Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2014

As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2014.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.



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Feedback recevied during 2014

Rosie Kind – after “Beyond Auto Talk” Bedford Camera Club – December 2014

“I really enjoyed your talk at Bedford Camera Club tonight and it is great to refresh your mind as to the settings on your camera. I love wildlife photography and to see your images really. I never stop learning and more tips to get better images is always good and enables me to keep up to date with new techniques and new possibilities for capturing even better shots of the wildlife I see on my doorstep.”

John Reading – after Fungi photo workshop – November 2014

“This was an excellent introduction to finding and photographing fungi. The location chosen was good for parking and for providing a variety of habitats so that we could find a good selection of fungi over the day. Bob and Justin were very knowledgeable and helpful on both naming and photographing the different types of f ungi. The day was well planned as we moved location to give a variety of plants and keep the level and quality of light high. There was a friendly camaraderie between the participants in the group many of whom had been on other Natures Photos workshops and spoke highly of them.”

John Reading – after Wolves photo workshop – November 2014

“You need to photograph during the Autumn and Winter months to get wolves looking at there best. The workshop took place on a cloudy day with some brisk winds and rain at times but that didn’t stop it being an amazing and exhilarating day. Bob and the staff at the Wolf Conservation Trust went out of their way to make sure that they gave us the best shooting opportunities they could and a warm welcome. All the photographers who came along were friendly and accommodating too. Of course the stars of the show were the wolves and it was brilliant to be able to see and hear Arctic, European and American wolves all at the same location. We were able to shoot from locations that visitors are not usually able to gain access too and through small holes in the fence avoiding the grey blur. The day was one big highlight but the best bit has to be walking through the field to the pond with two of the wolves. Thoroughly recommended.”

David Roach – after Crocodiles of the World photo workshop – October 2014

“Excellent workshop and a great learning experience in dealing with low light and numerous reflections from glass & water. The Croc Team were very helpful & enthusiastic. A really enjoyable day. Thanks Bob.”

Chris Baldwin – after Taking control of your camera talk – Babdy Photo Society – November 2014

“Thanks for a really good evening on Wednesday, your delivery is amazing and, as ever, your kindness & consideration to learning photographers is fully appreciated. I will encourage our members to try one of your courses.”

Martin Vaughan – after Fungi Macro workshop – November 2014

“Bob – this was another very good and enjoyable day. Justin’s talk about fungi was very instructive and also his practical help with the photography was good. You came to check I was doing ok and not in need of any help – so if I had been struggling then help was available.
Your LED lights were great and I must acquire a couple of those. Thank you for the loan of one for the day – it certainly helped.”

Naomi Saul – after Fungi Macro workshop – November 2014

“Bob – I do not think there is any more you could do – I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it all for our benefit. May aim was to relearn (after an enforced break of a number of years) the skills of macro photography. To be in the countryside in the company of others and to learn something about the specimens we were photographing. I certainly managed all these. Thank you.”

Di Norwood – after Fungi Macro workshop – November 2014

“I really enjoyed the day, learnt about the fungi & their common names!!! Brain not capable of remembering the Latin names. I took the Penny Bun home & my hubby believed it was safe to eat due to the fact an expert had told me about it…. Yes we had it in an omelette. Thanks for a wonderful day.”

David Gurr – St Neots Camera Club – After Beyond Auto talk – October 2014

“Bob. Thank You for your lecture to the St.Neots camera club last Tuesday. Thank You for making the procedure so clear, and easy to understand. It made me understand where I sometimes go wrong. Thank You Very Much.”

Pauline Kerr – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – October 2014

“I didn’t know what to expect. This was a first for me with regards to workshops and has wetted my appetite for more. Your individual attention and help was excellent and made me realise that I need to learn a lot more about my camera. I look forward to the next workshop, next year perhaps. Your mice were so cute and I really enjoyed the experience. I won’t be as nervous next time. Thanks Bob for a great afternoon.”

Carolyn Gostelow – Judges & Speakers Officer Biggleswade Camera Club – After Beyond Auto talk – October 2014

“Bob. On behalf of Biggleswade & District Camera Club I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave on Thursday evening. It was really interesting and I think everyone, including the more experienced photographers, learnt something.
The feedback we have had has been really positive. Its not often that we get a speaker that can combine understanding the use and basic function of your camera with stunning images to illustrate the subject. It is also really good that we can all access the information on your website, thank you for that it is really helpful. I’m sure it won’t be another 3 years before we ask you back again! Kind regards Carolyn BDCC “

Alec Trusler – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – October 2014

“I had an amazing time photographing the Harvest Mouse under Bobs instructions and would highly recommend any one to join any of his workshops.”

