Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2013

As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2013.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.



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Feedback received during 2013

Clive Turner – Program secretary Droitwich Spa Camera Club – Dec 2013

“Thank you for an excellent evening. Everybody I have spoken to was very impressed.”

Julian Rouse – Following Art of Wildlife Photography Droitwich Spa – Dec 2013

“Interesting talk last night – I was the physics teacher who saw you at the end. I liked your approach and you were one of the best outside speakers we have had this year if not for the last few – good pace – lots of enthusiasm and you knew your stuff – thanks.”

Ray Portman – Dec 2013

“Really enjoyed your presentation at Droitwich and look forward to attending one of your workshops next year.”

Doug Chaplin – Dec 2013

“Very impressed by your helpful talk at Droitwich tonight. Thank you”

Dave Rawlings – Dec 2013

“Excellent talk last night at Droitwich Bob, you shared some great tips to all of the members which I know will come in handy so thank you very much.”

Bob Halsley – Following Beyond the Green Square talk to Towcester Camera Club – Dec 2013

“Really enjoyed this evening’s presentation, I had thought I was fairly up to speed on the basics but your take on them has given me a lot to (re)-consider. Thanks Bob”

Fiona Bureau – Following Digital Workflow talk to Bedford Camera Club – Nov 2013

“I greatly enjoyed the talk you gave last night to Bedford Camera Club, I am a keen Lightroom user already, but I learned lots of new tips so thanks very much. I will be watching for the dates of your macro/fungi course next year! With best wishes Fiona “

Beryl Thomas – Following Beyond Auto talk – Nov 2013

“Bob – it’s fantastic to see (and hear) someone who can present such a key aspect of photography in such a new and refreshing way. Your skill in putting together a presentation and your use of graphics to get across a point is something I recall so well from your last visit. Yet another night that surpassed any we have had in my 27 years at this club – even your last talk in January – and believe me that’s saying something. That one set new standards and to beat it is a testimony to you and your dedication. What a challenge you have for your next visit ! which I hope is very soon.”

Joan Wise – Following Beyond Auto talk – Nov 2013

“Thanks so much for another first rate presentation to our club. You were here in January and I felt that was the best evening we had ever had, you surpassed even yourself last night. I look forward to you coming back again and will be asking Steve the programme secretary to invite you back very soon.”

Steve Crowther – Following Beyond Auto talk – Nov 2013

“Your macro talk was fantastic. Technically informative in an easy to grasp form. As John said when he introduced you your reputation goes before you, we had a stupendous presentation from you in January but last night surpassed even that. Whilst this might be the first time you have presented this talk but it certainly didn’t show. Your style and approach is totally unique and so inspiring. So many people come to show us their splendid (or not so splendid) photos very few teach us anything. You did both, the photos were superb but the teaching so much better. I think its testimony to your style and approach that even I who have been shooting for 30 odd years learnt something new. We will certainly be inviting you again. Thanks very much.”

James Trent – Following Beyond Auto talk – Nov 2013

“Bob. Thanks so much for visiting us last night and delivering your new presentation. I think that I speak for many in the club in saying that we feel honoured to have been the first club to receive what was a fantastic evening. I read a comment from someone somewhere on your website saying “if you had been my teacher when at school I would have learnt so much more” I can only agree. Its so refreshing to see someone so prepared to share their skill and knowledge and in such a clear and effective way. As last time you visited us it’s also great that you are prepared to leave all the material you used for members to download and peruse at leisure. We had a new member last night who asked me if we had to pay for it. When I told him no he said gosh you must have a great relationship with Bob ! I did tell him that you did this for all clubs and he was really impressed. “

Kaia Little – Following Macro Talk to Windsor Photographic Society – Nov 2013

“Your macro talk was fantastic. Technically informative in an easy way to understand. It’s also always good to see what equipment’s out there. Very appreciative that your talk and materials are downloadable too. Thanks. “

Sylvia Adams – Following Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – Nov 2013

