Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2015

As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2015.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.



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 Feedback Testimonials from people who have been on foreign trips

Feedback recevied during 2015

Malcolm Lidgard – After British Wildlife Center Workshop – November 2015

“Hello Bob, I previously came on the Harvest Mouse course and thoroughly enjoyed that so thought I would try the British Wildlife course in Surrey, I have thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Your help and patience answering questions related to both photography and the different anim als was both rewarding and educational and very much appreciated. Your explanations to questions were always presented at the right level for me and I picked up some more tips which is always a bonus. I will definitely attend further courses with you in the future.
I would also like to thank the Wildlife Centre staff were very very helpfull.”

Malcolm Sales – After Fungi – Macro Photography Workshop – November 2015

“The workshop was exactly what I expected from the day. Bob provided as much photography tuition as one wanted, or indeed needed. He had copious surplus equipment (Canon) to allow attendees to use. Justin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the local fungi and was more than willing to share his knowledge to those who wanted to learn.”

Martin Hancock – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – November 2015

“Bob – a great day, many thanks. Plenty of photo opportunities with a wide range of species. I would honestly struggle to find any adverse comments. The venue was perfect, the staff/people extremely friendly and I really appreciated the opportunity to ‘go it alone’ at one stage to revisit the Stoat. I am a bit of a Mustelid fanatic.”

Pauline Barrett (Ruschliffe Photo Soc) – After Beyond Auto talk – November 2015

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your ‘Beyond Auto’ talk this week at the Rushcliffe Photographic Society. I now have a much clearer insight into my Nikon camera and have already started using your notes to help me past the ‘green’ button. I have downloaded many fact sheets on this, but a tap and a bucket of water will actually now mean more to me than watering the garden! Many thanks.”

Richard Freail (Webheath CC Club Secretray) – After Macro camera club talk – November 2015

“We really enjoyed Bob’s presentation and in-depth explanation of macro and close-up photography last night. Its an often misunderstood area of photography and was presented with great enthusiasm and clarity; members have said it was another first class presentation from Bob and they learned a lot about the subject. We can now approach our forthcoming macro assignment with new/renewed knowledge and enthusiasm! “

Jason Wickham (Biggleswade CC) – Judges & Speakers Officer Biggleswade Camera Club – November 2015

“Hi Bob. On behalf of Biggleswade & District Camera Club I would like to thank you for your presentation on Thursday evening. It was a really informative and entertaining evening, so glad you haven’t stopped doing that talk because it set a lot of people thinking about how they manage their images, or in many cases how they fail to effectively manage their images!! Even the technical side was explained simply enough for us all to understand. We look forward to inviting you back to see some more of your stunning wildlife images.”

Carolyn Gostelow – After specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2015

“Hi Bob, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for Sunday. You were a great host and obviously someone who cares deeply about the birds and has extensive knowledge, and this added to the day. Your insights into photography , how cameras work and how to use them creatively were very valuable and I learnt a lot, both at the beginning of the session over a cuppa and throughout the day as you helped us all with our technique. What a great opportunity to explore the lovely grounds of a historic house and have access to the beautiful birds that most people will not get. I had a great time and appreciated your insights, and I learnt a lot. Thanks again! Jason. “

Daphne Hanson – Secretary Bottisham and Burwell Photographic Club – After club talk

“Very many thanks for a super talk last night, we all thoroughly enjoyed our virtual tour of Tanzania and meeting the various animals along the way!”

Phil Kemp – After Botswana and Zimbabwe Elephant Safari – September 2015

“Thanks Bob for another great African adventure – I think I must become quite a regular with you now. The first week in the mobile camp in Botswana was just brilliant we were placed in just the right place for the game and this became all the more evident each day as we drove out from camp seeing things almost immediately. I know that this was called the elephant safari but I didn’t expect to see quite so many nor did I expect to get as close as we did on the boat – 6 feet form a full sized bull elephant and in a boat ! The contrast between the first week in a Botswana mobile camp and the luxury of the permanent camp in Zimbabwe added to the overall experience as did the stop at the Victoria Falls. The guides at both camps were superb I can see the effort you went to too select them – it really paid off. Indeed the meticulous planning you put into all your events showed in this one as once again the photo opportunities and knowledge imparted by you and the guides was perfect and simply invaluable. I think I can safely say that all eight of us had a really great time. “

