Recent Feedback from Talks and Workshops


As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work, my workshops and my talks.

Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.

I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.

The following are examples of feedback people have left recently. For older feedback please select appropriate year button below.

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Most recent feedback

Dave Ellis – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2024

Hi Bob and Ann

Great to hear from you and my feedback is simple. It is without doubt the best workshop I have attended as the images I have come away with are fantastic. I learnt so much and I am indebted to you for spending so much time post shoot as I have learnt so much about my camera and how to use it to best effect. It is difficult to think of any negatives and the only suggestion would be to have a bench or seat for someone like myself with a mild disability who can sit for a minute and compose themselves. I enjoyed your teaching style and especially the briefing as this sets the scene and any nuances regarding cameras can be corrected at this stage rather than during the shoot. Overall, a delightful day and I enjoyed both Ann’s and your company and thank you for your hospitality.

I have no doubt I will see you again on another workshop. I have attached four images which have attracted a lot of attention on both Flickr and my social media site.

Best wishes and thank you once again. Dave

Sue Goodwin – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2024

“Dear Bob & Ann

Thank you for such a fabulous afternoon  with your little girls, it was super. I am sure we will be back for another session sometime. Once I have gone through the pictures, I will indeed send them to you.

Kind regards for now SUE X”

Martyn Kellett – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2024

“Hi Bob

Can I firstly thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful day – to be in the company of two such special people was a real treat.

Your dedication to your art, combined with your  unique ( and much appreciated) support meant that today was a session – the likes of which – I’ve never experienced before. I’ll say it for probably the fourth time today ( sorry !) but it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 

I never imagined that I would be afforded the opportunity to spend time and receive personal support from such an incredible photographic specialist such as yourself. 

Thank you for your hospitality and your kind words. A truly fantastic experience indeed. It was perfect, thank you to you both. I’ve attached a few images from today.

Regards  Martyn”

Sarah Gammon – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2024

“Hi Bob and Ann,

What a fabulous afternoon spent yesterday with yourselves and your harvest mice. Such fun. I love experiences that are educational while being fun and memorable and your harvest mice workshop was all three! I will share a picture or two in due course – lots of cropping to do!

Thank you again.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Best Sarah

Helen Wilson – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2024


I thoroughly enjoyed the session and have come away with some images which I am very happy with. I really appreciated your help and found your input on both the mice and also photography/cameras very interesting. I look forward to your talk in November at our club and hope to attend future workshops too. When I have had a chance to process some images I will endeavour to post.

Thank you again to both you and your wife. Kind regards Helen

Bob Gallaugher – After  Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2024

“Hi Bob

Just a short note to say thanks for a great day yesterday. The only downside is having to sort 700 plus images !

Kind regards Bob Gallaugher”

Abby Moule – Northleach Camera Club – After  Macro Talk – April 2024

“Good afternoon Bob and Ann,

I just wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful and animated talk last night about macro photography.
I found it both captivating and fascinating and also refreshing to come out of a talk which doesn’t require a huge outlay in order to pursue the subject in question.
Being able to see the real examples of the kit you discussed was very useful (and very worth your time lugging from club to club I should imagine!)
I found your presentation layout very clear and understandable and you have inspired me (and many others from initial feedback from last night,) to try out your methods and delve deeper into macro photography.

Thank you both for your time, it was an absolute delight to meet a couple so animated and experienced in photography.

I hope we meet again.

Best wishes, Abby Moule”

John Jones – Programme secretary, Northleach Camera Club – After  Macro Talk – April 2024

“Hello Bob,
I hope you and your wife had a good journey home and that you enjoyed your little adventure to Northleach?
We were very much looking forward to your visit and we were not disappointed. I’m pretty sure everyone who attended (even those that don’t take photographs!) will have gained something from your talk and will perhaps try a bit of macro this Summer. The more enthusiastic ones will be investing in extension tubes, which seem so much easier than our bulky macro lenses. It was also good to get the Photoshop information on focus stacking.
I hope also that some of our members will sign up to one or two of your workshops.
Bob, it was a delight to meet you and you really are a most accomplished and amusing speaker.

Very best wishes John

PS We had 24 members (out of 33) there last night which was a new record attendance for us!”

John Gaffney – Secret British Mammals – April 2024

“Hi Bob,

My thanks to you and Ann for the workshop last weekend. I appreciate all the hard work you must have put in, to make it run so smoothly. I honestly can’t think of any improvements you could make. Together you are the most welcoming and considerate workshop hosts I have ever experienced. The photography sessions were perfectly organised and most enjoyable.
I am really looking forward to my trip to Kenya with you next year.
I have attached some of my pictures. The bright sunshine we had all weekend was a challenge, but I am hopeful of some improvements when I have a bit more time to work on them.

Best Regards John”

Suzanne Parsons – Secret British Mammals – April 2024

“Hi Bob, I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a great deal.  Now all I have to do is remember it all!  You are an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable on all things regarding the camera and the animals.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere but at the same time you wanted us to get the best shots we could.  I have been so busy since I returned that I have not had time to study my images but I do know I have quite a few “bum” shots to delete.  It is true what they say about an animal moving faster than the finger can fire the shutter.  I did use pro capture some of the time but it does make my finger ache keeping the shutter half pressed.
As I said to you at the end it is not only the information about how to photograph the animals but all the other things you say about cameras and settings as we go along that makes it a valuable learning experience.
Can you please thank Ann for her welcoming cup of tea and contribution to the success of the workshop.
I do hope you run the events again next year as I would very much like to come again.
Many thanks for an excellent workshop.
Regards, Suzanne”

Marie Philips – British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2024

“Bob and Ann were very approachable and spoke with great clarity. I was able to follow instructions which made sense to me. My images improved by following their advice. I loved the access to the mammals and the great opportunity to create creative images. I loved the day and would truly recommend the course to photographers of all abilities. “

Katz Wizkas – Program Secretary Ashby-de-la-zouch Camera Club – After Macro Talk – March 2024

“Hi Bob and Ann, Thanks for the email and all the info and links as promised. I felt that your presentation yesterday went down extremely well. There was certainly a ‘buzz’ about the hall, and it wasn’t coming from the insects! As Secretary, I do try to mix up the presentations and as you are probably aware, an awful lot are endless photos, but no guidance or relevant information. My aim is to take the members out of their comfort zones and encourage them to consider expanding their photography; your presentation appears to have done just that. Once again my thanks on behalf of the club. Best wishes Ken . “

Malcolm Hupman – Chairman Corby Camera Club – After Macro Talk – November 2023

“Dr. Bob Brind-Surch FRPS gave us an interesting, informative, and comprehensive talk on Macro Photography yesterday evening. Bob was very knowledgeable about his subject that was covered in depth with a few anecdotes thrown into the mix. He not only showed us some of his impressive work but discussed all manner of equipment and lighting. The equipment he brought along was very extensive and covered a very broad range of prices. The theory behind the equipment choices was also well explained. In fact, we were shown everything we would need to achieve good macro and close up images. The talk itself was well balanced and delivered in a friendly, light-hearted way that kept everyone interested. “

Ted Hutchin – After Art of Wildlife Photography Talk – October 2023

“Great session last night in Melton. Just been perusing your website. Some very interesting material. Thank you.”

Ron Fearn – After Smart Shooter Camera Club Talk – October 2023

“Good evening Bob

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for last nights talk.
I have only been attending this camera club for around 6 months but I have been involved with others before.Yours was far and away the best talk that I have ever attended. If there are 2 things that have massively changed my way of thinking and shooting over the years it has been starting using back button focus and the info learned from your talk last night.
Thanks once again for last night and I hope to see you at a future presentation / workshop. “

Ian Moncrieff CBE BA DL – After Secret British Mammals Devon – October 2023

“Good Afternoon Bob, I consider that you met your stated aim comprehensively. I thought that you and Ann organised and ran the event extremely well. You clearly have a good rapport with the Wildlife Centre team and also the nearby B&B owners for the domestic and accomodation support; all of which work really well. I much enjoyed the weekend, which ran at a well-measured pace with a good variety of opportunities to photograph different species in decent background settings. Whilst I am used to heading out for morning and evening light with my oversea trips and largely doing my own thing as well as also working from hides set-ups closer to home, I did like and value the discussions that you ran preceding each different ’stance’ around the naturalist as well as technical approach to each of the different opportunities. I say this because one can always learn something and I recognise the breadth and depth of your expertise in both of these aspects. It is always good to have a reminder on some points to also ponder! The group size also allows you to give time to attendees in a way that covers the range of experiences and differing equipments with which we arrive! I have downloaded all my images but have yet to work through them in earnest, although I am pleased with a good number that I have looked at. In all, I am grateful to you and Ann for an informative and enjoyable weekend that more than met my expectations and I would keep doing what you are doing. As Ever, Ian “

Becky Davies – following British Wildlife Centre – October 2023

“Hi Bob – honest feedback – the day was incredible & I don’t know how or where you’d ever get the chance to start learning how to photograph these wonderful animals in a better, more intimate situation tbh. The size of the group was just right – you were both able to help us when we needed it at all times & the areas never felt overcrowded. I think as much as we were all enthusiastic & super keen, by just after 4 I was physically & mentally just about done, so time wise, this was just right & enough for 1 day. I am now very keen to try a 2-day course closer to home (grateful you are able to come this way as well!) so I can use the second day to try & improve my technique for framing & composition of shots (maybe more help with this could be good, but I appreciate that is something we just have to learn along the way!). Jess was fantastic, patient & very adaptable to us all. All in all, a wonderful day – thank you both so much “

Phil Green – following Harvest Mouse Workshop – September 2023

“Hi Bob, Many thanks for the session on Tuesday afternoon. I really appreciated Ann and your hospitality and thought the informative session before we got going particularly useful. It does not surprise me that you were a teacher in the distant past, because you explain things very well. The time spent over the road photographing the harvest mice flew by and I could not believe the three hour session was over before we knew it. The different backdrops and how they work was really great – benefiting from Graham Clegg’s having been before – with the sunflowers and the apple. Many thanks again”

Brian Redshaw – following Harvest Mouse Workshop – September 2023

“Hello Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the field mice workshop yesterday. I found your briefing at the start very useful and the whole event was simply excellent. You are a helpful and approachable photographer and I like your style. Last night I had a quick scan through the images I took at the workshop and I am pleased with what I shot. I look forward to processing them in due course.