“I was looking forward to a relaxing day with like-minded folk. Keen to try out new camera with some wonderful birds in great surroundings and get help with preferential camera settings etc. These were all superseded by the rapport between Tom – the main bird handler- and Bob. Felt that everyone got on really well and the day passed very quickly. It was such a friendly and relaxing day when the weather was not terribly brilliant. The adaptability to change the programme at a few minutes’ notice without any problems kept the day flowing seamlessly. Great variety of birds that all looked in tip top condition. Got loads of help ref camera settings and it really helped me. Thanks. “

Norma Tryner – Following Harvest Mouse Workshop – Nov 2013

“I wanted to practice close up techniques with or without flash. To photograph a subject that would be impossible for me to photograph in its natural habitat. I always hope that question on technique will be answered so that I can learn. All these were fully met ! I particularly liked the very small number of people attending (2) as we were both able to get the images without getting in the way. I did not feel rushed. Settings were realistic and well thought out with the photographer in mind. I will be recommending the venue to friends.”

Anne Eckersley – Following Harvest Mouse Workshop – Nov 2013

“I didn’t know what to expect, but came away with some lovely pictures and had a super time in the process, so thank you very much.”

Ian Oxborough – Following Harvest Mouse Workshop – Oct 2013

“This was the first time I have attended any workshop and was slightly concerned as to what I might find and my own ability. These concerns were quickly expelled with Bob providing a professional & friendly welcome with the right amount of guidance. I quickly got into the swing of things and found that I was better than I realised!”

Peter Duncan – Following British Wildlife Centre Workshop – Oct 2013

“My third visit, yet I still managed to get some different shots, and I think in one or two cases, better ones than previously. In particular, the wildcats including the kittens provided new opportunities, and while the badgers have proved difficult in the past, the relatively few shots I took were perhaps a little better than on past visits.”

Lesley Taylor – Following British Wildlife Centre Workshop – Oct 2013

“I was very much looking forward to the day at Surrey Wildlife Centre and wasn’t disappointed. It was a treat to be able to go inside the animal enclosures and have such close contact with the very obliging animals, especially the wildcats and foxes. Space was a little tight for 10 people in the red squirrel enclosure but the numbers weren’t an issue anywhere else. Thanks Bob for your help and advice throughout the day, I look forward to taking part in another of your workshops in the future.”

Nicola Baker – Following British Wildlife Centre Workshop – Oct 2013

“I was looking forward to seeing and photographing badgers and foxes, this was achieved plus much more!”

Hilary Spurrier – Following Secret Mammals Workshop Devon – Oct 2013

“The close working relationship that Bob had with the Wild life centre was invaluable in making this such a good experience. I managed to see and photograph a wide range of mammals, improve my technique and had reasonable photographs to take away thanks to excellent tuition from Bob.”

Rebecca Teague – Following Harvest Mouse Workshop – Oct 2013

“I didn’t really know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed the session. The mice were adorable and performed very well and Bob wasn’t too bad either!! It was very relaxed and friendly and, being a novice photographer, Bob put me at ease and took the time to explain things to me which was really appreciated. Thank you “

Linda Wilson – Following Fungi Workshop – Oct 2013

“I went into the day with a very open mind, really just wanting a bit more practice with my macro lens. I was truly amazed at the variety of fungi we found and at the ease of locating them within such a small area. My expectations were exceeded by far. “

Rona Bassett – Harvest Mouse Workshop – Oct 2013

“As this was my second course my expectation was high and I wasn’t disappointed. This course was even better than the previous and I’d recommend it to anyone who has an interest in wildlife photography whether you are a beginner or experienced in photography. With only 2 guests on this course we got great personal tuition and as a result I have got some fantastic shots of these super cute little mice. Thanks Bob for an amazing morning, for sharing your knowledge and expertise (about photography and harvest mice) and helping me to come away with some great shots. Thanks Rona”