Peter & Grace Mason – After British Wildlife Centre Photo Workshop – September 2015

“Learnt a lot about our 7D Mk11 and 1DX focusing functions and got to grips with back button focusing, thoroughly enjoyable day. Bob’s teaching ability is first class, able to explain complex functions clearly. With lots of photos of moving animals in sharp focus the day gave us answers to our complex cameras functions. “

Sue Totham – After Secret Bristish Mammals workshop – September 2015

“My expectations were fully met. To be able to observe & photograph so many different mammals in such realistic surroundings was fantastic, it was a superb week-end from start to finish. From the warm welcome by Linda of Frankaborough Farm with her large breakfasts to the staff at the Center who’s knowledge & friendliness greatly enhanced the experience. Thank you.”

Don and Marie Cuddon – After Birds of Prey workshop – September 2015

“Both my wife and I were looking for guidance on camera handling for birds in flight. Settings; focusing; how to track flight path etc.
We were hoping for and found a small group so that there would be sufficient time for the tutor to spend with each member.
Ultimately we found the day very useful providing numerous opportunities for both improving our camera skills and those photo opportunities that may be difficult to find in the wild. Instruction was informative throughout the day as much from Bob as also Mark the handler/Falconer.
Being a small group we found it easy to get along with other members and it allowed Bob to spend adequate time with each of us providing guidance/suggestions etc. The balance between discussing and/or instructions and actual “doing” was just about right.”

Alistair Webb – After Devon Landscape workshop – September 2015

“I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of landscape photography and to learn how to use filters effectively.
This was a most inspiring workshop. A truly wonderful day. The approach was very different from other landscape workshops I have attended and it was very effective. The teaching, encouragement and feedback was of a very high standard. All my expectations were fully met and exceeded.”

Alistair Webb – After Secret British Mammals workshop Devon – September 2015

“This was the second time I have attended this course and I was a little concerned that I would not learn anything new. I needn’t have worried. The slight differences in weather, new animals and different locations brought new challenges and improved photos. I also gained a deeper understanding of setting up the camera and techniques for maximising the quality of the images. “

Becky Locock – After Secret British Mammals workshop Devon – September 2015

“I wasn’t sure how my lesser photographic knowledge would hinder my enjoyment of the weekend. I need not have been at all concerned as i thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be close to all the mammals at the centre. I appreciated and enjoyed the chance to try, learn how to and make use of different settings on my camera. Everyone who was on the course and those we met over the weekend were very friendly and a good time was spent together. “

Graham Austin – After Specialist Raptor Workshop – September 2015

“Well Bob, this was my third time with you at your wild bird workshop and again I came away with a lot of knowledge and some remarkable images and that is thanks to you and Mike the head falconer. As for my expectations of the day, well it just gets better, the more of these workshops I attend the more I get addicted to wild life photography. Bob, without a doubt you and your team know what you are doing every time I come away with more knowledge than the previous. I have also attended your harvest mice workshop which I found, as well as educational it gave me a great insight into macro photography.”

Gary Pratt – After Macro Talk Farnborough Camera Club – September 2015

“I enjoyed your talk at Farnborough Camera club on the 10 September 2015. I have learnt a lot and will be putting it in practice. I did not realize that i had a 100mm Macro lens already which gave me fantastic portrait shots.”

Gary Davis – After British Wildlife Centre Worhsop – September 2015

“Good photo opportunities with some unobtrusive help. Bob, thank you so much had a great day, your input was valuable. Look forward to seeing you again soon”

Monica Doshi – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2015

“I was especially looking forward to learning to photograph a small moving animal, to come away with some good photos and to learn about harvest mice. I certainly did that ! The advice re camera settings (e.g. aperture, shutter speeds) were particularly helpful for me on this subject. I really feel that my photography has improved. The three workshops I have attended with Bob this year have really helped me to push my photography to another level. “

Margaret Cooper – August 2015

“My first trip to Africa with Bob was in 2013 to Kicheche Mara and I fell in love – with Africa! Had to go back and in 2014 I went to Tanzania. To see wild animals in their own environment was truly spectacular. Bob’s enthusiasm and knowledge, not just of photography, but of the areas, camps, guides etc. made the trips a truly wonderful experience that I shall never forget. We were able to spend as much time with the animals as we wanted, waiting to get that magical shot and we were always in the best position to do just that. My photography has improved no end and I still have not had enough. Botswana beckons in 2016.”

