Clark – January 29th 2012

“An excellent presentation which I really enjoyed, it would be really great to participate in one of your workshops which I am planning to do when my diary for the year becomes clear!”

John Hughes – January 29th 2012

“Bob your talk was excellent and informative. Gave me lots of food for thought and also the spur to get the extra bits of kit I need to give macro a second chance.”

Lisa Winson. Olney Camera Club – January 28th 2012

“Bob I found your talk very inspiring. Whilst it was quite technical, I didn’t find that a problem and to learn that you could do macro shots with a telephoto and extension tubes was very exciting. Just made me really yearn for a ring flash!”

Andy Gailer. Olney Camera Club – January 28th 2012

“Very Good Show at Olney Camera Club the other night Bob. Reminded me that I have all the macro gear but that I have let it lapse. Your talk gave me useful macro tuition which I have not received from books & magazines.”

Thank you very much, Steve – January 26th 2012

“Absolutely fascinating, and very engaging. Tons of useful information, and a lot of which you would plainly only learn the hard way. Definitely going to get my hands on some extension tubes for my Nikon and give it a go.”

Jeff Taylor – January 26th 2012

“Fascinating talk last night Bob. I was not aware of extension tubes and the great photography that can be achieved – I will buy some and try to take some good images!”

Colin Gadsby – January 26th 2012

“Bob a terrific evening thank you. The feedback I’ve received is all good, and members have asked for your return. I would like to get into macro so this was just the talk we needed. I’m busy looking at what my next purchase is going to be.”

Tony Lamming – January 26th 2012

“Really good evening with good information and well presented. Made me even more interested in macro and the equipment I need not spend money on!”

Trevor Sudds – January 26th 2012

“Hi Bob, Fantastic talk on Macro techniques and equipment last night at the Olney Camera Club, time just flew past and your energetic presentation kept me interested from start to finish, I love any thing to do with nature and your talk last night kind of made my mind up where or what direction I wanted to go with my photography.”

Ana – January 19th 2012

“Hi Bob, thank you so much for that very infomative email in which you gave me a personal spin on your experiences in Africa. I would so love to travel with you one of these day if the opportunity presents itself. I enjoyed reading your newsetters and gazing at all those wonderful photos, especially the Big Cats that are my favorite. I joined your listserv for a school project, but I think I will continue with because of the excitement it offers. Thank you very much and I look forward to your next newsletter.”