Rona Bassett – British Wildlife Centre – Oct 2013

“This was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with otters, foxes, badgers, Scottish wild cats, stoats & weasels and other British mammals and learn so much from an expert in wildlife photography. The level of tuition was just right for my level of expertise. My skills, knowledge and understanding of photography improved immensely during the day. Overall this is a wonderful location, course and introduction to wildlife photography and and has helped me to realise how much I enjoyed the interaction with the wildlife and capturing their individual behaviours and characteristics on camera. Definitely something I want to continue to pursue and I look forward to continuing to improve this aspect of my photography. Thanks Rona”

Dave Brown – Secret Mammals Workshop – Oct 2013

“The course was first rate. It did what it set out to and exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for a great and productive weekend. Regards Dave “

Dave Martin – after Workflow Talk to Lee Valley Nature Photographers – October 2013

“Hi Bob, I was at your presentation last night at the Lee Valley Photography Club. I must say it was very informative with out all the technical jargon. Also you slide show was very well put together. Thanks for a great evening. Regards Dave”

Margaret Welby – after Workflow Talk to Lee Valley Nature Photographers – October 2013

“Hello Bob, On behalf of Lee Valley Nature Photographers I would like to thank you very much for fascinating talk you gave us on your Digital Workflow. It was very interesting and I think everyone learnt something. I know I certainly did and will be looking at Photo Mechanic. I am possibly going to get an Apple Mac so now might be a good time to explore the options of Photo Mechanic against BreezeBrowser Pro which I have used for years. Anything to speed up the process so I can go out and take more pictures to add to the vicious circle!
Thanks again and I hope we see you again at LVNP.”

Joanna Poynter – after Harvest Mouse workshops – August 2013

“I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but having seen some other peoples photos from the same workshop I was looking forward to getting some very close up shots of the mice which I certainly did! The technical information given on the day was very useful and helping each of us make sure we had the right settings in the camera made the difference with getting a good shot to a brilliant shot. I will also take that information learnt from the workshop to apply it when taking other macro shots.”

Danny Kirby-Hunter – After Raptor day – July 2013

“My aim for the day was to learn more about my camera and how best to utilize it to its capabilities as well as learning more about birds of prey and how best to capture them in flight. It had been quite a while since I had participated on a photographic workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I had attended a few photography workshops with other organisations before but often came away feeling disappointed at the lack of technical/photographic assistance and input from the event organiser. This one was quite different, Bob was always on hand to offer advice and make suggestions whenever needed.
Tom, the falconer at the centre, was knowledgeable and friendly, and clearly had a passion for his work and the animals in his care which is always great to see. He was always eager to answer questions about the birds we were photographing.
All in all an excellent day which I would encourage anyone else to go on. “

Chris Barrington – July 2013

“Hi Bob. I just wanted to say thank you for a really brilliant day yesterday. Your advice (not to mention patience) enabled me to learn so much and I managed to get some great pictures too (sadly not many of the flight ones were good, so I’ll be booking that workshop when you advertise!). I will definitely be signing up for more courses with you soon.”

Graham Clegg – Dragonfly Workshop – July 2013

“Bob Thanks for the dragonfly session the other day. It was an excellent day that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks too for the intro to focus stacking.”

Mike Evans – Secret Mammals of Devon Workshop – July 2013

“Bob thanks for the weekend it was absolutely brilliant and far exceeded my expectations.”

Jim Slade – Secret Mammals of Devon Workshop – July 2013

“Just a quick thank you on behalf of myself and Nigel for arranging the Devon weekend. We both agreed that it was the best photographic trip we’d been on. We both have a stack of great images of animals we would never get the chance, probably, to see in the wild. “

Steve & Angie Lobley – Carnivorous Plant Workshop – June 2013

“My aim on this workshop was to better understand Macro photography, uses of different lenses and lens extenders plus lighting either by studio or camera flash. Another key factor was gaining some knowledge of focus stacking and how to achieve this correctly. Bob’s guidance made this fully achievable and I have come away with a much better understanding of macro and photography in general. From the moment of our welcome by Bob and Andy (our host at the nursery) the atmosphere was very relaxed and informal. This was a win win course, the introduction to the world of these amazing plants and there diversity enthralled, excited and challenged me to seek to do the plants justice. “