Graham Austin – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2015

“I had read feedback comments on your site that this was a great experience and one that is addictive, well I can only say that they are right. The way you educated us about these adorable little critters and the way in which you staged these mice in which I can only describe as their own little theatre went beyond my expectations. Thanks go out to your wife for supplying tea and of course the mice, and of course you Bob, once again you have given me a new dimension to my photography. I have been to two of your raptor workshops with another in two weeks, and having just spent a half day with your harvest mice I think that this speaks for itself I don’t know of any way you could improve “

Kate Shaw – after Carnivorous Plants Macro Workshop – August 2015

“I attended this workshop to understand macro photography better and to take interesting shots of the plants as well as understanding a little about how the plants live. Bob, as always, was very attentive and gave clear information and guidance about the complex area of macro photography throughout the day. I very much appreciated being able to try out specialised equipment during the day: the sliding rail, extension tubes, clamps, stands and lights as well as the very useful black backdrop (a white one might also might be helpful for some shots).
Bob very kindly ran a series of shots I took for a ‘focus stacking’ image through his laptop software so that I could see the end result.
This course is a little more expensive than some of Bob’s other workshops but it is worth it because each individual receives more support and time from Bob, which for this specialised area of photography is well worth it. Thank you for a great day! “

Linda Wilson – after Carnivorous Plants Macro Workshop – August 2015

“This workshop more than met all my expectations. I had expected that the subjects would be in some kind of display that we would have to work around. Being able to move the plants into a position to suit what we wanted to do was more than I had hoped for. The variety and number of plants was also awesome.”

Jane Stanley – after Carnivorous Plants Macro Workshop – August 2015

“Under your guidance I came away much more confident using my macro lens. I also gained an understanding of extension tubes and appreciated being able to use yours on the day, aswell as your more sturdy tripod and see and use your more specialist lens. I really enjoyed the day and was grateful for all the advice you gave me it was good to have the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and very interesting setting having the advantage of your skills and experience almost one to one and not least, your patience! I knew as soon as I had a macro lens you would be the best person to learn from having heard very good reviews of your workshops from other Maidenhead CC members.”

Anthony Clay – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2015

“My expectations for the day were quite high really as I know of a couple of people who have been on your courses before and their feedback was excellent. I was not in any way disappointed. We got there early, were greeted by Bob and invited into his home and very nice garden which was to be the location for the shoot. Bobs wife made us tea while Bob chatted us through what we would be doing and how etc…
Throughout the workshop Bob gave us plenty of tips and tricks and even lens me a lens to try out for the duration which was extremely kind of him. I came away with some superb shots, and more knowledge and craft than I arrived with. Couldn’t really ask for more, well, apart from more hours to shoot these cute furry critters! “

Lynn Seldon – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2015

“It was wonderful to be able to observe these fascinating little creatures and capture something of their character with advice and guidance for using settings on my new camera and improving my photographs. My expectations were fully met in all of these ways.”

Naomi Saul – after Secret British Mammals Workshop – July 2015

“As always Bob – a superb workshop. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into running these wonderful days – making them so enjoyable, informative and above all giving us the opportunity to get close to and more particularly photograph our otherwise secret native wildlife.”

Sherry Carlisle – after Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – July 2015

“It was such a pleasure to photograph the harvest mice and not only were you very welcoming but also a fantastic guide. My expectations were fully met if not exceeded on the day, I really appreciated your help, instruction, tips and advice. The mice were adorable, fascinating creatures and the props/background ideal. It was a wonderful experience and I am really pleased with my images. I have already recommended the workshop to many friends! Thanks again Bob”

Wendy Collens – after Specialist Birds of Prey Photo Workshop – July 2015

“This was my second visit to Holdenby so I obviously knew what to expect from the day. Photographing these birds is always a pleasure. Thanks Bob for your advice particularly on how to capture birds in flight. This venue is just superb. “

