Feedback from Talks and Workshops 2019


As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left in 2018.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can be found in the descriptions of these events.



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Feedback received during 2019

David Abel – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – September 2019

“Having been an enthusiast amateur photographer for many, many years and with a half decent DSLR, I reckoned my photography was OK. Within minutes of meeting Bob, over a coffee and an informal chat I was in the ‘learning zone’. Bob was explaining camera settings and techniques of which I have been blissfully ignorant. I am used to back-button-focus but I was now learning settings to improve exposure – all connected with the histogram. Bob has an amazing depth of knowledge and without looking at any of his photographs, you just ‘know’ he is immersed in hands on experience. When you then see his photos, it is a jaw dropping moment. A true master. Bob is the genuine article. We eventually got into the field and commenced photographing the mice. It was wonderful and I returned home with just less than 500 raw images. The harvest workshop is exceptional value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed myself ‘shooting harvest mice’. Upon reflection, the ultimate value for me was the time spent with Bob. He is generous with his time, knowledge and experience. On his return from Safari I want to book a couple of hours with Bob to simply discuss how I can gain more from my camera/s. Thank you Bob – you were correct, the mice are addictive – but so are you! “

Gill Haynes Prog Sec Worcester Camera Club – After Macro Talk – September 2019

“On behalf of our club, many thanks for a fascinating exploration of macro photography. Your explanations of what might have seemed a complex and difficult subject were wonderfully clear and made success in macro a truly achievable goal for all. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation (as I’m sure you gathered) and are very grateful to you for the notes you have made available to club members through the links you have provided. “

Kelven Spratling – After Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2019

“Bob and Ann – wanted to thank you for a tremendous day – again I have walked away with more tips and techniques and some wonderful images. Well done also for managing the rain and the schedule to suit the birds and light.”

Robert Deamer – After Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2019

“Many thanks for a fabulous day on Saturday at the Raptor Workshop. We had a tremendous time photographing the birds and as always I come away from your workshops with some great images and feeling that I have learned something to improve my knowledge of photography. Looking forward to meeting up again soon..”

John Wichall ARPS DPAGB – Hon Sec Ludshott Camera Club after Macro talk – October 2019

“On behalf of Ludshott Photographic Club please accept my thanks for the very entertaining and informative evening you gave us on 7th October. Our members much appreciate the comprehensive coverage of macro photography. As one whose main interest is nature photography, and who over many years has chased a lot of butterflies and knelt on quite a few thistles, I thought I’d tried most equipment used for macro work, but your results with the Canon 65mm lens was an eye-opener. I have used flash, but have not been too impressed with my results, so think I will now have to treat myself to a ring flash. Another of your suggestions that I’ve decided I must try is an extension tube paired with a telephoto lens. I have had reasonable results taking butterflies with a 500mm lenses, but as the minimum focuses distance is about 4m the resulting images need quite heavy cropping, so not ideal. You gave me and I’m sure many others, lots of useful suggestions to improve their maco photography, so once again, many thanks. I hope the applause at the end of the evening conveyed the appreciation that was felt by Ludshott Photographic Club.”

Pat and Andrew Griffin – After Botswana Waterways Safari – October 2019

“A great trip to Botswana thank you. The accommodation and guides were all first class and thanks to them and to Bob there were excellent photo opportunities. Furthermore Bob’s technical knowledge and teaching technique are extremely good and – I hope – may have led to some good customer photos!”

John – after Macro Talk to Ludshott Camera Club – October 2019

“Enjoyed your talk – helped inspire my somewhat flagging enthusiasm in photography and an altogether fascinating & difficult subject.”

Nick Lane – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2019

“What a fantastic afternoon with Bob and Ann I learnt a lot about these fascinating little mice as close up photography . A great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop. Many thanks.”

Becky Robinson – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I was expecting to spend time with the harvest mice to have an opportunity to photograph a species I had never come across in the wild. I met and exceeded these with very helpful, practical advice from knowledgeable hosts, along with a thoroughly enjoyable morning! The opportunity to borrow a lens which was most suited for the subject was a really pleasant surprise!
A fantastic morning in which I learnt loads and came away with some really fantastic pictures! Many thanks “

David Ironbar – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I throughly enjoyed the workshop. Bob and Ann were very welcoming. Bob is so knowledgeable and I throughly enjoyed listening to his advice and experiences about the harvest mice as well as his photography experiences. “

Helen Fennell – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – July 2019

“I wanted to learn some basic techniques for photographing wildlife as I have never tried to do the in earnest before. I wanted a workshop without the pressure of having to produce an award winning level image at the end, which seems to be a trend in photography workshops of late. I find it hard to learn under exam conditions! These were all fully met !
Keep doing what you are doing! Your teaching/coaching styl e is great, never harsh, or rude, and always supportive and with very clear instruction. All this backed up with a brilliant level of technical understating, creative approach and knowledge of the animals.”