Thank you for a very enjoyable workshop. “

Steve Newcombe – following Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2023

“Hi Bob I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it was very informative and interesting, it was great to photograph the mice. Really enjoyed our conversations throughout the afternoon and will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is interested in learning more about photography. Thanks again Bob for a great afternoon, I’m still sorting through my photos and will let you have some once I’ve done this. Best wishes Steve Newcombe “

Neil Birzulis – following Owls in Evening Light Workshop – August 2023

“Hi to you both just a quick line today what a great day once again with yourselves and those wonderful creatures and brilliant settings and not forgetting the staff please say thank your me if you would I have attached a couple of shots I really like for you to see although I have many from the day. It was good to,see you helping the people who needed the help with cameras and settings, so to me it was a top day with great people. Warmest Regards Neil “

Andrew Carter – following Owls in Evening Light Workshop – August 2023

“Hi Bob, The workshop was a real pleasure, exciting, stimulating and educational. I learned quite a bit about the camera its settings and it limitations, all of which goes into the ‘knowledge store’ for future opportunities. I hadn’t really tried focus tracking with a fast moving bird an a long lens – so I was being a bit too optimistic and as a consequence didn’t nail focus on many – not surprising as I was struggling to keep it in the frame! Practice, practice practice needed. The tip and explanation of the ‘0.96’ was excellent. I’d always tried to avoid and highlight clipping, so was losing a stop on dynamic range, maybe more on noise. Also the tip on ISO setting. I’m going to run some test shots on this. Thanks again, and please pass on my thanks to Ann! Brilliant! Andy”

Pat and Gert Svanberg – following Owls in Evening Light Workshop – August 2023

“Hi Bob, Thank you and Ann. Both Gert and I really enjoyed the day. Was brilliant. You pointed us in the right direction with your numerous tips and I for one learn’t some things that I was not aware of. Your tuition/tips were clear and easy to understand. Not easy to photograph flying birds but hopefully my technique has improved somewhat thanks to you. Keep well both of you. Pat and Gert. “

Derek Irwin – following Owls in Evening Light Workshop – July 2023

“Hi Bob I really enjoyed the workshop the birds were great I learned a lot listening to you so I was trying different settings and I did try panning which I’ve never done before, You can read out of a book but it is never the same as some one being there to ask again I feel that I got a lot out of the workshop and I am sure my photography will get better with practice. Thank you very pleased Derek.”

Mark Sutton – following Special Raptors Workshop – July 2023

“Hi Bob and Anne.Thank you for your workshop at Holdenby, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Also, a big thank you to Jo and Emily the Falconers who made the day extra special. They are both very knowledgeable and made sure each photographer had the opportunity to get the photos they wanted. You were on hand to guide me through the best camera setting for each bird and situation I photographed. I have learnt a few things to help with my photography and I look forward to booking my next workshop soon. Best Wishes Mark “

Steve Montgomery – following Secret British Mammals Workshop – July 2023

“For the second year in a row I had a fantastic time down in Devon with Bob and Ann. This year I saw different animals and, in my opinion, my photography has improved from last year thanks to the guidance from Bob. The centre is great and the animal handler is top notch, if a little sarcastic 😉 . The access we are allowed to the animals is amazing whilst also safe. Bob’s knowledge is second to none and his style of teaching is perfect (if you need to ask do, if you don’t then I’ll leave you to get on with it). The accommodation, should you choose it, is fantastic. Anyone who want’s to get up close and personal with some of the uk’s best wildlife should go on this weekend.”

Liz Peat – following Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2023

“Hi Bob I felt I needed to drop you a line to say a very big thank you for such a wonderful morning today. The information you shared not only gave me a better understanding of how I needed to approach shooting these wonderful little creatures, but I have come home with so many fantastic images that it’s going to be very hard to select which ones to process. There are so many that are worthy candidates. I am one very happy lady. Many thanks again Kind regards Liz”

Ann Blackburn – following Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2023

“Dear Bob and Ann Thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Friday Jim and I had a wonderful time and your knowledge and teaching were amazing. These are a few of my hundreds of images. I will spend many an hour editing the rest of them. The lens you lent me was wonderful and I have asked for a quote for the exchange of lens. Thank you again Hope to see you in October for a 1:1 teaching session Jim will send a few of his images he is also very happy

Best wishes Ann and Jim”

Dave Airston – following talk at Smethwick Camera Club – June 2023

“Hi Bob Thanks very much for a fascinating and thought-provoking lecture last night. Even our friendly Yorkshire man in the audience told me afterwards that yours was the best lecture that he’d experienced for a very long time! It was really refreshing to have an insight into the operation of the digital camera, how the data is captured and stored and the effects of different ISOs. I picked up so much new information but I’m sure that I haven’t retained everything so a copy of your notes would be really helpful please. One thing I will be doing is over exposing by 1 stop this weekend at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb! Thanks again for a great lecture and, as requested, I’ve transferred £158.90 into your bank account.Hope to see you at Smethwick again in the future.

Cheers Dave Airston – Ariston Photographic –

Mr Joseph N Borg – MD,FRCS,MCh(Orth),FRCS(Tr&Orth),CCST Consultant Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgeon Mater Dei Hospital Malta – following British Wildlife Centre  Workshop – June 2023

“Hi Bob It was a great day, I enjoyed every minute of it and surprisingly I still remember quite a bit it was so good I am trmpted to join you on one of the africa trips once I get a bit better thanks so much. It was definitely worth coming over from Malta for. Joe “

Lesley Morris – following British Wildlife Centre  Workshop – May 2023

“Thank you I had a brilliant day. Not only did I get more of an insight into nature photography but I also enjoyed learning more about the animals. It is a great set up at the British Wildlife Centre and Clare was so amenable and knowledgeable about her inmates. Being able to get close up to the animals was an added bonus and it was great that some of them were real poseurs! I have yet to go through my photos but hopefully I’ll have some good ones. It was a joy spending the day with you and Ann and I would definitely recommend you to my photographic friends.”

John Crooks – following British Wildlife Centre  Workshop – May 2023

“Hello Bob I would like to thank you both for a thoroughly enjoyable day at the British Wildlife Centre. Your continued availability to discuss issues and to give suggestions/advice during the whole day together with your expert knowledge of the animals and there history was invaluable. The keeper was so helpful and was able to assist us in obtaining the quality of photographs that can hardly ever be achieved out in the Countryside with chance encounters. I hope to attend another workshop shortly. I have been working on a small selection of the images over the last couple of days and sent some to your email address via WeTransfer and would be grateful for any comments to assist me going forward. Thank you both again and kindest regards,”

Matt Barugh – following British Wildlife Centre  Workshop – May 2023

“I would like to just say that the whole workshop was fantastic. I learnt a lot in terms of photographing various animals whilst on this workshop. The foxes were amazing along with the otters and the stoats. The owls ere a nice surprise as well! I will definitely be doing another few of your workshops. It felt so privileged to be able to get up and close to these species of animals that they have at the British wildlife centre. Can’t recommend it enough. It was great to learn abut the specific metering modes, ISO settings and apertures. I’ll be in touch regarding future workshops.”

Jill Toman – following Secret British Mammals Workshop – April 2023

“Dear Bob and Ann Thank you again so much for such a great weekend. It was lovely to see all the animals and take their photos in a relaxed environment. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience in such pleasant company. All your time, effort and patience was much appreciated. Kind regards Jill “

Alan Fowler – Secretary, Newport Photographic Club (Shropshire)following Taste of Africa talk – March 2023

“Hi Bob, Many thanks for your presentation last night. I enjoyed your presentation, it was well structured and organised with excellent images – and video clips! It is amazing how those short video clips really brought the scene to life – wind in the lions manes, hyenas devouring a carcase etc. An excellent variety of images from across the African continent that you’ve taken over the years. It must be fascinating to watch some of the animals progressing from cubs to adults over a series of your visits. I have had excellent feedback from members. Thanks again!”

Nicky Smith – Guest at Clacton Camera Club following Beyond Auto talk – March 2023

“Dear Bob and Ann.