Ed Thomas – Thatcham Camera Club – June 2013

“I found your talk on macro photography extremely interesting particularly so as you took the time to explain how and why the focusing works instead of just saying use ext tubes/ macro lens/ close up lens, its one thing to know the way to do something however its better to know why it works . Thanks for a brilliant meeting. “

Chris Bates – Thatcham Camera Club – June 2013

“I attended the talk that you gave on Macro at Thatcham last night and it persuaded me to try Macro photoghaphy. I found that even in the short space of time that you were talking I was really motivated to try this form of photography. Many thanks for an inspirational talk.”

Val Saxby – after Secret British Mammals Workshop – May 2013

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the wonderful weekend in Devon – I really enjoyed it and feel I learned loads”

Mike Evans – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2013

“Many thanks for the wonderful and informative morning with the mice. I have picked up so much information that I will be experimenting for months.”

Sylvia Williams, Programme Secretary – Upminster Camera Club – May 2013

“Dear Bob, It was lovely to finally meet you last night and I am so pleased that everyone at the Club thoroughly enjoyed your lecture. I am receiving more messages as the day goes on to say you are the best we have ever had and will you come back again. You were the first speaker of my 2013/14 season and you will be a hard act to follow. I don’t know if it was your expertise, your enthusiasm for your subject or your energy that gave us such a well-constructed instructive lecture that left us all gasping! I just wish I had a physics teacher like you at school and then I would have enjoyed science more. Once again, you were marvellous and I hope I see you again.”

Peter McFarlane – Upminster Camera Club – May 2013

“Thanks for a great macro talk and presentation at Upminster Camera Club last night it was a fun educational evening for me and my son. We picked up a few tips n tricks also learnt a thing or two regarding cameras and Macro. Look forward to putting some of this to use.”

Richard Carter – May 2013

“Went hoping to get the odd photo of the Harvest mice but what I got far exceeded anything that I had hoped for. Had a Brilliant morning absolutely wonderful experience, Bob was a wonderful host and nothing was too much trouble taking the time with all of us to help improve our photo’s, couldn’t ask for anymore.”

Di Norwood – May 2013

“A great morning thanks photographing the harvest mice. What cute little things they are and as you said addictive. I got some great shots & really look forward to doing a summer one – mice in the oats & wheat etc., & then the autumn one – mice on the blackberries & holly berries. Thanks again.”

Kath Edwards – May 2013

“Bob, I came to you latest harvest mouse workshop, and would just like to say how much I enjoyed it, you really put me at ease, and I now understand how the f stop works, never thought I would get there. Thanks so much.”

Tom Cooper – Following British Wildlife Workshop – May 2013

“I was hoping for access to and visibility of British mammals to photograph that would otherwise be hard to achieve together with the guidance to ensure I got some reasonable images to take away from the day. I received all of these and this workshop way exceeded my expectations. Thank you.”

Jon and Pam Cruise – Following British Wildlife Workshop – May 2013

“Hi Bob, We both thoroughly enjoyed an excellent day, thank you. The group was friendly and a really good size, and your instruction was excellent! We had a great level of tuition throughout the day, good friendly approach , felt I could ask dumb questions too ! We got much closer to the animals than I ever imagined we would , all in all a great experience ! I haven’t sorted my images yet, but I know I’ll have plenty of things to learn and think about, whatever the results! I have come away inspired and even more determined! Had a wonderful day thank you.”

David Eaves – April 2013

“My expectations were very much to improve my ability to photograph birds in flight. That I certainly achieved ! Thank you very much for your help.”