Nick Lane – After Secret Mammals Workshop Devon – July 2019

“What a fantastic weekend I learnt a lot and a great venue and good company. great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the course. I would do the course again without thinking.”

Danny Kidby-Hunter – After Owls in Evening Light Workshop – July 2019

“Bob is a great, and extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher, he is passionate about imparting his knowledge to those on his courses, not only on photography, but also the subjects being photographed. I really appreciate this as it is impossible to capture an outstanding image of an animal without understanding it as a species – and even an individual. Bob’s workshops are always much more than a simple ‘how to take photographs’ session. You learn about the wildlife and how to improve your photography all at the same time. This is important to me as the wildlife and the encounter with nature always comes first, the photography comes second and looking at it in this order allows for some great images. I’ve been on a number of Bob’s workshops now and he never fails to teach me something different each time, and every tip is something I implement each time I pick up my camera.”

Karen Tillett – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I was looking to get beautiful Harvest Mice shots. I managed it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was a fantastic day and I will definitely be back as soon as I can. 10/10 I would like to thank Bob and Ann for a perfect day and thank you very much.”

Rick Miller – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“My expectations were more than met. Excellent photo opportunity the mice were brilliant and the tuition first class thanks for the loan of lens and for the help and tips on ways to better use my camera ( the back button focusing is so much easier ). Will probably be booking this workshop again .”

Paul Raynor – After British Wildlife Centre Photo Workshop – July 2019

“Getting close to the animals with minimal obstruction was paramount and the venue and helper (Meg), along with your knowledge and guidance, provided just what was needed. Excellent workshop surpassed expectations. As with other Natures Photos workshops I have attended, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day. “

Rona Bassett – Prog Secretary Bishops Waltham CC – After Digital Workflow Talk – July 2019

“On behalf of the BWPS committee and members thank you for such an interesting and informative evening yesterday. You provided so much practical and doable information about the workflow process in a really interesting and easy to understand format. I will certainly be reviewing my workflow and I now understand more about how lightroom operates from a workflow perspective too. I am sure many of the members will be going back into the webpage to review and follow up on what you presented, I know I have already!
Thank you also for your very generous offer to members on the course discount, I hope you get many more bookings from members.”

John Scholey – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2019

“We were a bit concerned when the Tawny Owl appeared as we have been on several Bird of Prey workshops but after that it was fantastic and I am more than pleased with the images that I obtained during the day. It has been my ambition to put together a calendar of British Mammals and I now have more than enough to cover 12 / 13 months.”

Brian Horton – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2019

“I wanted to improve my focussing technique for wildlife. Despite a tech problem with my camera (diagnosed by Bob!) I was able to workaround with his help, and come home with some special shots of animals I had never seen live.”

Lin Wyles – After Secret Mammals workshop Devon – June 2019

“I expected to see and photograph a wide range of British Mammals as described in the pre-course information and I was not disappointed. There were many highlights but one in particular was sitting in the orchard with the Wild Boar. What a privilege. What stands out for me is the relevance of the pre-shoot information and the guidance and instruction on technical issues and how to get the best out of our cameras. I learnt so much in a very short time and there were ample opportunities to experiment with different camera settings. Successfully sometimes too! Lavinia’s knowledge of the animals in her care was exceptional..”

Peter Jackson – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2019

“Bob and Ann presented us with a superb half day workshop, in a most friendly, but professional way. The whole process was carried out in an easy manner, but with lots of useful information on both the life of the harvest mouse, and how to obtain the best images. Their hospit ality was also so welcoming, and we could not have wanted for anything. I have attended many photographic workshops, but this was by far the best. Thank you Bob and Ann.”

Maria Nixon – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2019

“My expectations were definitely exceeded, I expected it to be difficult to get good photographs of the harvest mice, but there was ample opportunity to take many photographs, with various different foliage.
I would highly recommend this wonderful workshop. I learnt more about my camera and photography and harvest mice. The set up was excellent and every assistance was given where needed. We had left plenty of time to take lots of photographs within a lovely setting. “

Mike Duberry – After Wild Bavaria Trip – May 2019

“What an amazing long weekend with Bob, Ann and Gerhard. Everything went to plan, although the weather tried its best to beat us, rain, snow and sunshine, all of which added to the photography. Superb opportunity to photograph animals such as Brown Bear, Lynx, Wolves and Wild Cats to name buts a few in natural surroundings, with Bob and the team on hand to give tips and advice. The trip was well organised and was enhanced by the fact that everyone was really friendly. Came home smiling with many fantastic photographs and memories.”