As ever I found it a pleasure to listen to you Bob.. your knowledge and passion inspire me, and you make it at my level to understand . Love the Pizza 🍕 process that works for me . I have learnt so much from your sessions .you have given me more confidence and understanding to stay with manual but use my camera more effectively. I Will read and Re read your presentations. My Macro lense arrived from mpb today so looking forward to taking some images with that (No spiders though )!! I have chatted to Kate today about dates and we’re so looking forward to seeing you and Ann again. Thank-you again for your Kindness and support . Best wishes Nicky “

Wendy Leech – Programme Secretary Clacton Camera Club following Beyond Auto talk – March 2023

“Hello Bob, this is to formally thank you very much, on behalf of the membership of Clacton Camera Club, for visiting us online on Friday evening and for presenting “Moving Beyond Auto – Taking Back Control of Your Camera”. You delivered your presentation with clarity. The graphics and images really helped demonstrate what you were explaining. I checked with our newest members, who told me that they were looking forward to your presentation, and they found it very helpful. Also, I found the part concerning the histogram, useful. Although I knew about the histogram, and its curves, etc; hearing your explanation on Friday made it clearer as to why it’s best to keep to the right. I shoot on manual all the time, so I will keep a closer eye on the histogram, making sure I can get the exposure right, or at least ensuring there’s enough data there to work on, when post-processing – so thank you very much for a very informative and enjoyable evening.”

Following Macro talk to Retford Photo graphic Society – March 2023

“I’ve just purchased a modest amount of (relatively cheap) macro gear, and thanks to Bob’s fascinating talk I’m sure that I’ve made the right compromises! I understand what’s important and appropriate.

A very entertaining and informative lecture, presented with expert style. “

Andrew and Pat Griffin – Following Big Cats of the Masai Mara Safari – February 2023

“We have just got back from another one of Bob’s trips to the Mara North Conservancy staying at Kicheche Mara camp. We had an excellent time as usual, but this year there seemed to be so many more animals about. As well as the usual plains animals we were privileged to see a giraffe giving birth, so many various cats that we lost count, a bat eared fox family out in the open for quite some time in broad daylight and nocturnal sightings of spring hare, white tailed mongoose and striped hyena. Add to that the usual excellent service from the guides and staff at Kicheche we could not have asked for more. Bob, and of course, Ann looked after us so well that we wanted for nothing; as usual, photographic advice was technically and artistically outstanding. All being well we hope to be on the same trip again next year.

Pat & Andrew “

Kevin Gibbin – Nottingham and Notts Camera Club –  After Smart Shooter Part 3 – Dare to Focus – January 2023

“Thanks Bob, An absolutely first class talk which I have just re-watched on zoom as I found that in the second half there was almost too much information to take in. Thank you so much – I really enjoyed what was one of the best lectures that we have ever had.”

Paul Cook – Programme Sec Sutton Coldfield Photo Club –  After Smart Shooter Part 1 – Beyond Auto talk – January 2023

“Dear Bob. I would like to say a very “Big Thank You” for your wonderful and very technical seminar “Smart Shooting Part One: Beyond Auto Mode Taking Control Of Your Camera” last Friday 20th, January 2023.

All our Committee and Experience Members thought fit was the best presentation ever, regarding all the technical considerations when shooting with Modern Day Cameras. Definitely, a very well-thought-out presentation with a simple explanation to get your points across. In fact, a Brilliant Presentation.

Yes indeed, we all had to look through and refresh our members understanding of the basic operations of our cameras before hitting the hard concepts in the second half of your presentation. Our Former Chairman, Mr Alan McCormick is very experienced in the field was really impressed and now has stepped back to rethink his approach to modify his default method of taking pictures on semi auto and thinking about correctly exposing in difficult situations with the Compensation Dial.

We also, had a Former BBC Camera Man who also remarked on how good your technical content and presentation during your presentation. I have instructed the all our members to return to your website and check out “Tips & Techniques” and download your printable guides for reference.

Thank you for delivering such a polished presentation and inspirational seminar. Definitely, made a huge impact on my outlook on Photography and all the club members that attended your event.”

Tim Pinder – Knowle Camera Club –  After Smart Shooter Part 1 – Beyond Auto talk – January 2023

“Hi Bob. I chaired the Knowle Camera Club zoom talk you gave us this week. It was excellent, and the feedback I’ve had so far has been very positive, thank you.”

Ian Taylor – Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society –  After Smart Shooter Part 3 – Dare to Focus talk – January 2023

“Hello Bob

Thank you for a fantastic explanation of focusing techniques for members of NNPS including myself as I have now got a second hand Canon R3 and is quite different to understand from my DSLR. I am interested in any YouTube videos on setting up the R3 although practising, practising, practising as you suggested is getting me there and I am now removing many frustrations in understanding the menus. However, every little helps including your back button which I use but will use much more now with the obvious statement you made that I had not considered, set the back focus button on servo and take your finger off the button if you don’t want to track. Yes obvious but I had overlooked that aspect with learning the menus first!!
Once again many thanks for all the presentations you have given NNPS, they never stopped talking about the expose to the right of the histogram for months. Maybe the back focus button will be the same. “

Karen Higton – General Secretary Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society –  After Smart Shooter Part 3 – Dare to Focus talk – January 2023

“Hello Bob

Thank you so much for last night, so much useful information and very well presented. As I mentioned last night, I had attempted back button focus several months ago, but like so many before me, failed and gave up too soon. Your talk has inspired me and given me the determination to succeed Wildlife is my passion, albeit small garden birds but I do photograph swans, herons, mallards, cormorants and kingfishers, as I live alongside a local canal. I had been experiencing focus problems in the last few weeks and realised it was my lack of knowledge and not a camera fault, as I had originally thought. Your presentation could not have come at a better time for me as it has made me realise my lack of knowledge on focus was my only enemy. (thankfully not my Nikon) “

Ian Taylor – Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society –  After Smart Shooter Part 3 – Dare to Focus talk – January 2023

“Hello Bob, Thank you for a fantastic explanation of focusing techniques for members of NNPS including myself as I have now got a second hand Canon R3 and is quite different to understand from my DSLR. I am interested in any YouTube videos on setting up the R3 although practising, practising, practising as you suggested is getting me there and I am now removing many frustrations in understanding the menus. However, every little helps including your back button which I use but will use much more now with the obvious statement you made that I had not considered, set the back focus button on servo and take your finger off the button if you don’t want to track. Yes obvious but I had overlooked that aspect with learning the menus first!! Once again many thanks for all the presentations you have given NNPS, they never stopped talking about the expose to the right of the histogram for months. Maybe the back focus button will be the same.”

Stuart Watson – After Smart Shooting Talk to Mid-Somerset Camera Club after Smart Shooter talk –  October 2022

“Dear Bob. Your talk was the best I have seen on photography including photographic shows Having been in education circles for 30 years I have to say that your style and delivery is extremely engaging and any student listening to you would be so inspired!

I have noticed in the past when I’ve taken a ‘wrongly’ over exposed photo then after in post-processing it is often a cracking and unexpected picture, I see why now. “

Tony Ware – After Mana Pools Safari – October 2022

“Hi Bob and Ann, Firstly, for me, that was the best safari of the 5 I have experienced so far!

Being able to get out of the vehicles and walk/be with the wildlife is key. All obviously down to our guides and their knowledge/respect for the wildlife. Not putting the wildlife under pressure is important to me. The wildlife next to the camp was nearly as good as we saw outside. “

John Law – Chairman Mid-Somerset Camera Club after Smart Shooter talk –  October 2022

“‘Just as I thought I understood the basics of digital photography and exposure, through his presentation Bob opened the camera club’s eyes to a higher level understanding of digital sensors, image data and the quality of photography. Delivered with enthusiasm and rigour, Bob explained how to raise our level of our photography by applying specific techniques that maximise our camera’s ability to capture image data. In so doing he was able to justify the title of his talk – ‘Photography – from the ordinary to the extraordinary’. This was a presentation that took our understanding of digital photography to a new level. Thank Bob for a great presentation. John Law Chairman Mid-Somerset Camera Club “

Andy Mitchell – After Owls in evening light workshop – July 2022

“Hi Ann and Bob, Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day yesterday and also to all the team at Icarus. Really was super. I haven’t had chance to look through the images yet (work really is a pain) bit attached are a few very low res images I quickly grabbed to show some friends. Just goes to show that with some top tuition and a judicious use of the Olympus “smidge” button, even I have managed some half decent images.”

Adam Simon – After Owls in evening light workshop – July 2022

“The afternoon and evening Holdenby Raptor photography was a heavenly time – it was my first ever wildlife photography, a present from my children. I loved the venue, the time spent wandering around the beautiful estate, meeting other passionate photographers, comparing notes and learning from Bob, who is a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend it and hope to go on another course one day.”

Vivien Smith – After Secret British Mammals workshop – July 2022

“Hi Bob I thoroughly enjoyed the two day workshop in Devon. The amount of animals we were able to photograph was really great. All the information you gave us was really useful and if we needed help you were there to give advice. The size of the group was good and I think we all got on well together. Thanks for a really interesting and enjoyable weekend. Vivien “

Emma Deadman – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2022

“Good Morning Bob, I hope you and your wife are ok?

I wanted to say thank you so so much for the amazing time I had with the Harvest mouse. It was so amazing and I was as happy just watching them as I was taking the photos. Also I wanted to say how amazing it was that you both made me feel so relaxed and welcomed me into your home for the few hours I was their. I have attached a few photos I took and I don’t edit them because I feel they are not the real thing then. I hope they are ok, but I love them and it has made my year doing this with you. Also thank you for all the help I feel like I have learned so much.”