Joyce Rothschild – after Secret British Mamals Weekend Workshop – July 2015

“A fantastic two days. The chance to see the range of animals was wonderful, Thank you also for providing all the additional bits and pieces – the stools, lamps, and for lending your lenses and other equipment. The whole experience was fabulous. I learned such a lot.
Re accommodation / catering: It was great – Linda’s cottages were well equipped and very comfortable and she was really hospitable. Really good to meet her and the family. “

Alvin Webb – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – July 2015

“My expectations were to photograph animals without fences and close as possible. My expectations were surpassed and I have some wonderful images in natural, as possible, surrounding. Advice was available and was presented in a way that put everyone at ease. The advice offered struck the right balance considering the range of skills within the group. In summary I achieved my aim and learnt things as well. A really enjoyable day. Big thanks to the handler and yourself. “

Glenys & Vic Anthony – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – July 2015

“We are not wildlife photographers and joined this course to gain a little knowledge. We certainly did that. The whole afternoon and evening was packed with opportunities and assistance. Our idea was that if we had one or two images at the end of the day we would be happy but achieved many more than that. It was an interesting, companionable and helpful day. We would highly recommend the course to others “

Alistair Webb – After Wild Europe Trip – June 2015

“I am always looking to improve my technique and understanding of my camera’s functions. I also wanted to have the opportunity to visit a part of Europe that I hadn’t seen before. Finally, and not least, I wanted to opportunity to observe and photograph European bears. All of these were fully met!
Having done several of your workshops I did wonder if there was going to be something new to learn. There was; I left with a better understanding of exposure metering and how to adapt my methods to fully exploit the camera’s capabilities.
The whole experience was first class. The others in the group, the accomodation, the scenery, the setting in the parks all contributed to a most enjoyable trip. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Excellent, I wouldn’t change anything!”

Richard Freail – Web Heath Photographic Group – May 2015

“An outstanding presentation! The recent talk (The Art of Wildlife) you gave at our club was thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. Unusually for photographers, club members were united in their praise for your efforts, with many stating it was the best presentation they have heard in a long time. Delivered in a warm and friendly manner, Bob’s explanations of what to do and how to do it were clear, concise and extremely helpful. He clearly has great passion for, and a thorough understanding of, his subject. We also found the access to the “private” web pages, providing in-depth notes and other facilities, really useful. On phoning Bob the following day, to thank him for the talk, I immediately booked him for a return visit. If you are reading this with a view to booking Bob for a talk – do it, you will not regret it.”

Greg Mayers – after Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – May 2015

“Thanks for a good day – I liked the variety of birds shown and the size of the group was ideal – you imparted a lot of info which was useful”

Graham Austin – after Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2015

“The tuition we received was of a high standard and the variation of location and birds was excellent,both Bob and the falconers provided a clear knowledge of the birds and how to capture them.
This is the second Raptor work shop I have attended and like the first I found it very informative.The first workshop back in September 2014 gave me the enthusiasm for wild life photography and the tuition you gave us was not only informative but easy to understand in what is a very technical subject. I feel I have moved forward in my photography in an area I knew very little about. Thanks to you and your team I am looking forward to my next workshop in the not so distant future.”

Jo Angell – after Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2015

“Photographing birds in flight was something I wanted to gain better knowledge of so wanted plenty of practice on the workshop. This was fully met by learning Manual mode and understanding it. I wouldn’t have ‘got it’ if I read about it but being physically shown on my camera and being clearly explained was brilliant! Plenty of practise with different birds especially the kestrel hovering was great. Also like to add I loved the venue. “

Paul Measor – after Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – May 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The birds were obviously well looked after. The setting spectacular and so varied within such a small area – perfect. Your help and advice were pitched perfectly.”

Jim Slade – after Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – May 2015

“I have been on other raptor photo days where the flying of birds was secondary to static portrait shots. I found the balance between static and flying of this workshop just about right. The progression from slower flying birds to the gyr/peregrine was managed well with clear directions given on how to set up and take (or attempt to take the gyr/peregrine in my case!!) useable images. Icarus’s staff were exceptionally helpful too. All in all, an extremely enjoyable day….heartily recommended.”

