Specialist 1-1 Workshops – Guests Feedback
I am always interested to receive and share feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to this Workshop.
I have always offered individual tuition but in 2019 I started to offer a range of “one to one” or “one to two” workshops for those who wanted to explore particular aspects of photography or their re cameras.  These are very popular and can be tailored to suit the individual.
The following is a selection of feedback from those who have attended these workshops.

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Feed back received from attendees of Specialist 1-1 Workshops.

Jo Rickartson – April 2021

“I thought the course was fantastic and very well delivered and full of excellent information. I have rated 5 in all the areas as 5 for excellent.

A fantastic workshop. Full of such helpful information and very well delivered. Put me at ease with my camera and explained lots of the areas I was having problems with, with my camera. Such incredible animals to photograph and felt an honour to do so. Thank you so much. I had such a lovely afternoon photographing the harvest mice. Warmly welcomed and provided with a wealth of information, I learnt a lot. Thank you for lending me a lens to use and thank you for such brilliant few hours. I would highly recommend and will definitely be back!”