Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2017

As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2017.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.



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 Feedback Testimonials from people who have been on foreign trips

Feedback recevied during 2017

Jeni Bell – After British Wildlife Workshop – October 2017

“I had a great day on this workshop and was made to feel welcome from the start. As a beginner I was very nervous abou t my abilities and even though at some points I felt a little oout of my depth, both yourself and Anne put me at ease and helped me work through it. I came away with some images that I was very pleased with and felt that I had made an improvement in my photography. It was also great to learn so much about the animals we photographing as well.”

Peter Ward – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2017

“This is the third time I’ve been on your Birds of Prey workshop and find them very informative. I am getting better each time I go with fewer soft shots. The venue and the birds are first class and Bob’s tutition on the day is very helpful.”

Garry Chisholm – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2017

“Previously I had shied away somewhat from bird in flight under certain lighting conditions however, with absolute clear instruction and direction from Bob I now feel far more competent to be able to achieve quality images no matter what the lighting conditions are.”

Danny Kidby-Hunter – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – September 2017

“Lots of opportunities to photograph a variety of animals and gain knowledge of the species and learn techniques with the camera.Bob explained some technical info and then for those who were a little unsure/needed additional info/clarity, he stayed after to go over it again in detail. As always Bob’s workshops are brilliant. There’s a great mix of theory and pract ical. You always feel supported and you always learn about the subjects you are photographing which I feel is vital.”

Kevin Hatfield – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – September 2017

“As usual Bob it is a pleasure to spend a day with you photographing wonderful animals in a superb location, I am looking forward to our next workshop with the Fungi which will be a lot slower than the Peregrine. Thanks for a great day.”

Naomi Stolow – After Secret British Mammals Workshop – September 2017

“I loved everything about the workshop! The sunny day was superb for photography and the rain the second day brought challenges, but that made for more interesting photography and in turn more things to learn.
I found you to be a wonderful teacher – you explained things so clearly that I had trouble understanding before. There was a feeling of enthusiasm, with everyone being included and respected.
The only thing I’d say is that it would have been good to have a choice over which animals to spend time with, e.g. for me I’d have spent less time with the polecat and pine martin and more in-depth time with the foxes or cats – to get more unique images. I’m not sure if that would work or not as a group though! Having said that, the time we spent with the animals was great and you didn’t rush us at all (and there were no dramas!)
I’ve recommended the weekend to some people in our local camera club, so I hope they too will book up. I’d do the whole week end again in a heartbeat! I’m feeling good about the images I took.
I’d like to thank you for all you did for us, taught us and encouraged us to do! “

Mike McIlvaney – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2017

“Bob, you are an excellent and gifted teacher. I had a most enjoyable time. Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality. I left with some very pleasing images, very valuable advice which I will now put to use, and fond memories of the charming little mice (about which I now know a lot more). I would very much like to attend more courses in the future.”

Robin Clark – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2017

“My expectations were exceeded. I learned photography stuff I never expected. I learned all about harvest mice. All expectations were they fully met
A fantastic afternoon from the first greeting to our farewells. “

Richard Adams – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2017

“The Content & Delivery far exceeded all expectations. From the moment I arrived (albeit 50mins too early), I was greeted with a smile & a Coffee, which immediately had a calming influence (on this very nervous photographer). Planned to perfection, even having a backup plan for inclement weather if it came to it. Can the workshop be improved? Personally I would say Not. “