Claire Wright – After British Wildlife Centre Photo Workshop – October 2014

“Really generous in lending out lenses to try ~ was a big help and also the suggestions of what lens, shutter speed etc to use, especially with the changing light.
Excellent facilities, refreshments and overall a really enjoyable and fun day ~ thanks again and hope to book on other workshops in the future “

Debra Simms – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2014

“I was a bit hesitant to book as I felt that the other participants would be far more experienced and although they were, I was helped with all aspects by Bob and the others. As we were only a small group it worked very well. I loved hearing all the info from Bob and the falconers and watching the birds up close was as brilliant.”

Peter Wood – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – October 2014

“I hoped to get the opportunity to photograph Harvest Mice in a fairly natural setting with technical support and advice if required. I also wanted to be free to take what I wanted which was afforded me with only two guests. Great workshop and might be back next year!”

Andrew Robson – After Beyond Auto Talk – Wallingford Camera Club – October 2014

“Bob THANK YOU for a wonderful presentation last night. It really was a master class that took us all on a great journey of learning – something I really love to see in the club environment. What I really liked was your ability to teach those members like myself who have just started to learn the basics while also testing those that appear to know it all.
Your web site is great and the links to various documents are an added bonus. We would love to see you back at the Wallingford Photographic Club in the future…. so watch this space for a new email requesting a booking.”

Phil Kemp – After Specialist Raptor Workshop – October 2014

“Having been on Natures Photos workshops before I knew a high standard was to be expected and as usual Bob did not let us down. As usual it was brilliant, good value for money. Suitable for novices and the more experienced. “

Roger Willoughby – After Beyond Auto Talk Biggleswade Camera Club – October 2014

“Everyone at Biggleswade thought your presentation was brilliant, very clear and professional as are the photos on your homepage. “

Wendy Collens – After British Wildlife Centre Photo Day – October 2014

“Yes, a thoroughly good workshop for beginner and advanced photographer alike with an opportunity to photo animals which some people may not have seen in the wild before. Tutor’s help and attention to every individual is very good.”

Wendy Collens – After Specialist Raptor Photo Day – October 2014

“A super day in a lovely location with an opportunity to photograph hawks, falcons and owls both in flight and in suitable ‘wild’ settings. As always Bob’s attention to detail and help shown to everyone is welcomed and appreciated – most certainly by me. Thanks, Bob, for another great day. Thanks also to Tom at the Centre who was very knowledgeable and helpful – a delightful young man.”

Jill Pakenham – After Wildlife Photography Talk – Princes Risborough Camera Club – October 2014

“Hi Bob. On behalf of the club, may I thank you most warmly for visiting us last night and giving your excellent talk. It is not often that we receive such an informative presentation, and yours answered a great variety of questions posed by budding natural history photographers. Of course many of the techniques you explained apply to other genres of photography, so our membership was well catered for! “

John Reading – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – October 2014

“My expectation was to get some good photos of harvest mice and see how you kept them and handled them so that it was possible to take photos of them. My expectations were more than fulfilled. It was a great afternoon and I got some very good photos. I found the whole afternoon very enlightening. It was very interesting to see how you lit the summerhouse when we came inside too. As a more experienced photographer I find it frustrating that many books and courses are aimed just at beginners. Your workshop and the resulting photos gave me useful knowledge and practice of an area of photography that I have always liked but have felt difficult to get involved with. Talking with you and reflecting on the afternoon plus looking at the photos afterwards was very rewarding. For instance we talked about using aperture priority mode to get adequate depth of field but many photos then showed movement. It’s a shame I thought that you can only set aperture or shutter not both. A quick trial setting the camera to manual, setting a good aperture and a fast enough shutter speed whilst setting the sensor speed to automatic made me realise that there is an alternative. Another triumph of that old adage, “I do and understand”. Thanks Bob it was a great afternoon.”