Mark Field – After Secret British Mammals – Devon – June 2019

“Bob, Thank you for a great weekend in Devon. I’ve came away with a lot more understanding of not just using the camera but watching and learning about the subject you are shooting. How animals behave etc. I have started to look through my pictures and wow I have some crackers. Please on my thanks to Lavinia, who, I must say, had a great sense of humour.”

Samantha Addis – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

“Our expectations were to learn techniques for taking good photos of raptors and to put those techniques into practice. These were certainly met ! Thank you for such a wonderful day, both myself and my Dad really enjoyed ourselves. We learnt a lot and came away with some photos we’re happy with. Considering our photography skills are at the lower end of the spectrum, I thought you were great teachers with lots of patience!

Allen Dale – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

I had been on the course a few years ago so knew what to expect. But with new equipment my expectations for better pictures was greater. From a personal point of view with only 6 people you were able to spend more time with each. My thanks for your assistance in sorting out my focussing problems, and giving us the opp ortunity to try out “manual” settings, which I’ve always avoided, and the technique for taking pictures against bright backgrounds. It is so much easier having someone there rather than trying to read from manuals, books, magazine articles.”

Roger Brookstein – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – May 2019

“Although I have been on two previous courses you have run, (also raptors) I was pleased to find one particular clarification of camera function that I had not previously appreciated. Numbers were about right and did not interfere with individual attention.”

Patrick Anderson – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – May 2019

“Bob despite 50+ years as a photographer I am always learning Your expert technical knowledge is amazing Yesterday was a really good workshop. Now Just have to edit after over shooting Hope to get to another workshop soon Thanks Patrick “

Charles Broomhead – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2019

“Thanks for a great afternoon, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot both from talking to you and taking the photographs. You were absolutely right about the depth of field issue!
I have given you quite a few recommendations to friends already and shots that I have put on Photocrowd have had multiple ‘loves’.”

Andie R Timms – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“I came with an open mind as the course was a gift from my daughters. But I was aware that my technique and equipment knowledge needed sharpening up, as you can just exist it automatic only mode, and with a little effort, and moving out of ones comfort zone you can do a lot more. I achieved all of this.
I will be on some of your other coures in the future. It has made me look carefully at how to get the best from the kit and the situation you are in, especially with my bird photography. To have a liitle more confidence to experiment and try things out; just delete the rubbish shots! also have just started to venture into using RAW as oposed to jpeg, lets see how it goes!! Thankyou for a brilliant day.”

Scott Bunker – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

“Just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop today. I attended the raptor workshop and already looking to arrange my next outing!
Thank you again to both of you it was a great day, paced well with plenty of variation and changes however familiar enough to put into practice what was kindly taught and discussed.
I am having a great evening now going through all my photos and happy to report I am over the moon as to what I captured with your help.
Look forward to meeting you both again at what I am sure will be another great experience. Thank you. “

Peter Hicks – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“I very much appreciated that you were able to provide individual attention to all participants on the course at a level commensurate with their experience. I found your explanations clear and illuminating and the tips provided highly useful. I had a fantastic and informative day and enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you. “

Hugh Waghorn – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“Pre shoot briefing and attention during workshop first class from Bob. Whilst I did not take part in his lunchtime instruction it was great to see Bob taking time out to explain some of the technicalities of camera operation and settings. Fantastic day all round!!”

Glyn Wade – Programme Secretary Willfield Camera Club – April 2019

“Many thanks for another fantastic evening! I have had excellent feedback already which is great of course. Nice to have everything run so smoothly as well”

Marlane Clarke – After Macro talk Willfield Camera Club – April 2019

“Fab macro talk last night thanks! You certainly do have the gift of good teaching!”

Graham Owen – Programme Secretary Luton and Dunstable Photographic Club – April 2019

“Thank you so much for your presentation last night. I – and the others that I spoke with – loved the format with lots of information, tips and tricks supported with superb photographs. Far better than an image based presentation. One person really liked the inclusion of poor images and what needs to be done to improve them. Also you making available the content of your talk and other information is great! I’ve already downloded it and the gimbal review.”