Steve Allen – after Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2015

“I had a brilliant day Bob thanks for you help with camera setting to got the best shots of the birds in flight, also wot a lovely location and great back drop with some of the birds. You chose a very good variety of birds for us to make the day exciting and the photo opportunities was endless “

Nigel Farmer – after Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – May 2015

“An excellent day. Just the right level of tuition, passing on experience and knowledge whilst letting us get on and take photos. Always on hand as usual to help if needed. Just the right number of people attending too. Great location, and fantastic birds. “

Liz Weeks – after Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2015

“Thank you Bob for a great day at the Icarus Falconry Centre for the Specialist Raptor Workshop. Your teaching was very good including how to get the best images from a very grey cloudy day. I came wanting to lean how to start taking photographs of birds and this workshop fulfilled this. Now I just need hours of practice under my belt. A pity I cannot download this but then the challenge and reward from success would disappear! :)”

Wendy Collens – after “Wild Europe” photo tour in Bavaria – May 2015

“Thanks again Bob for another great workshop in Bavaria. On Every trip with you, I pick up more and more technical tips and tricks from your incredible knowledge, along with an insight into the interactions between creatures of the animal world. You certainly give up a lot of your own time to help up and coming photographers – so once again a big thanks.
I thought the hotel accommodation was perfect, nice clean rooms and facilities. The owners certainly looked after us well and the breakfasts and evening meals were superb. The hotel was in an excellent location very close to the park. “

Marilyn Dean – after “Taking Control of Your Camera” photo workshop and Icarus Falconry – April 2015

“All expectations fully met. My aim for the day was to see if using a camera and wildlife photography would be something I wanted to do and I came home feeling animated and yes it is even if my photos are not great!
As this is my very first workshop I don’t have anything to compare it with but I was given all the time and help I needed and would certainly go on another. “

Lynn Seldon – after “Taking Control of Your Camera” photo workshop and Icarus Falconry – April 2015

“I really enjoyed the course which presented information in a very clear way particularly the visual analogies. I also appreciated the opportunity to put this into practice with some individual guidance. M
y expectations of the course were met and it was good to spend time with like-minded people and a positive and encouraging instructor. I now feel motivated to override my camera’s automatic settings and am contemplating which course to do next !
It was special to be in the grounds of Holdenby House which is a lovely environment and to have close proximity to a variety of wonderful birds. This is a workshop I would definitely recommend to anyone else. “

Donna Eustace – after “Taking Control of Your Camera” photo workshop and Icarus Falconry – April 2015

“I joined the workshop to learn how to find my way around the camera and controls and certainly achieved that.
The balance of classroom and practical sessions was just right. It was a friendly and relaxed class making it easy to ask questions and not feel intimidated. I thought the staff made a real effort to make sure we got time with the birds.”

Jan Dell – after British Wildlife Centre and Harvest Mouse photo workshop – April 2015

“Hello Bob, I came on the Harvest Mouse course, and British Wildlife course in Surrey, with a friend, and thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Your help with answers to questions and your practical expertise were very much appreciated. I learnt a lot and hope to do more courses with you in the future.”

Debbie Morffew – after Harvest Mouse photo workshop – April 2015

“Bob – it was a lovely day and helped by the wonderful weather. We so valued your support in understanding our cameras which helped us achieve some fab shots. It was such a relaxed time and I learned a lot about the mice and how to get the best out of my camera. We really valued your friendly open approach and your wife’s cuppa with a biscuit! And of course the stars of the day were the cute little mice! I have some lovely photo’s which I am v pleased with. Thank you so much I will definitely return at some point. 🙂 “

Judith Spencer – after Harvest Mouse photo workshop – April 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed the harvest mouse workshop and took some lovely images. Thanks too for the tuition as I feel more in control of my camera settings. I’d love to do another workshop with you in the future. “

Brian Purdy – after Macro talk to Tamworth Photographic Club – March 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed your macro presentation last night at Tamworth Photographic Club. It has inspired me to try macro photography with renewed interest. I am a very busy beekeeper of thirty plus years’ experience so you will understand my appreciation of your macro presentation. Your delivery and presentation, in my humble opinion were superb and the icing on the cake was giving us access to the online information for use later.”

Annette Keatley – Programme Secretary Lichfield Camera Club – March 2015

“Hello Bob, I’d like to express a huge thank you on behalf of the camera club for the lecture you gave us on Wednesday. It was extremely well received by everyone present. We thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the hands on approach with equipment etc. as well as the images and explanations. The tips and advice that you kindly gave was very helpful and we are very grateful for that also. It’s so nice to see and meet someone as enthusiastic and passionate as you are and that certainly comes across in your lecture. Once again thanks for a great evening and we will hopefully see you again in the future.”