Michael Watts – After Beyond Auto Talk – September 2014

E-mail to secretary of Kidlington Camera Club by a member.
“Wonderful KCC meeting last night – excellent as a start to the new season. He obviously knew his stuff from hands-on experience, and could present it in the most digestible format. But then he is an experienced teacher, and understands the need to present material in a variety of ways to the benefit of most audience members. Thank you, and let’s have more of this quality, and with this practical-topic emphasis please. “

Garry Chisholm – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – September 2014

“My expectations were very open-minded because you never know what you will find when you arrive at a new venue however even with this open-mindedness I was very pleasantly surprised with the set up. I was very satisfied to get the opportunity to photograph Harvest Mice with several different kinds of foliage which added to the enjoyment of the day”

Graham Austin – After Birds of Prey Photo Shoot – September 2014

“This turned out to be far better than I had expected Bob, you came over as a very patient teacher who put things over very clearly in what can be a very technical subject. This is the very first workshop I have been on and because I enjoyed it so much it have given me the enthusiasm to continue in this field of photography. Thanks again for a truly brilliant day.”

George Cox – After Birds of Prey Photo Shoot – September 2014

“My aim for the day was to end up with an improvement in my technique and understanding of the techniques required to take superb shots of birds of prey. This was all achieved with the help of first rate advice from Bob who has the ability to explain everything in such simple terms you are left wondering why it all seemed so difficult before! Fantastic day and I hope to attend more of these days. Have now got some amazing images (even a Peregrine in flight!) that I never thought myself capable of taking.Thanks especially for the help with birds in flight and metering – simple technique that works so well! Also for making me wait till the camera has acquired AF before shooting like mad! “

Anne Eckersley – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2014

“Hi Bob, thank you so much for another brilliant course. I loved it and have some super pictures. Having done the course before, there were certain things that caused me difficulties last time. I needed help with to understand the subject better and help my photography. Bob was as always able to provide the explanation and help me enormously with focal lengths, depth of field and focus stacking issues.”

Pamela Jeffery – After Crocodiles of the World Workshop – September 2014

“It was an amazing resource providing a unique opportunity to learn and observe these rare species. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop despite the heat and humidity. Came away with some good shots and increased knowledge.”

Geoff Ayres – After Taking Control of Your Camera talk – September 2014

“I was at the KCC for your talk about coming off auto. I gained a lot out from your presentation as I find aperture, shutter speed and iso a constant challenge. I particularly liked your simple explanations as sometimes all the technical jargon for me goes right over my head. “

Liz Weeks – After Taking Control of Your Camera talk – August 2014

“Brilliant lecture to new Marwell member, 10/10. Very clear. I look forward to reviewing the lecture and your tips and techniques page.”

Cheryl Oliver – After a Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2014

“I was looking forward to the opportunity to see / handle these beautiful animals; to attempt to photograph them; to gain more experience using my equipment (macro lens) in challenging circumstances. I certainly achieved that.
How can one improve upon perfection? The session covered everything I wanted to do – Bob’s knowledge, expertise and passion for his subject was evident and his communication skills are excellent. Bob was generous with his knowledge, time and equipment – no photographic set-up was too much bother and he was well-prepared with a wide range of props and alternative activities. “

Jonathan Copelin – After a Macro Masterclass at Triffid Nurseries – August 2014

“I set out to learn techniques in macro photography to improve the quality of the photos I take and certainly managed that with all my expectations being fulfilled. These included the opportunity to use other equipment to know what lenses or accessories make the most difference and to have the opportunity to photograph a wide range of unusual plant subjects.
I was pretty excited to be on the workshop and also at Triffid Nurseries, so I took the opportunity to use some extension tubes and macro lenses to photograph pygmy sundews, cephalotus and pinguicula etc. “

Dave McKay – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2014

“I was hoping for a good photo opportunity and the set up certainly met my expectations. A friendly welcome and a really good afternoon ‘s photography from which I got many good images.”

Wendy Collens – After Secret British Mammals 2 day workshop – July 2014

“My expectations of the two days in Devon were more than fully met. I was very impressed with the set up at the Farm. Thank you, Bob, for your advice and expertise – you are obviously very passionate about wildlife and photography, and sharing your knowledge with those who want to listen. You made me feel at ease and I felt that I could ask any question no matter how trivial. I certainly picked up a few new tips and as I am no ‘technician’ I’m sure I will learn lots more on future courses. A really big ‘thank you’ once again. The two days were great. I think we all appreciated the time you spent with us and I know I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I think it was the first time, on any course/trip/workshop, that a course leader made me feel at ease and that nothing was too much trouble for you.
The accommodation at the farm cottages was super and really clean and tidy. We were made very welcome by Linda and her family and the breakfasts were excellent as were the packed lunches. We will definitely visit the Farm again in the future.”