Chris Baldwin – following Harvest mouse workshop – April 2013

“Having seen the photos of other participants on your site and judged some others at camera clubs I wanted to get similar pictures. I certainly managed that and will be back for more mice, especially with autumn background. I thought the mice were stars! I feel that you did everything possible to help us get good images and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The problem now is that I have too many good images and sorting will take ages.”

Maggie O’Moore – April 2013

“Bob I had a brilliant half day session photographing harvest mice. I was really very happy with some of the pics that I took. Thanks for loaning me the lens and the Speedlite – that was really helpful. I am usually scared of mice etc but found these harvest mice were just delightful. Really enjoyed the different plant settings as well. Got so much out of this session with your help and advice – thank you Bob you were just great !!! I am looking forward to doing the secret mammals weekend in Devon with you in May – I cant wait !!! “

Lynda Porter – following Harvest mouse workshop – April 2013

“Hi Bob. I wanted to capture some stunning pictures of harvest mice and I did ! Thank you for the loan of your lenses etc. It gave me the opportunity to try out macro and also learn more photography skills. Many thanks for your help and advice.”

Susan Goadby – Earl Shilton Camera Club – April 2013

“I attended your harvest mouse workshop yesterday and loved it. Thank you very much for the advice (and loan of the flash). Managed to take over 300 pictures in the time, so plenty of work to be done now. Thanks again for a very enjoyable morning.”

Alan Horn – Kettering Camera Club – April 2013

“Hi Bob. Your talk on wildlife photography on Monday was excellent and the presentation was second to none. Thank you very much. “

Michael Clark – Olney Camera Club – April 2013

“Your visit and talk at the Olney Club on Wednesday evening was really interesting and informative, as was your talk on macro photography last year, after which I was able to put into practice many of the techniques you informed us about!”

Hugh Tottle following Specialist Raptor photo shoot – March 2013

“Lovely location, nice to be in a facility where the birds were obviously well looked after and the staff were very keen.”

Peter Duncan – March 2013

“This was my second visit to the British Wildlife Centre, and although the weather wasn’t particularly kind, I achieved some excellent results, and the day overall was highly enjoyable and productive. In particular, I was very keen to try out the tracking autofocus on my recently acquired Canon 5D Mk III and although I thought at the time I hadn’t succeeded particularly well with the running fox, I found several pin sharp results when I loaded them in that evening. This type of picture is hugely satisfying if it works, and the good ones alone would have made the day worthwhile. I think it’s possible Ian and I will have another go on a subsequent Workshop, to try to do even better. My shots of both foxes and red squirrels were significantly improved over the first visit, which from a personal standpoint was more important. Thanks Bob.”

Ian Duffield after British Wildlife Centre Visit – March 2013

“My aim was to come away with a selection of varied and competent shots of various British wild animals and, in particular, to improve upon the results I achieved on a similar course here in October 2012. I am pleased to say that, despite yet another dull, cold day, my objectives were achieved. As always, Bob was very helpful and arranged a few different scenarios from my earlier visit, in particular shots of running foxes and leaping otters. The Scottish wildcat refused to play ball but that was nobody’s fault. I now aim to book on another of these courses in a few month’s time with hopefully brighter weather. Thanks again Bob.”

Dave Hunter – Corby Camera Club March 2013

“Having watched your presentation on the East African Safari I along with all our members who were present were highly impressed with what we saw. The quality of your work along with the stunning content was one of the best and most informative presentations we have had the pleasure to watch. I am sure that we as a club will be looking to invite you back to give another presentation in our next programme. Thanks for a great evening.”

Janet Stone – after wolves photo workshop March 2013

“I would surely recommend this outstanding Wolf Workshop – what a truly fascinating day. The centre is well run, all the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and made you feel very welcome. The highlight of the day – walking, and meet/greet the wolves, not forgetting of course the expert advice/tuition always on hand from Bob, which I am sure resulted in better photos. One word to sum up the day WOW! “

Michele Davies – after wolves photo workshop March 2013

“Brilliant Day, wonderful location excellent subject. I was so busy watching them , I wasn’t concentrating fully on taking photos. Non the less pleased that some shots turned out ok and for the advice using new lenese. May book this location again as I feel I might just be a bit of a wolf addict. Thank you and the staff at the centre for being most friendly and accommodating, made the day special.”