Jo Angell – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – March 2015

“Was expecting to be photographing outdoors but due to weather we was in summer house however this was great with the lighting in there and only being 2 of us on the course. I came away with more photo’s than expected (660)! The different props for the mice was fantastic especially the blossom. The tuition was fantastic, advice on settings etc and the way it was presented was easy to understand.
I had a fantastic time, learned lots and came away with some stunning photographs! Couldn’t ask for more! “

Chris Baker – Matlock Camera Club – March 2015

“Excellent talk last night at Matlock Camera Club. Very informative and great pace.”

Valerie Elliott – Programme Secretary Ampthill Camera Club – March 2015

“Thank you for an excellent evening last night. Members thoroughly appreciated your interesting and energetic presentation with so many expert tips and beautiful images. It was an opportunity to learn so much about wild life photography and was a very special evening for us. The teaching skills were very obvious!”

Ron Brown – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – March 2015

“The day was extremely enjoyable; in fact several of us said that the only sad thing was that the day passed so quickly! I was hoping that there would be a good number of easily approachable animals on show and that they would be photographable. Also that there would be hints on wildlife photography in general as well as for specific animals. You achieved all this and what is more the weather was good – an added bonus!
Thank you for the knowledge that you imparted and please give a big thank you to Izzy (the keeper) who was a charming and very helpful host.”

Andrew Downer – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – March 2015

“Hi Bob, Thank you for organizing such a great day at the Wildlife Centre. You certainly achieved your aim as far as I was concerned learning how the camera determines exposure and when to use compensation, and the approprate setting for the autofocus in a given situation. Mastering the techniques will require more practice 🙂
Reviewing the shots I had taken was difficult at the time on the small camera screen and in daylight so I didn’t appreciate until I was able to download them to my computer just how many memorable pictures I had, There were also several shots of the patch of grass where the weasel had been just before the shutter was released! “

Tony Cersell – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“The course was exactly what I had hoped for and I came away with a far better understanding of the machine which is my camera. I doubt I will ever use the ‘automatic’ setting again as standard or, perhaps, just to compare my own creations with Canon’s!”

Kevin Barton – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“The training day was better than I expected, subjects explained in a way that was easy to understand and at a pace that allowed me to ask questions.
The staff from Icarus were very friendly and made a good cup of coffee, I will be booking another course soon and hope it will be a good as this one (it will) “

Gillian Norton – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“Just thought I would like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop with the birds at Icarus Falconry on Tuesday. It was great that I could achieve some bokeh and by using the lens and taking the photos from different places and changing the zoom how I was able to achieve this although the lens on my Olympus pen would only go down to 5.6. It was great to get a better understanding of ISO and how to use the histogram.
Really pleased with the pictures that I took and when I put some on Facebook never had so many likes for my photos. I have to say when you override the settings the photos show much more expression than just pressing the button. Thanks very much for a great day “

Mike Evans – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“My expectations were more than met, for the first time I actually know what I am doing. The booklet and the morning talk finally gave me an understanding, not only of what I can do, but what the camera is capable of. Brilliant course, well designed and delivered.”

Christine Warner – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“The workshop was above my expectations and I was very pleased with my photos. I have been to a similar day last year (another company) and this was a vast improvement on that course. The venue was perfect for the purpose although the classroom could have been a little warmer. I enjoyed my day Bob and the information and kindness given by the other staff was excellent. I was very pleased with your approach to Aperture and shutter speed and charts will help me go forward. “

Barbara Geary – After taking control of your camera workshop – March 2015

“I came as very much a novice and left with a much clearer idea of what I could achieve. The course was pitched at just the right level. I had hoped to understand more of the basics of exposure and learned a great deal. I went home with some lovely photos.”

Linda Short – After workshop at British Wildlife Centre – March 2015

“A truly fantastic day thank you bob for all your help I learned a lot about settings and light a lovely day with nice people and nice small group.”