Ken Petch – After Secret British Mammals 2 day workshop – July 2014

“My hope for this workshop was to observe and to photograph some of the harder to find species. My expectations were greatly exceeded. We were able to join the animals within their enclosures and given plenty of time and opportunity to photograph them in near natural conditions.
The Bed and Breakfast at Frankaborough Farm was a great place to stay for this workshop. Very conveniently situated, excellent accommodation and a really friendly and welcoming host who cooks a great breakfast!
This was an excellent two day workshop and a wonderful opportunity to get close to some of the less often seen mammals. The animal handler was very helpful in positioning the animals where we wanted to photograph them and Bob was always nearby to answer queries or to offer advice, if requested, as to how to photograph each animal. Over the two days we spent time with about 14 different species and I came home with cards full of images that pleased me. I would happily return to this venue in the future.”

Tony Banks – After Secret British Mammals 2 day workshop – July 2014

“Many thanks Bob for an excellent couple of days – I would strongly recommend you to any person wishing to experience a wildlife workshop. I really enjoyed the 2 days, the centre and you provided us with excellent opportunities and all done in a very calm, relaxed yet professional manner. Really good value. Yours, Tony “

Jim Slade – after Dragonfly Workshop – July 2014

“As it was booked as a present for my son in law, I was keen that he should enjoy it as much as I knew that I would. His comments to me at the end of the workshop suggested that he had. For me, the venue was excellent, your intro comprehensive and the help from you and Gerry made it an altogether excellent day’s photography. Diana’s contribution was the icing on the cake!”

Alistair Webb – after Dragonfly Workshop – July 2014

“I had two main expectations for this workshop. To understand more about dragonflies and their lifecycle and to understand more about the use of extension tubes. Both were fully met. It was an excellent day with plenty of opportunity to take photographs and having such knowledgeable leaders on hand was invaluable.”

Lynn Griffiths – after Dragonfly Workshop – July 2014

“As always I’m looking to pick up new skills and this was my first opportunity to try my extension tubes. I learnt more about my camera and extension tubes but I also learnt a great deal about Dragonflies and Damselflies. The fact that a BDS member is with us is invaluable. To have a subject expert I found really useful. Great Day”

Joyce Rothschild – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2014

“It was fantastic. What a wonderful opportunity to see these small mammals and be able to photograph them. Your teaching was excellent and i learned so much – I just wish I could remember everything!! It was a fantastic afternoon – Thank you Bob – Really brilliant!!! Looking forward to doing more workshops with you in the future. “

Wendy Collens – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2014

“I had a great day and my expectations were fully met and I picked up a few tips. Loved the little harvest mice.”

Suzi Hooper – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – March 2014

“I had no expectations as this was the first workshop I have ever done. Bob was immediately likeable and put me at my ease. He explained things very clearly at whatever level I needed. The access to the Harvest Mice was amazing as we were literally 1 or 2 feet away. To be honest I thought that if I came away with one decent photo I’d be pleased. With Bob on hand to guide me and the ability to get so close to these truly enchanting creatures I was able to get loads of g reat pictures. A fantastic course which I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Bob.”

Tony Banks – After Dorest Reptiles Workshop – July 2014

“I had photographed Adders / slow worms before but not Grass snakes. Thanks for the excellent opportunity !”

Alistair Webb – After Secret British Mammals workshop in Devon – June 2014

“The course more than met my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it unreservedly. A very special, memorable weekend. The accommodation and the hospitality provided was excellent. I will be recommending it to friends and family for future. “

David Roach – After Secret British Mammals workshop in Devon – June 2014

“I managed to get good photo opportunities with a number of mammals, especially Wildcats, Polecat and Pine Marten. Great pics of Otter and Wild Boar were a bonus. (Not forgetting the Beaver)
The accommodation was excellent and a very warm welcome from Linda and her family. Great breakfasts and good food in the pub also. I would highly recommend Linda ‘s cottages to anyone. “

Mary-Anne Taylor – After Secret British Mammals workshop in Devon – June 2014

“My expectations of this workshop were high but were completely and fully met. Whilst being aware that I would probably have less skill than other delegates I hoped to use what I did have to better effect. I was certainly able to do just that and to increase my understanding of using my camera ‘in the field’ and to improve my technique generally. Bob provided a great deal of help and support and I was extremely grateful to him and other delegates for their friendliness and generosity in lending equipment (hat, flash, lenses) and knowledge which added to both my comfort and improved images. A very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere prevailed on both days and I found the weekend a very rewarding experience. Linda Banbury’s accommodation and catering were both excellent: extremely generous portions and suitably priced. Her family were very welcoming and helpful. “

Diana Gamble – After Bavaria – European Predators Workshop/Tour – June 2014

“Bob. Thank you so much for planning such a wonderful trip to Bavaria. The photographic opportunities were endless and that, combined with the pleasure of seeing and ‘absorbing’ the spectacular surroundings, combined to make a truly memorable trip. It was unique to see the wolves, bears, lynx etc. in their natural surroundings as near as possible to the true wild and they proved that patience and wildlife go hand in hand, as we were all rewarded with the opportunity to get the shots! Your help and knowledge, aided by Gerhard and Becky, meant that we came away with an understanding of the area and I know I would love to go back to Bavaria again and see more.”

