Carnivorous Plants Workshop – Guests Feedback
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Carnivorous Plants Workshop.

Carnivorous plants are a fantastic and fascinating subject for the keen macro photographer. This is a unique workshop offered nowhere else and aimed at the keen nature photographer who wants to try something different. To really appreciate and capture an image of these small delicate plants you have to get very close and thus they are ideal subjects for macro work.

I have nearly 40 years of experience of macro photography and regularly give talks on the subject to camera clubs and other interested groups. I have teamed up with Andy Wilkinson the owner of Triffid Nurseries one of the country’s premier growers and breeders of these fascinating plants. He has the largest range of carnivorous plants available anywhere in the UK and with his help I am now able to offer the unique opportunity of almost unrestricted access to photograph a very wide range of superb specimens.

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Feed back received from attendees of the Carnivorous Plants Workshop.

Doug Harbour – July 2018

“With no particular interest in carniverous plants, but plenty of interest in macro photography, I found this a very interesting workshop. I had 4 pieces of kit (a macro lens – used a little, a remote shutter release – used a little, a rack for my tripod and a loupe for the lcd on my slr – both never used). Bob gave me comprehensive help on setting uo the rack to get sufficient images to stack for good depth of field. Bob is a great communicator and encourager, and i thoroughly enjoyed the day”

Kate Shaw – August 2015

“I attended this workshop to understand macro photography better and to take interesting shots of the plants as well as understanding a little about how the plants live. Bob, as always, was very attentive and gave clear information and guidance about the complex area of macro photography throughout the day. I very much appreciated being able to try out specialised equipment during the day: the sliding rail, extension tubes, clamps, stands and lights as well as the very useful black backdrop (a white one might also might be helpful for some shots).
Bob very kindly ran a series of shots I took for a ‘focus stacking’ image through his laptop software so that I could see the end result.
This course is a little more expensive than some of Bob’s other workshops but it is worth it because each individual receives more support and time from Bob, which for this specialised area of photography is well worth it. Thank you for a great day! “

Linda Wilson – August 2015

“This workshop more than met all my expectations. I had expected that the subjects would be in some kind of display that we would have to work around. Being able to move the plants into a position to suit what we wanted to do was more than I had hoped for. The variety and number of plants was also awesome.”

Jane Stanley – August 2015

“Under your guidance I came away much more confident using my macro lens. I also gained an understanding of extension tubes and appreciated being able to use yours on the day, aswell as your more sturdy tripod and see and use your more specialist lens. I really enjoyed the day and was grateful for all the advice you gave me it was good to have the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and very interesting setting having the advantage of your skills and experience almost one to one and not least, your patience! I knew as soon as I had a macro lens you would be the best person to learn from having heard very good reviews of your workshops from other Maidenhead CC members.”

Jonathan Copelin – August 2014

“I set out to learn techniques in macro photography to improve the quality of the photos I take and certainly managed that with all my expectations being fulfilled. These included the opportunity to use other equipment to know what lenses or accessories make the most difference and to have the opportunity to photograph a wide range of unusual plant subjects.
I was pretty excited to be on the workshop and also at Triffid Nurseries, so I took the opportunity to use some extension tubes and macro lenses to photograph pygmy sundews, cephalotus and pinguicula etc. “

Steve & Angie Lobley – Carnivorous Plant Workshop – June 2013

“My aim on this workshop was to better understand Macro photography, uses of different lenses and lens extenders plus lighting either by studio or camera flash. Another key factor was gaining some knowledge of focus stacking and how to achieve this correctly. With Bob’s guidance I fully achieved this and I have come away with a much better understanding of macro and photography in general. From the moment of our welcome by Bob and Andy (our host at the nursery) the atmosphere was very relaxed and informal. This was a win win course, the introduction to the world of these amazing plants and there diversity enthralled, excited and challenged me to seek to do the plants justice. “

Barry Chambers

“Bob. I was hoping to get some practical experience of focus stacking, and that is exactly what we did. Good practical hands on teaching. Just right. An enjoyable day in good company. What more can you ask. I had one specific task in mind, and that was met.”

Diana Gamble

“Bob. The location for the carnivorous plant workshop is wonderful and I was fascinated to see all the different shapes and colours of the plants as well as hear about their methods of survival and habitat from the expert, Andy. The plants made a superb macro subject and, coupled with your expertise and technical help as well as all the equipment you made available, it was an excellent day which I would recommend to anyone”

John Dawson

“Bob. As a beginner to macro I wanted advice on types of lighting, lenses and other useful equipment. My interest in carnivorous plants influenced me in choosing this workshop and I was able to photograph most of the large selection of subjects available. A great workshop where all my expectations were fully met thankyou.”

Angelina Romany

“Bob, just a quick note to thank you for the workshop today. I have always felt macro was too complex for me and the equipment would be far too expensive. I now know different and am looking forward to experimenting for myself. I will be ordering some extension tubes from Warehouse Express at the weekend. Your coaching was superb and encouragement was really appreciated as was the loan of you extension tubes – you were so patient with all of us. I must also say I did also enjoy using the extreme Macro lens you had but it is completely outside my reach at the moment. I have signed up to your mailing list please keep me informed of future trips you run. I will be a regular attender !”