Helen Claughton – after wolves photo workshop March 2013

“The day exceeded my expectations – I didn’t think we would get so close to the wolves and I thought we would have much less time. In reality the pace was just right (not standing around and not rushed either). It was also nice to be able to ask for help at any time.”

Garnett Parkes – after wolves photo workshop March 2013

“This was my first workshop with Bob, I was not really sure what to expect. I would however not wish any changes nothing was too much trouble for the staff or Bob, who was always on hand to help, I think the max of 8 people was just right as it was very informal, loads of great photo opportunities, plus having a pro on hand all the time to ask any photo questions, also a special thank you to Bobs wife Mary, for her help with my late booking”

Elaine Whitby – after wolves photo workshop March 2013

“The day was much more than I expected, walking with the Wolves was my highlight, as I like to get close to the animals I photograph, everybody was so friendly, the workshop could not have been better. I was delighted with the day, Bob was very informative, the staff where a great help, nothing was any trouble for them, they gave all the help and information I needed, when a question was asked they were more than helpful, very grateful to you all.”

Kind regards Peter Connor – Buckingham Camera Club – March 2103

“Bob. Having attended your talk last night. You have inspired me to become a better photographer but also to think a lot more about what I am doing and the best ways to try an achieve the perfect photo. Thanks for your talk. “

John Dawson – After attending Safari to Africa Massai Mara – March 2103

“Hello Bob. I must thank you for organising an amazing Safari at Mara North Conservancy. As a cat lover I was more than happy with the opportunities we had to photograph and observe the lion and cheetah activity and the sighting of the Serval was an added bonus. I don’t think my images of the leopard will be winning any competitions, but this is an excuse to try again sometime. It was great to learn more about animal behaviour and experience things that I had seen on television. I was very impressed with the accommodation, service and catering at Kicheche Mara. I have learnt over the years that the knowledge/skill of the drivers for getting in the best position for photography is very important and Jimmy was excellent at this. Thank you again.”

Janice Jones – Following Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – February 2013

“My expectations were to photograph a variety of birds in ‘natural settings’ and acquire some tips on camera settings to achieve some good images. These were all more than fully met, thank you. I was very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the falconers. Nothing was too much trouble for them, but the welfare of their birds was properly always their priority.”

Alan Bultitude – Following Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – February 2013

“I achieved some great shots that I would be unlikely to get in a “real life” situation, not many Barbary falcons or black eagles in Kettering you know. I learnt more about digital photography as, to be fair, I have usually used my camera on auto mode. With help from yourself and the other people on the course, I now know how to achieve different effects and I now have a better chance of getting some really worthwhile shots. I was delighted to get a few, really crisp pictures amongst the dross and I even managed to catch the falcon in flight. Gorgeous day, beautiful venue, lovely friendly people, and healthy, well-kept birds, what more could you ask. Really pleased, thank you. “

Julian Dowse – Following Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – February 2013

“My expectations were to take great record shots of native British (& other) birds, learn something new and take some flight shots. These were all fully met. I loved the course. I liked the way you explained what was going to happen as well as the advice you gave with the camera settings. Also, great birds.”

Alistair Webb – Following Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – February 2013

“I was hoping to try out macro lenses, as well as learn a little more about the mice. Both expectations were well and truly exceeded. A wonderful way to spend a morning, it was enjoyable and very informative.”

Bernard Hager – Following Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – February 2013

“The course exceeded my expectations,I was hoping to come away with a few good shots of the mice, to be possibly used in competitions. I left with about 300 shots, and I know that I have some excellent images for competitive use. Tuition was promised, and that was certainly delivered, non-stop during the 3 hours I was there. I was very impressed.”