Jule Barry – After Bavaria – European Predators Workshop/Tour – June 2014

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I set out hoping to improve my photography skills for wildlife photography on animals in a more natural environment than in a normal zoo and certainly managed this. Bob was extremely helpful and patient and explained answers to my questions in an easy to understand way. Most of the animals were more than accommodating and at a quick glance through I have some great shots. My only criticism is that I now have a long and expensive shopping list lol!
The accommodation was spot on, what a lovely hotel.
Thank you for a fantastic time, I’ve only had a quick flick through my huge number of photos but I am very pleased with what I have looked at. The group of people on the course were a great bunch and please pass on my thanks to Becky and Gerhard, both were very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and really friendly.”

Phil Kemp – After Bavaria – European Predators Workshop/Tour – June 2014

“Just a quick thank you for once again providing a fantastic photo trip. I know that it’s very difficult to plan and organise things with so many variables but you managed superbly it as usual. Well done. The detailed information given before the course was perfect and exactly as it was “on the trip”. The accommodation, rooms, food and service were first class. Good choice.
I have been on other courses with Bob and once again he has managed to provide a first class course. Each time I go with him I learn something new and get inspired to take more photos. “

Peter Duncan – After Bavaria – European Predators Workshop/Tour – June 2014

“My expectations were very largely met and the trip as a whole very enjoyable indeed – good company and a group that seemed to gel very well. My particular interests animal-wise were to get good shots of wolves and lynxes and in both of these cases I felt that I succeeded. It applied particularly to the wolves where on two or three occasions we observed and photographed natural looking behaviour, and the appearance of two cubs at Lohberg was a real bonus. The wolves at Lusen in the evening sessions had a truly wild ‘feel’ and atmosphere even if the light conditions were testing. The accommodation and catering was excellent, exceeding my expectations. Clean, comfortable and with good food – and beer ! “

Michele Davies – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2014

“Many and varied opportunities from sleek shiny otters, fast tricky weasels, acrobatic stealthy wild cats, cheeky red squirrels, shady foxes and more in beautiful settings. There is much to learn and plenty to challenge. A full and truly entertaining day in perfect light (very well organised), spent in the company of a lovely bunch of folks. Loved every minute.”

Lynn Griffiths – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – June 2014

“My aims were to improve my macro photography skills. I not only met these aims I learnt a lot more besides. Being able to use your extension tubes and being able to freely pick your brains was fantastic. Your were very informative. I have also made more use of your website since. I already had your depth of field tables but the article on back button focusing was extremely interesting and I will be trying that today.”

Ken Petch – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – June 2014

“Thank you for sharing your mice with me for an afternoon, they are wonderful little creatures and so photogenic. Throughout the workshop I felt that help and advice was always available yet it was not forced upon me when not required – the balance was just right. The setting s and props for the mice were ideal and I came home with plenty of images that pleased me. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.”

Dave Cromack – After Dragonfly Photo Workshop – June 2014

“Obviously the weather conditions, cool overcast and slightly breezy, were against us but I wasn’t looking for this workshop to be just a one day experience. I intend to carry the information gained forward into my own fieldwork. Whilst “insects on a stick” were the order of the day my aim is to capture these creatures in flight and I think I came away with sufficient additional information to help achieve that aim. Good advice from Bob on the technical/photographic side and Jerry, as the dragonfly expert, did an excellent job a s well. “

Alvin Webb – After Crocodile Photo Workshop – June 2014

“The facilities were excellent,complimented by the handler. The whole day exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot, about my camera settings and the creatures I was shooting. It was a unique experience and one I would recommend it without hesitation. Thank you for the opportunity to experience today.”

Glynne Harris – After Dragonfly Workshop – June 2014

“Even though the day was a little overcast and the dragonflies difficult to find the advice was first class and the natural history a great help so plenty of things to take away and put into practice”

Dave Gilbert – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2014

“Earlier in the day the weather forecast was dire, but in the end turned out to be ideal and we got our superb evening light! Our small group of 10 was able to get ‘up close and personal’ with all the wildlife, which was in good condition and in ideal surroundings for good photo opportunities. Bob was always on hand to give just the right amount of help and advice to those requiring it, and all the arrangements went like clockwork. Even the ‘planes on approach to Gatwick provided additional photo opportunities to anyone interested (like me). All in all, a superb session.”