Martin Gower – After workshop at British Wildlife Centre – March 2015

“An excellent workshop which met all my expectations. I booked this workshop to have an opportunity to take photographs that could be entered into club competitions and to have technical support if I got stuck”

Andrew Downer – After workshop at British Wildlife Centre – March 2015

“What a great way to spend a day! The weather was perfect (despite the forecast earlier in the week) and the opportunity to photograph the animals from within the enclosures was wonderful. I was hoping for two things:
1 – To get an understanding of which automatic features of the camera were useful in a given situation, and which should be manually controlled (e.g. Aperture/Shutter priority, Single/Servo AF …)
2 – To get some recommendations about which DSLR & Lenses I should be considering as an upgrade from my Lumix bridge camera.
Both these were more than fully met
My first task when I got home was to download the pictures to the computer so that I could properly see the results of Bob’s tuition – I wasn’t disappointed – amongst the inevitable (for me) “oops I missed it” frames were some truly memorable pictures.
Thank you Bob, and the staff at the Wildlife Centre for an interesting and informative day.”

Joyce Rothschild – Big Cats of the Masai Mara – February 2015

“The whole experience was magical and I really want to go back as soon as I can. I did have high expectations and this trip met them and went beyond as well. It was really good to experience the Mara through the eye of the camera lens as well as just being there, watching the behaviours and habits of the animals, and learning some names of the inhabitants. I saw so many creatures I had never seen before, and to be so close to some of the larger birds of prey and the various animals was such a privilege.
I was bowled over by the quality of the camp, the friendly staff who were always there to help and support, the food, the Mara itself, and being so close to the animals. The camp was so well organised and the staff were excellent without exception. Little touches like the biscuits in the morning and the hot water bottles (twice a day) were very welcome. I felt safe and very well looked after. The food was excellent.
Francis our driver was really excellent and has the most amazing eyesight and understanding of the environment and animals.
Thank you also Bob for the really helpful literature you sent before our trip which was useful in preparing for the it, for both the photography elements and our first trip to Kenya. You had clearly worked really hard before the trip, to ensure that we had everything we needed and were prepared for the experience. The photo tuition and support was really helpful as was the excellent feedback and support you gave us Bob. You were very generous with your time and (your equipment) during the time we were there, from the moment you met us from the plane to saying adieu at Heathrow. Your comments on the techniques of wildlife photography were helpful and I felt my skills improved as the week went on. I learned a lot.
It was also really interesting to visit the market and the village and to gain a small insight into the life of the local population. Thank you for setting this up. It gave real variety to the week.”

Wendy Collens – Big Cats of the Masai Mara – February 2015

“I simply loved the camp, the staff and this trip. You were always available for everyone and I appreciate your willingness to answer even the most trivial questions even when you had your hands full with other enquiries.
Bob, overall many thanks for a wonderful trip to the Mara and for all your hard work and dedication in making it a fantastic trip for everyone. I appreciate your attention to detail and the effort you put in to ensure everyone was happy both with the trip and photographic techniques.
I have visited East Africa on several occasions and this was certainly the most memorable. I would have no hesitation in recommending you, so much so that we have already booked for Botswana and Tanzania. Thank you whole-heartedly once again”

Phil Kemp – after “Big Cats of the Masai Mara Safari” – February 2015

“I have just returned from my second back to back trip with Bob to the Masai Mara and once again it was brilliant without exception. The camp facilities are first class, the food on par with the best restaurants and the staff unbelievably helpful and friendly.
As with all wildlife watching it is unpredictable but due to the knowledge and skill of our guides and of course Bob no drive failed to deliver something. Bob once again showed his patience and teaching skill to both beginners and some of us more experienced photographers. I seem to learn something new each time I am with him.”

Richard and Deborah Allen – Big Cats of the Masai Mara – February 2015

“We had a wonderful and very special holiday which we’ll always remember. This was a fantastic trip and our expectations were fully met and exceeded, we had a fabulous time and we will definitely be going again!
Our driver/guide Francis was excellent, it was a pleasure to meet him and to spend time with him. He clearly has tremendous knowledge and was very helpful and good fun. Bob’s support and photo tuition was just right, he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The village and market visit was very enjoyable and we would recommend this optional activity.
Keep up the good work Bob! We loved our first safari holiday. We’ll certainly be booking another holiday with you and Safari Consultants. “