Roy and Viv Higgins – After Owls in evening light workshop – July 2022

“Hi Bob

Viv and I really enjoyed our day last Thursday. Blessed with great weather and good company. Your tips for photographing each bird were really informative and very useful. Would recommend the workshop to other photographers. Please find attached an image of each bird. For our information, could you send me the names of each species we tried to photograph. All the best Roy “

Susan Atkinson – After Owls in evening light workshop – July 2022

“What a great afternoon/evening I had on the bird of prey in evening light workshop, I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t disappointed, the locations Bob took us to were well thought out to get full use of the light and as I am not a confident photographer when taking birds in flight Bob explained what settings to use and how to get the best out of my camera and as everyone had different makes he made sure he was always there to help everyone. I learned a lot about the birds as well Bob is very knowledgeable about them and Jo the falconer was very helpful with the birds making sure we had good shots. Also a big thanks to Ann who helped me and was very encouraging when I didn’t feel it was going well, and makes a good cup of tea. Bob really wants us to take good photos and he helps us to do that in an enjoyable way, thanks Bob. “

Stephen Montgomery – After Secret British Mammals workshop – July 2022

“I had a brilliant 2 days get close up to some amazing creatures. Bob is happy to share his wealth of photographic knowledge and has improved my skill remarkably. Some of the setups that were used have given me ideas for my own wildlife projects. The weekend we were there was very hot and Bob arranged with the centre to start and finish early so none of us died of heat stroke 🙂 The accommodation that he arranged for us all was really good and Linda, the owner of the B&B, was super attentive and helpful. Both the rooms and the breakfast were lovely. I also have to give a shout-out to Ann (Bob’s other half) for being so friendly, helpful and caring.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go on this or any of Bob’s other workshops again.”

Nigel Lawrence – After Owls in evening light workshop – July 2022

“Hi Bob, thanks for a wonderful owl experience day at Holdenby House on Thursday. I had a fabulous day from the moment I arrived till the time I left ! It’s fair to say I learned more about how to use my camera in one day than in the last 2/3 years, you really were helpful and pointed me in the right direction with simple explanations on how best to use my camera. I think it was worth every penny and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! Your wife was also very helpful and smiling always, nothing was too much trouble for you, and you explained so simply on what to do next and camera settings etc etc. In September when you are back from safari some 1-1 tuition would be very helpful and improve my camera work further 👍 Thanks again for a wonderful day and look forward to the next time, whenever that might be 😀.

Cheers Nigel Lawrence”

Simon Bayliz – After British Wildlife Centre workshop – July 2022

“Hi Bob, The Surrey Wildlife Centre afternoon and evening session was both enjoyable and informative as usual. The weather conspired against the planned evening light, but that can’t be helped. It was still a great session. I took around 1500 images, mostly sharp and all well exposed. Great stuff!”

Dave Koovits – Following Big Cats of the Masai Mara Safari – February 2022

“This holiday was a sudden impulse, offered an opportunity to go on Safari, in Bobs words “one place is available for a male in 4 months time”.

I’ve always wanted to go on Safari, so as you know I went on what I thought would be the holiday of a lifetime. Oh my God, what a holiday. Without doubt the best holiday I’ve ever had, just amazing from the moment I landed in Kenya to the moment I landed back in England. Truly an unbelievable experience, never to be forgotten, so many wonderful memories, beautiful kind friendly people, amazing location, accommodation second to none. As for the wildlife just simply out of this world, breath taking, I could not have wished for more. I still pinch myself about what I’ve seen, the photographs help as I know I took them, me.

Bob uses a specialist company called Safari Consultants to organise everything leading up to the Safari and they were just perfect. There is not one little thing I could complain about, very professional. Everything was on time and there, their organisation worked like clockwork. 100% perfect, from the first contact to this present moment, I’m totally impressed. All the paperwork and advise sheets from them and Bob were spot on. You can see how they and Bob work together hand in glove. A nice touch, the gift of the leather case also the water bottle that was given on safari. I would, without doubt, recommend Bob and Safari Consultants to anyone thinking of going on safari, thinking about it, I actually have already.

What can I say about the camp, beautiful setting, tent if you can call it a tent was fantastic, far beyond my expectations. The main communal tent/marque just outstanding, all the comforts of home, just no television thankfully. The food was once again just brilliant, breakfast out on safari just so good, nobody could ask for more, think of breakfast in the bush, possibly drink of water and bread, oh no everything cereal, cooked food, juices, fruit, tea, coffee. Tables and chairs and a beautiful smiling face serving you. Incredible. Lunch back at camp once again incredible food, cooked to perfection. Everyday different food selection to suit all palettes. Evening meal, well was I at the Ritz, this food was exceptional, once again different food every night, starter, main course, plus a sweet. Cordon blur cooking. Top quality, once again served with a smile.

Ann and Bob, well, just brilliant, the pair are just lovely people and have the patience of a couple of saints. Dedicated to their customers, offering advice and taking time out to assist at every opportunity. This is not a job to them, photography is their passion and helping others improve in their photography and most importantly ensuring that every individual is happy.

Their concern for your welfare and enjoyment is paramount to them, difficult and challenging at times, but somehow, they sail through the day. Almost seems if one person out of 8 has little bad moment they blame themselves as if its their failure, which I can assure you it is not. I can only thank Ann and Bob for so much advise and improving my photography so much, let alone just being so nice and friendly to me.

So all in all, I hope this e-mail lets you know my feelings regarding my holiday in Kenya. As I said Holiday of a lifetime, well no, as I will return with my wife in the near future, so not holiday of a lifetime as I intend on doing it again.

It was, wow wow wow, every second of the day, brilliant, fantastic, amazing.

Kind regards Dave (David Koovits)”

Jeremy Hughes – After British Wildlife Centre workshop – July 2022

“My third visit to the Wildlife centre and as before I was so impressed with the staff and the condition and relative freedom of the animals although some were more keen on relaxation in the heat. It was scheduled to be a session culminating in evening light, it was hot but overcast so no golden light, nevertheless I have managed, with some very useful guidance from Bob to achieve some images I am pleased with. Bob provided a good balance of help and advice as well as humour and enthusiam making it a really good 5 hour session.”

Phil Woolley – After Devon Secret Mammals workshop – July 2022

“Hi Bob and Ann, I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of everyone for an enjoyable two days. We really appreciated all you efforts to help us use our gear more effectively whilst shooting animals we’re never likely to encounter at such close quarters in the wild.”

Simon Rich – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2022

“Hello Bob, Following in from our visit to you yesterday to photography the Harvest Mice. We had such a great time. It was well a structured workshop. Having the information chat beforehand was very informative as well as educational for us both, but still allowed plenty of shooting time.

We have both have had a very quick look at the images we took and both of us very pleased with what we have taken, getting the desired shots we came for which is always a bonus. Thank you very much to you both for all your efforts.

We will be seeing you again I am sure! All the best. Simon “

Tony Lake – After Devon Secret Mammals workshop – June 2022

“It was a great weekend with the opportunity to photograph animals in near realistic surroundings that we wouldn’t normally get a chance to do, which allowed us to focus on the core skills when photographing these and other animals in the real world. It was great to get instruction from Bob (and Ann) on continuing my development as a photographer and continue to think about the different focus methods, backgrounds and what is your style as well as just enjoying photography as hobby.”

Julia Martin – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2022

“Upon arrival, Bob and Ann could not have been more welcoming which was a lovely start to the workshop. I had many wonderful photo opportunities to capture the mice, and it was surprise at just how many images can be taken in two hours!!

Bob has a wealth of experience not just about the mice but wildlife photography in general, and it was fascinating listening to him share his knowledge. I learnt a great deal about Harvest mice, and it was really special to see them at close quarters.

I am very grateful to Bob for being so generous with his time and stepping in on occasions with suggestions for camera settings to help achieve the best results. Bob, your energy and enthusiasm for photography and teaching is amazing, and thank you for going the extra mile to make your workshops so special! “

Peter Cox – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – June 2022

“Hi Bob, I wanted to say a huge Thank you for Your workshop at Holdenby on Monday, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, you were very knowledgeable in photography technique’s, the birds we were photographing and Holdenby itself. The Falconers Jo and Emily were great all day, and the love of the birds were very clear to see.

I was able to learn a few things to help with my photography, and would definitely recommend you to others. I already shared a few of my pictures with my friends that bought me the experience. I will be keeping my eye on your website for other workshops you do in the future.”

Andy Kumaria – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – June 2022

“Hi Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed the Birds of Prey session last monday. It was well-organised and very interesting. I found the guidance and the added snippets of information most useful, as a result of which I managed to take some really good images of the birds. It was impressive to see how quickly you and the team were able to respond and change the plan when the need arose.

Please thank Ann for her help throughout the day. It was well worth the money and I hope to come to another of your day sessions before long. I hope to upload some of my images to your website when I have sorted the 2000+ photos I took on the day ! Best regards Andy Kumaria “

Mark Sutton – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2022

“My wife was having her hair done in the saloon and saw some photos of harvest mice on a customer’s phone. She thought, “wow they look really good” and asked, where had they been taken? “Nature’s Photos” the customer replied. After looking this up on the internet she bought me this workshop for my Christmas present.

On arrival, Bob and Ann were very welcoming, and I felt at ease straight away. There were only 2 participants which allowed plenty of time for us to discuss all things photography and for Bob to explain about the afternoon’s events. The whole process was carried out in a professional and friendly manner. At the beginning of the workshop, we were informed about the harvest mice and that their welfare was of paramount importance to Bob. We had around 2 hours to take photos, which is ample time, I ended up taking around 600 photos. Bob is very knowledgeable about his subjects and photography, and was always happy to provide advice and guidance. I came away with some nice shots, and the whole process exceeded my expectations, if you’re thinking about booking one of Bob’s workshops I would recommend them, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you, Bob and Ann, for a very enjoyable afternoon. It’s amazing what you find out about at the hairdressers!”