Chris Newham – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Really enjoyed your lecture at NNPS last night lots of great information supporting excellent images I have ordered some extension tubes and am inspired to have a go based on last nights session. Thanks.”

Joan Shelton – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you last night and also to thank you for a very professional presentation.
I have been a member of the club for 2 years or so and I can honestly say your night was the most informative. You were so enthusiastic, precise and explained in great detail how to achieve the amazing end result which was great. I should think everyone in the room had a great experience, so thank you. Hopefully I will be able to join you on some jaunt or other in the future but thanks again. “

Paul Watson – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Full of very useful information, especially regarding techniques and sources of equipment. Some really good illustrations (photos and diagrams). Delivered in a really engaging manner. Reminders of techniques and equipment I used to have and use years ago – extension tubes, reversing rings, etc.
Thank you very much.”

Derek Doar – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society. I felt that you tried to make it as understandable as possible to our members. I feel that you have helped our members understand the options available to take close-up and macro images. I also feel that you have inspired in particular, many of our members that would like to take close-up and macro images, but didnt know how to start. Many thanks.”

Tom Glancz – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“A very comprehensive,thoroughly interesting and entertaining macro evening. Many thanks.”

Trevor Burton – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Bob. A really inspirational evening. Thanks for passing on your tips and techniques. I feel sure that you have inspired many of our members to go out and try “macro”. Certainly I’ll be adding extension tubes to my kit in the near future.”

Gale Cutts – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Bob. Great talk tonight at NNPS. “

David Bull – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Bob. Attended the lecture last night at NNPS. It was one of the best, not only informative but excellent practical tips. Thank you so much. “

Kevin Gibbin – Nottingham and Notts Photo Soc – February 2013

“Bob – thanks for a splendid evening at NNPS last night – a great tutorial and insight into macro work – it brought together so much knowledge and experience. Thank you”

Mike Oakes Vice Chair – Spratton Camera Club – February 2013

“Thank you for a very interesting and informative evening at Spratton. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole presentation and it has certainly moved me to try harder with my photography. I usually take pictures for my paintings, I now see photography in a different light, if you pardon the pun. Again for myself and behalf of the club many thanks.”

Julie Holbeche-Maund – Earl Shilton Camera club – January 2013

“Bob. Really enjoyed the presentation at Earl Shilton Camera club last night. Loads of information., with tips etc., well presented too, good feel to the whole thing. Thank you”

Kind regards Gene Col – CAP Programme Secretary – January 2013

“Dear Bob. Thank you for your visit to Club Abington Photographic on Monday the 21st January 2013.
The feedback from the club members regarding your “Macro Photography” talk was 100% positive, and everyone agreed that it was one of the best club evenings they have attended for a long time! Our members certainly came away with lots to think about.
Once more on behalf of all the club members I would like to thank you for your time and willingness to share your expertise, especially in such adverse weather conditions, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the club again in the near future.”

Kind regards Annette Programme Secretary Lichfield Camera Club – January 2013

“Dear Bob, I would like to extend a huge thankyou on behalf of the club and myself for your excellent macro lecture and instruction. The feedback from members and visitors was fantastic and everyone found the lecture fun, informative and very, very helpful. Many new ideas and techniques were made available to us in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. I hope that many of us will venture into the world of close up and macro following your talk and in fact we have organised a club-run instructional, hands on, evening as a follow up from your lecture, because of the amount of interest shown.Thankyou again for your enthusiasm and inspiration.”

Best Regards, Graham Woolrich – Lichfield Camera Club – January 2013

“Hi Bob, Really enjoyed your lecture to our club on Wednesday 9th January. I have been interested in Macro photography and purchased the 100 mm L macro lens with the image stabiliser just over a year ago.Your talk has helped me to understand the subject more. Hope to see you again at our club in the future.”

Keith Long – Banbury Camera Club – January 2013

“What a super evening you gave Banbury club ! The content and presentation were delivered by a true professional. It was a super evening pitched at the right level and supplemented by some great pictures, which you modestly included as ‘background’.”