John Day – Prog Secretary Swindon Photograhic Club – May 2014

“Bob showed us not only his boundless enthusiasm for his subject, but his detailed understanding of what a photographer needs to know. Most importantly he was very able to put this across to us.This meant that much of what he said was relevant to anyone with a camera, regardless of the type of images you wish to take. He started with the five Ps needed, the first of which was a passion for your subject. The talk ranged through detailed analysis of composition and focusing techniques, to not only how the hardware works, but some of the better types to use. He also discussed what was cheating in wildlife photography, and what was not. The icing on the cake was that those of us in the audience did not have to remember everything, as he reserved a special page on his website. With a password we can visit and not only remind ourselves of what he said, but go into some aspects of the talk in much greater detail.
I hope you were there, because if not you missed a great night. “

Elizabeth Taylor – after a Harvest Mouse photo workshop – May 2014

“We were made to feel very welcome when we arrived and offered refreshments. The preliminary talk was useful with advice on which lenses to use and helpful tips on where to aim the focus point. It was good to learn about the mice and their habitat. We were really pleased to be able to get so close to the mice and Bob’s help with additional lighting was much appreciated. It was also good to have a variety of plants and flowers for the mice to climb on. Bob achieved a really good balance between letting us happily shoot away and offering help as we went along. With only two of us it meant we had plenty of room and didn’t feel crowded. Altogether, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend it to others. Thanks Bob.”

Tracey Lund – after a Secret British Mammals photo workshop – May 2014

“I had a fantastic 2 days and learnt a few new techniques. Didnt want to leave and will be in touch about re-booking next year”

Steve Childs – after a Birds of Prey photo workshop – May 2014

“If a single day could have ironed out flaws in my technique then it would be a not be a skill worth pursuing. For me the most significant plus of this workshop was that it afforded the best possible environment in which to concentrate on the technicalities of the process. The certainty of the opportunity which is not present under everyday conditions meant that I could learn under controlled conditions the routines that once engrained would hopefully serve me well when and if I encounter opportunities in the wild. This was precisely why I wanted to come on the course and precisely what I took away. Thank you for the day.”

Rona Bassett – after a Secret British Mammals photo workshop – May 2014

“This workshop is excellent and fully met my expectations. The setting is beautiful and I was really pleased to be able to photograph so many different mammals. Some were more difficult than others to capture but Bob was on hand to provide advice on technique and equipment. Lavinia was a great animal handler and both she and Bob helped to get us the best opportunities to photograph the animals in their natural setting. The highlight was watching the beaver collect rushes for its lodge as the sun was setting. What a memory to keep.
The accommodation at Frankaborough Farm was great. The cottage was spacious and Linda was a lovely host who made the most wonderful breakfasts and lunches. There was a lovely relaxed, homely atmosphere despite it being a working farm and it was lovely to see the milking”

Sue Lloyd – Secretary Thatcham Photo Soc. after “Beyond Auto” talk – May 2014

“Bob. I would like to thank you on behalf of the Club for your presentation yesterday evening. Many people, visitors as well as members, were impressed by the clarity of your explanations and several commented on the fact that it was not all about yourself as a photographer and more about how they could improve. Many thanks”

Karen Thomas – after a Secret British Mammals photo workshop – May 2014

“I was pleasantly surprised about the number of animals we were able to photo and also the variety within the farm itself. It was great to be able to go into the enclosures to take the photos rather from outside netting! The weather proved to be no problem due to the flexibility and variety on offer.

Alvin Webb – after a Birds of prey photo workshop – April 2014

“I wanted to take photographs like you see in magazines and what settings produced the desired result. I had an absolutely brilliant day. I have just spent 2 hours reviewing images and my success rate exceeded my expectations. For the first time I have captured birds in flight consistently. My confidence in the manual control has taken a huge step boost. Thank you Bob for sharing your knowledge at a level I can understand.
A big thank you for Tom (the falconer), brilliant control of the birds and his appreciation the photographer’s needs. “