Gary Chisholm – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – May 2022

“Even though I have known Bob for some time now, I still learn things from him every time I meet him. What Bob doesn’t know about cameras really isn’t worth knowing at all. The key is in understanding your own camera no matter what the model is and Bob helps you to achieve this in simplistic terms.

The Harvest Mouse workshop is second to none. If you haven’t photographed Harvest Mice before then I urge you to do so because you will find them extremely addictive. I visited with my daughter who is relatively new to photography and this was really her day though I did capture a small selection of images myself. Our selected day was very windy however, this did not detract from the experience at all. If anything, it enhanced the day as key skills were needed to counteract the winds and Bob helped us to achieve this.

Bob’s knowledge of Harvest Mice is incredible and it was a sheer joy learning about these wonderful creatures whilst also having the opportunity to photograph them. I know my daughter has come away with many great images and a significantly improved knowledge of her own camera. “

Andrew Marshall – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – May 2022

“Bob, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I very much enjoyed Tuesday. I learnt quite a bit about taking nature photos, the main thing being to correctly focus on the right bit of their anatomy! I did though end up with a number of photos that I am reasonably happy with. It was a good group and the Centre looked after us well. I hope to join you for another day sometime soon. “

Malcom Neal – Derby City Camera Club – After Art of Wildlife Photography Talk – May 2022

“I was realy pleaed to hear your talk last night. It was very informative and had the right number of images to illustrate the talk. Some speakers drown us in images and say very little about them – not you. The information you imparted was extremely useful and the pictures really illustrated the points you were making. “

Richard Kenny – Rushden and District Photo Soc – Jan 2022

“Well….what an evening we had yesterday! Excellent talk, brilliantly delivered, very widely agreed amongst the members too I’m sure. I have to say that after 40 minutes or so, I thought….where’s Bob going with this? This is all pretty rudimentary stuff…But then I realised you were making sure the foundations were firm for the next level of explanation! I’m sure many attendees thought you were mad at the time (increasing an already high ISO?), and may have been put off by the maths…but I loved it! So the message was loud and clear….shoot to the right! “

Carle Morris – Dawlish and Teignmough CC – After getting of Auto talk – April 2022

“A big, big thank you for one of the best presentations we have seen! My head is spinning with information & I can’t wait to get out with my camera & put your presentation into practice. Your talk was so inspiring & you put everything in such a way that is so much easier to understand. I particularly liked the histogram explanation. I look at them on my camera, think I know what I’m doing but really am clueless! You have helped get rid of the fog (moved my brain right a couple of stops if you like!!) & I’m beginning to see things a little more clearly now. So, thank you once again and I do hope we see you again, preferabley several times…. if possible. 😃 I’ve already cleared it with the Treasurer!! “

Ron Moody – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2022

“An amazing workshop, I had hoped to get some good pictures, but with Bob’s help exceeded my expectations had a brilliant day and got some superb pictures.

Whole session was very well organised, and really good to chat about camera techniques prior to starting this helped me improve my photography with excellent results”

Bob Clowes – After Secret Mammals Workshop – April 2022

“I really enjoyed the weekend and the entire photographic experience. I learnt so much from the “Master” on my first ever photography training workshop.
Bob, you are a great photographer and a truly inspirational teacher. Your advice on using my new camera and the set-up you carried out for me has taken it to a new level.
The link to the youtube is fantastic just what I needed THANK YOU.
You know what they say about behind every great man ……. Ann is an incredible person so warm and welcoming and a supportive photography guide. Goodness knows when I will get all my 5,000 plus images culled and sorted. “

Peter Baker – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2022

“Thanks for today’s great experience Bob. The mice performed as expected but your additional information & advice is invaluable, both for today & future shoots. “

Geoff Spriegel – After Uganda Photo Safari – March 2022

“Dear Bob and Ann,

Just a short message but nonetheless sincere to thank you for all your hard work in organising the wonderful trip to Uganda. I know how much effort you put into everything from the itinerary, accommodation and travel arrangements and this is very much appreciated. Thank you also for your excellent company and spending so much time helping me with the technical issues I brought with me to Uganda. Thank you for your patience! I have some wonderful images.

The trip was tiring, educational, humbling and inspirational – I return with some great memories of the many sights and sounds of this country and its people.

Of course, I may need some help with the editing (!) – but in the meantime, enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Well done and thank you again ! With very kindest regards.  Geoff..”

Peter Watson – Towcester Camera Club – after Camera Club Talk – November 2021

“Just to say how much I enjoyed last night’s talk and how much I learned from it. Understanding how important the right-hand end of the histogram is in terms of the information recorded was a real eye-opener. It has enabled me to identify more clearly some of the reasons why some of my efforts have gone wrong.  Most helpful in what you presented were the comparisons between shots of the same subject with different camera settings. I found that enabled me to grasp much better what you were saying. Much practice now needed to digest what you told us. And I still have to get to grips with the problem of how to deal with strong contrasts in light.”

Jenny Hodd LRPS – Programme Secretary Cambridge Camera Club – after Camera Club Talk – November 2021

“Thank you so much for joining us last evening and for your very informative talk.  You were very generous with your time and with your advice.  Apart from enjoying some remarkable wildlife photography, I’m certain that even the most practised nature photographers learned something from your many tips for success.  Your zoom talk was so well-illustrated that I felt that it was in no way marred by the lack of demonstration equipment.  Your advice on the use of cameras, lenses, tripods and the like was excellent. It was good to see you re-acquainted with a number of former students and heartening to witness the warmth of the conversations both during the break and at the end of the evening. I hope that we shall all remember your 5 x Ps and apply them to all genres of photography in future.”

Jim Gear – after Specialist Raptor Workshop – October 2021

“Thank you Bob. The workshop was excellent and as usual I always learn new things will see you again. Kind regards Jim Gear .”

Robert Pask – after Specialist Raptor Workshop – September  2021

“Thank you for the amazing coaching day. I learned so much. Having trawled through 4500 odd RAW files, I realized I had taken a lot more successful shots than I thought you just need the right teacher to give you the correct technique! Thank you.”

Alex Allen – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – September  2021

“I wanted to say thank you for an incredibly useful day that you both gave me a while back on Saturday 25th September. I picked up some valuable technical knowledge, which as a camera geek was very helpful and appreciated! My photos were amazing (in my opinion!!) although there is always room for improvement. Many thanks again for your time and guidance.”

David Kingstone – after Secret British Mammals workshop – September  2021

“Always around to give advice on your shooting, Bob’s knowledge of a wide ranges of camera’s ensures that no-one is unable to receive the benefit of his experience, and his knowledge of the animals ensures everyone gets a chance to take that great shot. Bob and Ann make everyone feel so welcome, it felt like I was spending a weekend with friends and not a group of strangers on a workshop run by someone I’d never met.”

Julia Morgan – after Secret British Mammals workshop – September  2021

“Your course exceeded my expectations. I also enjoyed the meals and company after the course had finished, this added to the event.I always learn something extra on your course and I enjoy the way you explain things.”

Peter and Lin Wyles – after British Wildlife Centre workshop – September  2021

“The course was excellent and Bob, Ann and Meg were both very helpful. We were particularly keen to see the Scottish wildcats and these were great We also enjoyed the fox, squirrels and otters. The weasels, stoats and polecats were more difficult to photograph over the wall (Devon was easier in this respect). Bob’s pre course documentation was excellent as usual – as w ell as his input on techniques and the current photographic politics!”

Brian Rees – after Sharp Shooting Part 2 talk – Exeter Camera Club – July 2021

“Thank you for your fantastic talk on Thursday. My photography has mainly been in the digital era and I knew that the recommendation was always “expose to the right” but could never understand why. You could not have made the explanation clearer. Thank you!”

After group booking for Secret Mammals Workshop Devon – July 2021

“Hi Bob, I wanted to say what a super three days we have enjoyed in Devon with you and lovely Ann. You have both given our club members a brilliant time and we were all looked after so well. Bob you are not only a lovely gentleman but also a great professional and we all appreciated your information sharing and knowledge of photography, cameras and most importantly, the wonderful mammals that we were privileged to take images of. Ann you have also been helpful, knowledgeable and supportive and a great organizer. You make a very good team.
You both made our group very welcome and I would like to say a very big thank you to you both. Now we have hours of enjoyment sifting through the images on our computer and deleting all the ones that are blurred or missing an ear or tail. I have got a few good images which I am very pleased with, but for me it was fantastic to be in the company of all the animals, I especially enjoyed the beaver on the lake and seeing the whole set up for the project.</br/>Please thank all the staff in Devon for their help and conservation for the future of these animals and the care you give them.”

Hilary Thomas – after Owls in Evening Light Workshop – July 2021

“A very well organised day, with excellent staff and access to the animals being photographed. Unfortunately, I had some issues with my camera, which were dealt with superbly.”

Christine Bluett – after Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2021

“You absolutely met all my expectations. I was looking for access to harvest mice in suitable setting for photography and evidence of welfare of mice being a priority. Small group class and help from photographer on best techniques to produce good images. I wanted to feel comfortable in the workshop and leave with some decent images.
I think you’ve nailed it, I’m struggling to offer any comment on how it could be improved. Only thing I would say, being a short person I sometimes found it difficult to get a good background as I was slightly looking up. But lowering the subject slightly and making use of the turntable definitely helped so this is more of an observation really, it was an excellent experience and you were very welcoming and informative.”

