Dragonflies Workshop – Guests Feedback
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Dragonfly Workshop.

This unique workshop is offered nowhere else. It is being run jointly with the British Dragonfly Society at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire http://www.british-dragonflies.org.uk/. With nearly 40 years’ experience as a wildlife and macro photographer I will provide the photographic tuition and they will work with us helping us to find subjects to photograph, assisting with identification and providing background information and on these fascinating insects.

The day starts with an introduction to Dragonflies from the British Dragonfly Society team and I provide a practical introduction to the photographic techniques. The majority of the day is then spent photographing dragonflies and damselflies in the reserve as well as larvae in tanks in the classroom base. Group size will be kept to a minimum so that I can provide individual or small group tuition as required and in the field and the British Dragonfly Society team can work with individuals.

This is a very special workshop with unique opportunities to learn how to photograph a demanding subject, take some stunning photographs and learn more about these mesmeric creatures.

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Feed back received from attendees of the Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop.

John Sanderson – July 2019

“I thought the workshop was very good and well structured. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Having expertise on hand to suggest camera settings and to describe the dragonflies and their life cycle was excellent. Also to have someone on hand to identify the dragonflies as we saw them was useful (as is the crib sheet on names provided afterwards)”

Jenny Spencer-Jones – July 2016

“My expectations were to learn about how to photograph dragonflies in the field. I wanted to improve my photographic techniques and learn more about dragonflies and damselflies. Both aspects were met. It was brilliant having individual advice from Bob as well as lots of helpful tips and information within the group conversations. Bob’s way of explaining things was great, explaining the science behind his teaching suddenly made it make sense! I have techniques to master at home whi ch is great and exciting!. It was also fantastic to have the expertise of Gerry to teach us all about all the dragonflies we saw and he was amazing with his knowledge. What an excellent day, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot, altogether brilliant, thank you.”

Jim Slade – July 2014

“As it was booked as a present for my son in law, I was keen that he should enjoy it as much as I knew that I would. His comments to me at the end of the workshop suggested that he had. For me, the venue was excellent, your intro comprehensive and the help from you and Gerry made it an altogether excellent day’s photography. Diana’s contribution was the icing on the cake!”

Alistair Webb – July 2014

“I had two main expectations for this workshop. To understand more about dragonflies and their lifecycle and to understand more about the use of extension tubes. Both were fully met. It was an excellent day with plenty of opportunity to take photographs and having such knowledgeable leaders on hand was invaluable.”

Lynn Griffiths – July 2014

“As always I’m looking to pick up new skills and this was my first opportunity to try my extension tubes. I learnt more about my camera and extension tubes but I also learnt a great deal about Dragonflies and Damselflies. The fact that a BDS member is with us is invaluable. To have a subject expert I found really useful. Great Day”

Dave Cromack – June 2014

“Obviously the weather conditions, cool overcast and slightly breezy, were against us but I wasn’t looking for this workshop to be just a one day experience. I intend to carry the information gained forward into my own fieldwork. Whilst “insects on a stick” were the order of the day my aim is to capture these creatures in flight and I think I came away with sufficient additional information to help achieve that aim. Good advice from Bob on the technical/photographic side and Jerry, as the dragonfly expert, did an excellent job as well. “

Glynne Harris – June 2014

“Even though the day was a little overcast and the dragonflies difficult to find the advice was first class and the natural history a great help so plenty of things to take away and put into practice”

Graham Clegg – July 2013

“Bob Thanks for the dragonfly session the other day. It was an excellent day that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks too for the intro to focus stacking.”

Lynda Porter

“Thanks Bob, I attended hoping to find out more about dragonflies in terms of their life cycle and opportunities for photography. I managed all this whilst learning the important skills required to achieve good photographs and had an opportunity to put them into practice. Your help and that of Jerry was invaluable and I can’t wait to do it all again. I have yet to look at my photos but am sure that there will be some little gems!”

Richard Huckle

“Bob supplied information on techniques that are only best demonstrated and then put into practice in the field. As such, books and magazines only go so far and a day at Bob’s workshop certainly opened my eyes to new ways (and better ways) of capturing images. Coupled to Gerry’s in-depth knowledge of the subject area it made for a very informative and entertaining day. I will certainly get more out of taking pictures of dragonflies from now on. “

Craig Murray

“Hi Bob. It was a great pleasure to experience a photographic course where the host was as enthusiastic as the photographers attending. Not only did I learn how to photograph this subject matter from an obvious expert in this field, it was an added bonus that he was such good company and so approachable also.
The local expert (Henry Curry) was an engaging personality, you suspect that he knows just about anything to do with Wicken Fen, and the flora and fauna of the area. To have him on tap throughout the day was very welcome.”

Steve Betterworth

“Bob I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for today’s workshop on photographing dragonflies. The venue was superb, you have clearly done your research. What was equally obvious and appreciated was that you really knew your subject, both photography and dragonflies, and how to convey it to a novice! I have come home with some stunning photographs and have already bored the family ! I will be off to our local water meadows as soon as I can to try to get some more shots.”