Dave Gilbert – after a Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2014

“Harvest mice are not only very cute, but, in the wild, almost impossible to see, yet alone photograph. Bob provides the opportunity for anyone to get fabulous shots in a very relaxing half-day session. He remains on hand to provide advice when required, but doesn’t interfere unnecessarily.
The mice naturally have other ideas, and besides their desire to escape, are constantly on the move, thus going in and out of focus and in and out of frame. You can be certain that you will get plenty of shots of mice bottoms, and even some with no mice at all!
Amongst the rejects, there will almost certainly be some fabulous shots. I used a bridge camera rather than a digital S.L.R., and was very pleased with the results. To conclude, this was a session that I would recommend to any photographer, whatever your previous experience. “

Carol Wiles – after a talk at Bournemouth Electric CC – April 2014

“Really enjoyed the evening at Bournemouth Electric CC last night and thanks for giving us an insight into the way you work. We have always been interested in wildlife and nature, and it was interesting to see your images. We would like to visit Africa sometime in the future so to see where you’re going and when will be useful. Thanks, Bob!”

Linda Wilson – after a Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2014

“Having been on this workshop before, I knew how engaging the subject would be and generally what to expect. The rainy weather did not detract from the enjoyment of the day as the summer house was entirely suitable for the small number of us. Equipment and lighting were entirely suitable for the workshop. Altogether another entirely bewitching experience with these exquisite and adorable beasties. It was a delight having you all to ourselves for the afternoon. Thanks again for yet another wonderful photo opportunity. “

Sue Gurney – after a Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2014

“Having seen some of the photos on the website that previous students had taken I was hoping I would be able to get some similar shots. I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t think of anything you could have done differently. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and your company. You are an excellent teacher. You were more than helpful and very patient in explaining some of the finer points of my camera. I learned several things that I had not understood previously.
The mice themselves were so cute even though it was hard to get them to sit still long enough to get a sharp shot. A good reason to go back another day for another try!
I am looking forward to coming on the wildlife workshop in October. “

Peter Jepson – after an Art of Wildlife Photo talk to Solihull Photo Soc – April 2014

“Hi Bob,As a member of Solihull PS I was at the talk last night, can I just say I found it very informative and one of the best talks I’ve seen in many a long time. It was great to here about and see the techniques used and as a keen wildlife photographer myself this made the evening even more special. I have been on several workshops with other wildlife photographers in the past and look forward to booking something with you this year, keep up the good work.”

Glynis Harrison – after an Art of Wildlife Photo talk to Solihull Photo Soc – April 2014

“Hi Bob, I met you last night at Solihull and we spoke about beanbags! I mentioned that I like street photography and you suggested I look up Valerie Jardin – I will as soon as I finish looking and your site. Your enthusiasm and passion for photography certainly came through last night and even though I’m not a nature photographer, I was enthralled! At this point, I’ve only just started to look at your website, but already I can see your passion coming through – your writing is as you speak and very down to earth! Thank you for a superb presentation and widening my ‘knowledge’ of photography.”

Craig Lindsay – after a Harvest Mouse workshop – March 2014

“I’m not sure what I expected beyond the opportunity to photograph harvest mice with a series of set-ups similar to the ones seen on the website. It’s always interesting meeting a new photographer, who may have a different approach, and so I tend to go into workshops with someone new with a pretty open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Bob comes across as very likeable, approachable – and knowledgeable. I did appreciate the background discussion about harvest mice – it’s not something you necessarily get on most workshops and I found it fascinating.”

Douglas Gregor – after a Trip to the Massai Mara – February 2014

“I do take a few photographs which do not have some form of wildlife in them, but not many. I take a lot of insect shots and some are as small as 2mm, weighing-in at a fraction of a gram, but on this trip I did not make a great deal of use of my macro lens – I was captivated by the majesty of the lion and the sheer size and power of the elephant. It is quite different seeing them in the wild and in their own environment when we are caged and they roam free.
I have rarely taken a holiday in the same place twice, because there is always something else that I have wanted to see or do. That is not how I felt after my trip to Kicheche Mara Camp. I do want to return and I do want again to experience the hospitality and the opportunities presented on a workshop arranged by Bob.
Crucial to these opportunities were the guide/drivers that Bob selected. They knew what we wanted to achieve and set about making certain that we would leave with our ambitions fulfilled. We were left in no doubt about their skill and knowledge, but what was uncanny was when an animal started to move and our driver said ‘hold tight’ then drove in a great arc and waited. Sure enough within a very short time the lion, cheetah or leopard turned up right on cue! “

Bob Child – after a Digital Workflow talk at Beeston Camera Club – March 2014

“Hi Bob, I really enjoyed your talk at Beeston Camera Club, it was very helpful.”