Phil Woolley – after Smart Shooting Talk Exeter Camera Club – July 2021

“Just watched your presentation to Exeter CC, fascinating and I learnt a huge amount. Very well communicated and at just the right level.”

Graham Arnold – after Smart Shooting Talk Exeter Camera Club – July 2021

“Thanks for the brilliant Zoom talk to Exeter CC last night.”

Tina Jarett – after Secret British Wildlife  Workshop – July 2021

“I just wanted to thank you and Ann so much for the workshop this weekend. I’m really pleased to have some good photos but more importantly, I felt I learned so much. The weekend has re-awakened my passion for photography and learning, which had waned during the last year or so.
Your ability to explain things so clearly is fantastic. My camera manual appears to be written in double Dutch to me sometimes! 
I need to put all the theories into practice now for it to become second nature, but I can’t wait to give it all a go. 
The animals, handler and accommodation you recommended all added to make it a great experience.”

Jordan La Roche – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2021

“I went to the British Wildlife Workshop expecting to be able to get up close with the animals and take photos I haven’t been able to get before and to give me a better understanding of how to shoot wildlife photography. My expectations were definitely met as I got some of my favourite wildlife photos, and came back really happy with the results!
I have had the opportunity to photograph and film many different subjects in my life, as I have used a camera for 13 years. However, I have not had a great chance to shoot any wildlife photography and was really happy I chose this workshop to get to give that a go. I had some basic knowledge of wildlife photography, but I feel I came back with much more knowledge and a much better understanding of not only how to take photos of the animals, but I learnt facts about the animals and their habitats, which was really interesting and fun.
Bob and Ann were great hosts for the workshop and I will definitely be booking another course from them in the future.”

Laura Dossett – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2021

“This was my first experience of a photo workshop, having only recently purchased my first camera, and was a total newbie to photographing wildlife. I was not sure about what to expect, but from the well-informed pre-course instructions, I was very excited.
Upon arrival, a very warm and friendly welcome made me feel at ease, and knew that I was in for a great day.
I was blown away with the extent of expertise from Bob and Ann, in both capturing the beautiful wildlife, and their immense knowledge of each individual animal.
Each enclosure felt as true to each animal’s natural environment, making a fantastic natural backdrop. Wildlife is a very big passion of mine, so being in such a wonderful, beautiful environment, and being up close to our incredible animals, was an absolute dream. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and learning about each individual subject.
I have come away with a far greater understanding, appreciation and dedication that goes into capturing our wonderful British wildlife, with very helpful tips and skills, that has got me itching to explore, take more photos, and cherish our wildlife …..a very memorable and special day”

David Able – after Specialist Raptor Workshop – June 2021

“You never fail to meet my expectations, Bob. You exceed them! “

Rob Lane – after Secret British Mammals Workshop – May 2021

“As usual, my expectations were far exceeded. The knowledge gained shows in the improvement from the first shot of the day to the last shot in more trying conditions. I also put it straight into practice on my way home, capturing a great picture of Stonehenge in terrible conditions.

Lavinia was brilliant. She is obviously an amazing animal handler and we all enjoyed the banter you both had which kept us smiling throughout the wet weekend. I made one suggestion on the Pine Marten at the time which worked well. I can’t think of anything else I would have changed. Personally, I wish I had tried a few slow shutter speed shots to capture the rain, but there is always next time!”

Clare Burnett – after Secret British Mammals Workshop – May 2021

“This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. The information provided was very helpful and explained clearly. Any queries were answered in a way so that one felt comfortable asking what might be a basic question in front of the more experienced photographers. The accommodation was extremely well chosen in that it was very clean and comfortable and the meals were so very good indeed. The local pub for evening meals was a delight. Delicious meals and very well priced. Arrangements to take into consideration the current Covid conditions were very well managed. Small details like alternatives for those who did not want tea and coffee throughout the day were appreciated. I am at a loss to think of what could improve this wonderful workshop! Both Bob and Ann made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable and nothing seemed too much trouble to arrange. They gave everyone on the course individual attention and made sure that they could get the very best out of the time photographing the wildlife.”

Geoff Setterfield – Rugely and Armitage Programme Secretary – after Art of Wildlife Photography talk – May 2021

“Bob, just a quick line to say thank you so much for your talk yesterday evening, it was fantastic. Talking with some of the members after they were so full of praise for a talk full of information and presented extremely well.

We would certainly like to book you again for next season. Would the following dates be available please.”

Christopher Toms – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2021

“My expectations for the day were as follows:

1) The opportunity to photograph British mammals that would otherwise be very difficult to find.
2) To learn how to photograph mammals with regards to settings and composition.
3)To bring back at least one photograph that I would be happy with.

These were completely met, I had a brilliant day where both Bob and Ann were friendly and approachable, sharing their knowledge and experience. The British Wildlife Centre was very good offering us the photo opportunities of British mammals that would otherwise be difficult to find. The staff were also friendly and helpful.”

Stella Gould – after British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2021

“My expectation for the day was to capture images of our British wildlife, and my expectations were more than met. I have been going through my images and I am so pleased with them, the surroundings for each animal was natural and all effort was made to ensure coarse participants achieved their goal, but with the animals welfare the top priority at all times, a wonderful day.

I really don’t know if the day can be improved, every effort was made to ensure each participant had support as required to enable them to capture magical images. All Covid guidelines were met but did not interfere with the the running or enjoyment of the workshop. I have also attended two workshops run by Bob on Harvest mice and i can honestly say that i have never been disappointed.”

Charlie Marshall – after Sercret British Mammals Workshop – April 2021

“I had previously attended a work-shop at the British Wildlife Centre and two suggestions from that day made a huge change to the quality of photos coming out of my camera. So I came to this workshop with very high expectations and they were largely met. I learned a lot more about my camera and using more of its focussing capabilities. And I had the opportunity to photograph some amazing animals in beautiful natural settings.

I particularly appreciate, the care and support that Bob provided with finding the accommodation and arranging evening meals on both days that I stayed.

The evening photo session with beavers and the brief introduction to the European Lynx were highlights of the weekend that I will always remember. With both of these, we were given a full briefing of how to get the most out of photographing the subjects in trickier conditions and these really helped me to get pictures that I am very pleased with. I hope that I will have the chance to join another workshop soon.”

Simon Mound – after Sercret British Mammals Workshop – April 2021

“The course was bought for me as a birthday present by my partner so the only expectations for the course that I had were that I would have the opportunity to photograph a selection of British Mammals without the need to track them in the wild and that I would also be able to develop my existing skills in wildlife photography. Both expectations were met I am pleased to say and on reviewing my images once back at home I have certainly learnt some valuable and worthwhile techniques that I will employ on future photography assignments/workshops.”

Glenn Burton – after British Wildlife Centre workshop – April 2021

“The day met my expectations fully. I hoped for a close experience with the animals and some instruction and advice on approaches to photographing them and certainly got that. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt that it was all extremely well-organised and that the special Covid related precautions were all very sensible and well thought through.”

Jo Rickartson – after Harvest Mouse and 1-1 workshop – April 2021

“I thought the course was fantastic and very well delivered and full of excellent information. I have rated 5 in all the areas as 5 for excellent.

A fantastic workshop. Full of such helpful information and very well delivered. Put me at ease with my camera and explained lots of the areas I was having problems with, with my camera. Such incredible animals to photograph and felt an honour to do so. Thank you so much. I had such a lovely afternoon photographing the harvest mice. Warmly welcomed and provided with a wealth of information, I learnt a lot. Thank you for lending me a lens to use and thank you for such brilliant few hours. I would highly recommend and will definitely be back!”

Liz Wilson – after Harvest Mouse workshop – April 2021

“I had such a lovely afternoon photographing the harvest mice. Warmly welcomed and provided with a wealth of information, I learnt a lot. Thank you for lending me a lens to use and thank you for such brilliant few hours. I would highly recommend and will definitely be back!”

Roger Willoughby – Jan 2021

“Talk “From the Ordinary to Extraordinary” Biggleswade camera Club
Thanks for your very detailed talk Bob, it was very helpful. Particularly liked your expression “Exposure Compensation as the 4th Control on your camera”. I’ve used shooting to the right while setup on a tripod for landscapes but not a lot for wildlife. I tried this the next day on wildfowl on a bright day and the outcome was much improved. Also the whole evening totally emphasised the need to do this so with any luck it’s gone into my brain. Also the massive more more colours to the right was enlightening”

Marie Phillips – Kettering and District Photographic Society – Jan 2021

“I was part of our club, KDPS, Zoom presentation of Sharpshooter- turning the ordinary into extraordinary. I thought the presentation clear and interesting, supplemented with amazing images. I surprised myself by understanding it all and was left ‘buzzing’ and wanting to get out and try the new techniques.
A few days later I was able to get out to Barnwell Country Park and got some really good images.
So thank you Bob. I will be booking on a workshop as soon as we are able!!

Dennis Bowden – Chairman Kettering and District Photographic Society after Sharp Shooting talk – Jan 2021

“Hi Bob Many thanks for your excellent presentation last night. The feedback from members was very good and clearly they fully understood your messages.”

Hadrian Moss – Programme secretary Kettering and District Photographic Society after Sharp Shooting talk – Jan 2021

“I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for such an inspiring talk last night. I was riveted from start to finish. Your explanation and graphical representations of where important data is collected by an image sensor has made me reconsider my whole approach to digital photography.!”

Cliff Harvey Bedford Camera Club after Sharp Shooting talk – January 2021

“Just a quick note to tell you how well received you were from your talk to the Bedford Camera Club this past Tuesday evening..! We have our own WhatsApp account for members only, and the positive chatter on it has been non-stop with praise for how much they learned from your inspiring presentation..! Well done to you Bob; we will certainly have you back again with more of your fabulous insight into how to produce the best possible images..! Thanks again for a stellar evening..!” “

Yasmin Pearce – After Specialist Raptor Workshop – October 2020

“My expectations were to take away something new to practice and these were definitely fully met. A brilliant session, very informative and relaxed and in excellent surroundings”

Gill Steyn – After 1-1 and Harvest Mouse session – October 2020

“I had a wonderful day with you and Ann. You were both so welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. I learnt so much from the 1-2-1, things I didn’t even know existed on my camera, which are going to help me so much in progressing my photography. The afternoon with the Harvest Mice was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. They are such amazing little creatures and the techniques you taught me about exposure will be invaluable. Thank you so much!”

David Merrifield – After Secret British Mammals – October 2020

“My expectation was to has some instruction and opportunities to photograph various animals, these were met 100%. I also had the hope of understanding better techniques for focusing accurately on the animals and to get more detail in the photograph which was all dealt with by Bob. I didn’t anticipate to finish the course feeling as confident as I did with being able to nail the focusing and following the animals as I can now with the camera which was truly amazing. Bob also helped me to get my camera setup correctly and explained the settings very clearly. I was also really impressed with the standard of the other course attendees which I think helped to gauge the course at a really good level. The organisation on the days was incredible and I can’t believe how much we managed to do in that time. I would also like to mention the location was superb, the animals were well looked after and the handler clearly cared about the animals and enjoyed her job. “

Diana Richards – After British Wildlife Centre workshop – September 2020

“The actual day certainly exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to be able to get so close to the wildlife and it was so good to have such small groups and individual attention. Nothing was too much trouble.
I can certainly recommend this workshop to others . The level of instruction was first class and there Bob has so much knowledge he is willing to share. He is also able explain technical details in a way that make it easy to understand. I also loved his energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.”

Danny Kidby-Hunter – After Secret British Wildlife workshop – September 2020

“I’ve always wanted to do this workshop but just never been able to due to my availability and cost but so pleased I was finally able to do it this year.
Having already done the British Wildlife Centre workshop I had expected it to be exactly the same as that and half expected I’d be shooting the same animals in similar settings. It was great to have a much more relaxed attitude to the day, spending longer with animals if we wanted. It was great to have the flexibility of 2 days to prevent us rushing and being able to build on new skills and techniques. We photographed a more varied set of animals and the enclosures were fantastic. I hadn’t realised w’d get such a varied itinerary, from photographing right up close to things like foxes within the enclosure, to learning fieldcraft for photographing semi-wild beavers, to macro work with the shrew and harvest mice.
The price is great value for what you get and the tuition and individual attention is second to none. It exceeded my expectations.
Bob always manages to dedicate so much time to individuals and I never fail to come away from one of his workshops having learnt something new. What I really love about Bob’s workshops (over other companies) is he imparts his wealth of knowledge on, not only the photography and technical aspects, but the animals in which you are photographing which is crucial to capture good images of wildlife. I particularly loved photographing the foxes and beavers. I did struggle a little working out interesting compositions when photographing the long eared and little owl. I found it easier on the Birds of Prey workshop where we tried a few different locations to photograph them.”

Sue Kennett – After Secret British Wildlife workshop – September 2020

“This course was simply amazing! It far surpassed our expectations mainly due to the fantastic support and tuition from Bob. There was a great mix of opportunities to practice and develop existing knowledge along side personalised tuition from Bob. We both felt that we learnt so much and really appreciated the extra time that Bob gave us to explain particular concepts. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Sue and David”

David Abel – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – September 2020

“I expected to have superb subject to photograph. I was NOT disappointed. This workshop exceeded my expectations. Fab location, very helpful & friendly keepers, animals you simply fall in love with.
Having you and Ann to answer questions and provide advice is a huge bonus.
Bob, you are the fount of knowledge and it would be amazing to include a get-together the evening before and discuss technical aspects of photography. I would be delighted to pay extra for such an option.”

Julie Whitcombe – After Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – September 2020

“This was my fourth workshop with Bob and I always look forward to learning something new, which he delivers in spades! Another cracking day. I like the fact that Bob never makes you feel daft for asking a question or getting him to re-explain something.”

Martin Griffiths – After Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop – September 2020

“I was aware of your workshop from members of my Camera Club (Droitwich). Having seen other peoples results online I decided I would attend. The workshop was everything I expected and more. I really enjoyed it. I have many images to process which will keep me occupied for a while. I hope to see you again on one of your ot her workshops next year. “

Chrys Tremththanmor – After Specialist Raptor Photo Workshop – September 2020

“Exceeded my expectations – a very enjoyable day. So pleased to have help coming to grips with my Canon R6. It’s just different enough to my previous Canons that I’m still wrestling with it a bit. Plus wildlife photography is still new to me. “

Steven Coomes – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – September 2020

“It was a fantastically enjoyable day, Bobs knowledge of both the subject and photography made the whole experience so interesting. There was ample time to photograph the Harvest Mice, with an in depth explanation of the behaviours of these fascinating little creatures. I would highly recommend anyone to do this workshop, you will not be disappointed by the experience.”

David Abel – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – September 2019

“Having been an enthusiast amateur photographer for many, many years and with a half decent DSLR, I reckoned my photography was OK. Within minutes of meeting Bob, over a coffee and an informal chat I was in the ‘learning zone’. Bob was explaining camera settings and techniques of which I have been blissfully ignorant. I am used to back-button-focus but I was now learning settings to improve exposure – all connected with the histogram. Bob has an amazing depth of knowledge and without looking at any of his photographs, you just ‘know’ he is immersed in hands on experience. When you then see his photos, it is a jaw dropping moment. A true master. Bob is the genuine article. We eventually got into the field and commenced photographing the mice. It was wonderful and I returned home with just less than 500 raw images. The harvest workshop is exceptional value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed myself ‘shooting harvest mice’. Upon reflection, the ultimate value for me was the time spent with Bob. He is generous with his time, knowledge and experience. On his return from Safari I want to book a couple of hours with Bob to simply discuss how I can gain more from my camera/s. Thank you Bob – you were correct, the mice are addictive – but so are you! “

Gill Haynes Prog Sec Worcester Camera Club – After Macro Talk – September 2019

“On behalf of our club, many thanks for a fascinating exploration of macro photography. Your explanations of what might have seemed a complex and difficult subject were wonderfully clear and made success in macro a truly achievable goal for all. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation (as I’m sure you gathered) and are very grateful to you for the notes you have made available to club members through the links you have provided. “

Kelven Spratling – After Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2019

“Bob and Ann – wanted to thank you for a tremendous day – again I have walked away with more tips and techniques and some wonderful images. Well done also for managing the rain and the schedule to suit the birds and light.”

Robert Deamer – After Birds of Prey Workshop – October 2019

“Many thanks for a fabulous day on Saturday at the Raptor Workshop. We had a tremendous time photographing the birds and as always I come away from your workshops with some great images and feeling that I have learned something to improve my knowledge of photography. Looking forward to meeting up again soon..”

John Wichall ARPS DPAGB – Hon Sec Ludshott Camera Club after Macro talk – October 2019

“On behalf of Ludshott Photographic Club please accept my thanks for the very entertaining and informative evening you gave us on 7th October. Our members much appreciate the comprehensive coverage of macro photography. As one whose main interest is nature photography, and who over many years has chased a lot of butterflies and knelt on quite a few thistles, I thought I’d tried most equipment used for macro work, but your results with the Canon 65mm lens was an eye-opener. I have used flash, but have not been too impressed with my results, so think I will now have to treat myself to a ring flash. Another of your suggestions that I’ve decided I must try is an extension tube paired with a telephoto lens. I have had reasonable results taking butterflies with a 500mm lenses, but as the minimum focuses distance is about 4m the resulting images need quite heavy cropping, so not ideal. You gave me and I’m sure many others, lots of useful suggestions to improve their maco photography, so once again, many thanks. I hope the applause at the end of the evening conveyed the appreciation that was felt by Ludshott Photographic Club.”

Pat and Andrew Griffin – After Botswana Waterways Safari – October 2019

“A great trip to Botswana thank you. The accommodation and guides were all first class and thanks to them and to Bob there were excellent photo opportunities. Furthermore Bob’s technical knowledge and teaching technique are extremely good and – I hope – may have led to some good customer photos!”

John – after Macro Talk to Ludshott Camera Club – October 2019

“Enjoyed your talk – helped inspire my somewhat flagging enthusiasm in photography and an altogether fascinating & difficult subject.”

Nick Lane – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – August 2019

“What a fantastic afternoon with Bob and Ann I learnt a lot about these fascinating little mice as close up photography . A great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop. Many thanks.”