Jo Randall – after a British Wildlife Photo Workshop – March 2014

“I had an absolutely fantastic day. Due to the clear instructions from Bob, I came away with some great photos and the technical side of photography finally clicked into place for me. Bob’s knowledge of both the photography and wildlife was fabulous and allowed us to really understand what settings would be appropriate, depending on the animal’s behaviour.
The size of the class and therefore Bob’s ability to split his time was just right. The centre, it’s staff and facilities were great. “

Phil Kemp – after a Trip to the Massai Mara – February 2014

“I have just returned from two remarkable weeks in Kenya with Bob, one of the best experiences I have ever had. It far out passed my expectations. Accommodation and food on par with the finest hotels. What also made it special was the expert knowledgeable guiding and photo tuition given by Bob and the guides the abundance of wildlife was amazing. I strongly recommend this trip to anyone interested in wildlife photography.”

Heather Mann – after a Trip to the Massai Mara – February 2014

“This trip with Bob more than filled all my expectations; it was truly the trip of a lifetime. I have been on safari twice before, but this was by far the best. The time spent with each site and the knowledge and advice given made all the difference.
The Maasai guides were excellent and their knowledge of wildlife was phenomenal. They also understood where to place the vehicle to get the best light. The service in camp was excellent and food wonderful. I enjoyed walk, made more exciting by encounter with lions, but felt safe at all times.
As someone with very little experience, I found the tuition very useful. I have come back feeling more confident using my camera and have learnt new techniques I can use in other parts of my photography. There is very little that would have improved the experience.Every part of it was designed to help us enjoy and learn. Even the animals seemed to know what to do!!
Thank you so much for a fantastic experience “

Elaine Mathieson – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – February 2014

“I was looking forward to an enjoyable day taking photos, learning something new, and coming away with images I was pleased with. I was not disappointed. In fact my expectations were surpassed. I really enjoyed myself, learned so much more than expected, and came away with not only lovely images, but enthusiasm for a new project. It was great fun Bob, I’m still thinking about it.”

Fiona Hogarth – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – February 2014

“When I booked this workshop I was hoping to come away with some lovely photographs of the little Harvest Mice as seen on the website, and I certainly did that, I had a lovely day learning about the little mice and of course how best to capture them, along with tips and tricks on macro as well.”

Jill Timms – Witney Photo Group after Beyond Auto Talk – January 2014

“I recently attended the Witney Photo Group for the FIRST time and you were the speaker! I really enjoyed your presentation and easy to follow talk. Thank you.”

Pete Roper – After Macro Talk Oxford Photo Soc – January 2014

“Last night’s talk on Macro Photography was fantastic I could have sat and listened for another Two Hours. I cannot wait until the Summer so I can get outside and try to Photograph Plants and Insects. I look forward to reading more from Your newsletter. “

John Waine – After Macro Talk Oxford Photo Soc – January 2014

“Hi Bob, Thank last night’s talk. It was the best talk on photography I have ever attended. I am full of enthusiasm to re-try macro work again. You are a rare talent!”

Sue Warwick – After Wolf Workshop – January 2014

“The viewing was as I expected. The only difficulty was getting low shots through the wire.
I enjoyed the day devoted to using the camera (no guilt that I should be doing something useful!). It was good to see others and I found your talks interesting and informative, improving my confidence rather than criticising. “

Robin Warwick – After Wolf Workshop – January 2014

“Taking photographs through wire fencing is extremely challenging and it may have been better to have more holes in the fencing for this. Having said that I was presently surprised but the results I obtained and this was by no doubt down to the advice given.
Your comments on exposing to the right were very useful as I really hadn’t thought of it as a way of reducing noise at higher ISOs.
An extremely worthwhile course.”

Nia Kime – After Wolf Workshop – January 2014

“This was my first time at one of these type of photography days and I thought it was excellent. My usual photo subjects dont move at all so it was a great learning curve for me. Bob advised on different ways of shooting and some good tips on the more advanced settings of my camera, a friendly and approachable chap and knew his stuff. It was the first time in years I have spent this amount of time constantly taking photographs without being bored so 10/10 for that for me. I came away with 500 shots and about 20 good ones which is fab. Thanks”

Brain Lee – Programme secretary Witney Photo Group after Beyond Auto Talk – January 2014

“Bob. Many thx for your excellent talk last Tuesday. It was pitched exactly how I had envisaged and provided invaluable information to particularly new members that have joined the club since our season began. It was also a refreshing review of the information we should know as experienced photographers but often don’t stop to think about before pressing the shutter. “