Becky Robinson – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I was expecting to spend time with the harvest mice to have an opportunity to photograph a species I had never come across in the wild. I met and exceeded these with very helpful, practical advice from knowledgeable hosts, along with a thoroughly enjoyable morning! The opportunity to borrow a lens which was most suited for the subject was a really pleasant surprise!
A fantastic morning in which I learnt loads and came away with some really fantastic pictures! Many thanks “

David Ironbar – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I throughly enjoyed the workshop. Bob and Ann were very welcoming. Bob is so knowledgeable and I throughly enjoyed listening to his advice and experiences about the harvest mice as well as his photography experiences. “

Helen Fennell – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – July 2019

“I wanted to learn some basic techniques for photographing wildlife as I have never tried to do the in earnest before. I wanted a workshop without the pressure of having to produce an award winning level image at the end, which seems to be a trend in photography workshops of late. I find it hard to learn under exam conditions! These were all fully met !
Keep doing what you are doing! Your teaching/coaching styl e is great, never harsh, or rude, and always supportive and with very clear instruction. All this backed up with a brilliant level of technical understating, creative approach and knowledge of the animals.”

Nick Lane – After Secret Mammals Workshop Devon – July 2019

“What a fantastic weekend I learnt a lot and a great venue and good company. great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the course. I would do the course again without thinking.”

Danny Kidby-Hunter – After Owls in Evening Light Workshop – July 2019

“Bob is a great, and extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher, he is passionate about imparting his knowledge to those on his courses, not only on photography, but also the subjects being photographed. I really appreciate this as it is impossible to capture an outstanding image of an animal without understanding it as a species – and even an individual. Bob’s workshops are always much more than a simple ‘how to take photographs’ session. You learn about the wildlife and how to improve your photography all at the same time. This is important to me as the wildlife and the encounter with nature always comes first, the photography comes second and looking at it in this order allows for some great images. I’ve been on a number of Bob’s workshops now and he never fails to teach me something different each time, and every tip is something I implement each time I pick up my camera.”

Karen Tillett – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“I was looking to get beautiful Harvest Mice shots. I managed it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was a fantastic day and I will definitely be back as soon as I can. 10/10 I would like to thank Bob and Ann for a perfect day and thank you very much.”

Rick Miller – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – July 2019

“My expectations were more than met. Excellent photo opportunity the mice were brilliant and the tuition first class thanks for the loan of lens and for the help and tips on ways to better use my camera ( the back button focusing is so much easier ). Will probably be booking this workshop again .”

Paul Raynor – After British Wildlife Centre Photo Workshop – July 2019

“Getting close to the animals with minimal obstruction was paramount and the venue and helper (Meg), along with your knowledge and guidance, provided just what was needed. Excellent workshop surpassed expectations. As with other Natures Photos workshops I have attended, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day. “

Rona Bassett – Prog Secretary Bishops Waltham CC – After Digital Workflow Talk – July 2019

“On behalf of the BWPS committee and members thank you for such an interesting and informative evening yesterday. You provided so much practical and doable information about the workflow process in a really interesting and easy to understand format. I will certainly be reviewing my workflow and I now understand more about how lightroom operates from a workflow perspective too. I am sure many of the members will be going back into the webpage to review and follow up on what you presented, I know I have already!
Thank you also for your very generous offer to members on the course discount, I hope you get many more bookings from members.”

John Scholey – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2019

“We were a bit concerned when the Tawny Owl appeared as we have been on several Bird of Prey workshops but after that it was fantastic and I am more than pleased with the images that I obtained during the day. It has been my ambition to put together a calendar of British Mammals and I now have more than enough to cover 12 / 13 months.”

Brian Horton – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – June 2019

“I wanted to improve my focussing technique for wildlife. Despite a tech problem with my camera (diagnosed by Bob!) I was able to workaround with his help, and come home with some special shots of animals I had never seen live.”

Lin Wyles – After Secret Mammals workshop Devon – June 2019

“I expected to see and photograph a wide range of British Mammals as described in the pre-course information and I was not disappointed. There were many highlights but one in particular was sitting in the orchard with the Wild Boar. What a privilege. What stands out for me is the relevance of the pre-shoot information and the guidance and instruction on technical issues and how to get the best out of our cameras. I learnt so much in a very short time and there were ample opportunities to experiment with different camera settings. Successfully sometimes too! Lavinia’s knowledge of the animals in her care was exceptional..”

Peter Jackson – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2019

“Bob and Ann presented us with a superb half day workshop, in a most friendly, but professional way. The whole process was carried out in an easy manner, but with lots of useful information on both the life of the harvest mouse, and how to obtain the best images. Their hospit ality was also so welcoming, and we could not have wanted for anything. I have attended many photographic workshops, but this was by far the best. Thank you Bob and Ann.”

Maria Nixon – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – June 2019

“My expectations were definitely exceeded, I expected it to be difficult to get good photographs of the harvest mice, but there was ample opportunity to take many photographs, with various different foliage.
I would highly recommend this wonderful workshop. I learnt more about my camera and photography and harvest mice. The set up was excellent and every assistance was given where needed. We had left plenty of time to take lots of photographs within a lovely setting. “

Mike Duberry – After Wild Bavaria Trip – May 2019

“What an amazing long weekend with Bob, Ann and Gerhard. Everything went to plan, although the weather tried its best to beat us, rain, snow and sunshine, all of which added to the photography. Superb opportunity to photograph animals such as Brown Bear, Lynx, Wolves and Wild Cats to name buts a few in natural surroundings, with Bob and the team on hand to give tips and advice. The trip was well organised and was enhanced by the fact that everyone was really friendly. Came home smiling with many fantastic photographs and memories.”

Mark Field – After Secret British Mammals – Devon – June 2019

“Bob, Thank you for a great weekend in Devon. I’ve came away with a lot more understanding of not just using the camera but watching and learning about the subject you are shooting. How animals behave etc. I have started to look through my pictures and wow I have some crackers. Please on my thanks to Lavinia, who, I must say, had a great sense of humour.”

Samantha Addis – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

“Our expectations were to learn techniques for taking good photos of raptors and to put those techniques into practice. These were certainly met ! Thank you for such a wonderful day, both myself and my Dad really enjoyed ourselves. We learnt a lot and came away with some photos we’re happy with. Considering our photography skills are at the lower end of the spectrum, I thought you were great teachers with lots of patience!

Allen Dale – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

I had been on the course a few years ago so knew what to expect. But with new equipment my expectations for better pictures was greater. From a personal point of view with only 6 people you were able to spend more time with each. My thanks for your assistance in sorting out my focussing problems, and giving us the opp ortunity to try out “manual” settings, which I’ve always avoided, and the technique for taking pictures against bright backgrounds. It is so much easier having someone there rather than trying to read from manuals, books, magazine articles.”

Roger Brookstein – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – May 2019

“Although I have been on two previous courses you have run, (also raptors) I was pleased to find one particular clarification of camera function that I had not previously appreciated. Numbers were about right and did not interfere with individual attention.”

Patrick Anderson – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – May 2019

“Bob despite 50+ years as a photographer I am always learning Your expert technical knowledge is amazing Yesterday was a really good workshop. Now Just have to edit after over shooting Hope to get to another workshop soon Thanks Patrick “

Charles Broomhead – After Harvest Mouse Workshop – April 2019

“Thanks for a great afternoon, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot both from talking to you and taking the photographs. You were absolutely right about the depth of field issue!
I have given you quite a few recommendations to friends already and shots that I have put on Photocrowd have had multiple ‘loves’.”

Andie R Timms – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“I came with an open mind as the course was a gift from my daughters. But I was aware that my technique and equipment knowledge needed sharpening up, as you can just exist it automatic only mode, and with a little effort, and moving out of ones comfort zone you can do a lot more. I achieved all of this.
I will be on some of your other coures in the future. It has made me look carefully at how to get the best from the kit and the situation you are in, especially with my bird photography. To have a liitle more confidence to experiment and try things out; just delete the rubbish shots! also have just started to venture into using RAW as oposed to jpeg, lets see how it goes!! Thankyou for a brilliant day.”

Scott Bunker – After Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop – May 2019

“Just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop today. I attended the raptor workshop and already looking to arrange my next outing!
Thank you again to both of you it was a great day, paced well with plenty of variation and changes however familiar enough to put into practice what was kindly taught and discussed.
I am having a great evening now going through all my photos and happy to report I am over the moon as to what I captured with your help.
Look forward to meeting you both again at what I am sure will be another great experience. Thank you. “

Peter Hicks – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“I very much appreciated that you were able to provide individual attention to all participants on the course at a level commensurate with their experience. I found your explanations clear and illuminating and the tips provided highly useful. I had a fantastic and informative day and enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you. “

Hugh Waghorn – After British Wildlife Centre Workshop – April 2019

“Pre shoot briefing and attention during workshop first class from Bob. Whilst I did not take part in his lunchtime instruction it was great to see Bob taking time out to explain some of the technicalities of camera operation and settings. Fantastic day all round!!”

Glyn Wade – Programme Secretary Willfield Camera Club – April 2019

“Many thanks for another fantastic evening! I have had excellent feedback already which is great of course. Nice to have everything run so smoothly as well”

Marlane Clarke – After Macro talk Willfield Camera Club – April 2019

“Fab macro talk last night thanks! You certainly do have the gift of good teaching!”

Graham Owen – Programme Secretary Luton and Dunstable Photographic Club – April 2019

“Thank you so much for your presentation last night. I – and the others that I spoke with – loved the format with lots of information, tips and tricks supported with superb photographs. Far better than an image based presentation. One person really liked the inclusion of poor images and what needs to be done to improve them. Also you making available the content of your talk and other information is great! I’ve already downloded it and the gimbal review.”