Owls and other Birds of Prey in Evening Light Workshop – Guests Feedback
This unique workshop is held at a raptor centre in North Northamptonshire where the birds are trained and actively used for hunting so are in excellent condition, very keen and very fit. Unlike many other centres and because these are working birds many are kept with the minimum of equipment making semi natural shots all the easier and much more realistic.

I run a number of workshops here but this one is particularly targeted at birds of prey and especially owls in the golden evening light of the summer months.

As your wildlife photographer guide I will be on hand all day to assist by explaining relevant techniques, camera settings etc. to help you to master the lighting and composition for static shots or the more complex focusing and tracking techniques required for successful flight shots. 

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Feed back received from attendees of the Owls and other Birds of Prey in Evening Light Workshop.

Neil Birzulis – August 2023

“Hi to you both just a quick line today what a great day once again with yourselves and those wonderful creatures and brilliant settings and not forgetting the staff please say thank your me if you would I have attached a couple of shots I really like for you to see although I have many from the day. It was good to,see you helping the people who needed the help with cameras and settings, so to me it was a top day with great people. Warmest Regards Neil “

Andrew Carter – August 2023

“Hi Bob, The workshop was a real pleasure, exciting, stimulating and educational. I learned quite a bit about the camera its settings and it limitations, all of which goes into the ‘knowledge store’ for future opportunities. I hadn’t really tried focus tracking with a fast moving bird an a long lens – so I was being a bit too optimistic and as a consequence didn’t nail focus on many – not surprising as I was struggling to keep it in the frame! Practice, practice practice needed. The tip and explanation of the ‘0.96’ was excellent. I’d always tried to avoid and highlight clipping, so was losing a stop on dynamic range, maybe more on noise. Also the tip on ISO setting. I’m going to run some test shots on this. Thanks again, and please pass on my thanks to Ann! Brilliant! Andy”

Pat and Gert Svanberg – August 2023

“Hi Bob, Thank you and Ann. Both Gert and I really enjoyed the day. Was brilliant. You pointed us in the right direction with your numerous tips and I for one learn’t some things that I was not aware of. Your tuition/tips were clear and easy to understand. Not easy to photograph flying birds but hopefully my technique has improved somewhat thanks to you. Keep well both of you. Pat and Gert. “

Derek Irwin – July 2023

“Hi Bob I really enjoyed the workshop the birds were great I learned a lot listening to you so I was trying different settings and I did try panning which I’ve never done before, You can read out of a book but it is never the same as some one being there to ask again I feel that I got a lot out of the workshop and I am sure my photography will get better with practice. Thank you very pleased Derek.”

Andy Mitchell – July 2022

“Hi Ann and Bob, Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day yesterday and also to all the team at Icarus. Really was super. I haven’t had chance to look through the images yet (work really is a pain) bit attached are a few very low res images I quickly grabbed to show some friends. Just goes to show that with some top tuition and a judicious use of the Olympus “smidge” button, even I have managed some half decent images.”

Adam Simon – July 2022

“The afternoon and evening Holdenby Raptor photography was a heavenly time – it was my first ever wildlife photography, a present from my children. I loved the venue, the time spent wandering around the beautiful estate, meeting other passionate photographers, comparing notes and learning from Bob, who is a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend it and hope to go on another course one day.”

Nigel Lawrence – July 2022

“Hi Bob, thanks for a wonderful owl experience day at Holdenby House on Thursday. I had a fabulous day from the moment I arrived till the time I left ! It’s fair to say I learned more about how to use my camera in one day than in the last 2/3 years, you really were helpful and pointed me in the right direction with simple explanations on how best to use my camera. I think it was worth every penny and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! Your wife was also very helpful and smiling always, nothing was too much trouble for you, and you explained so simply on what to do next and camera settings etc etc. In September when you are back from safari some 1-1 tuition would be very helpful and improve my camera work further 👍 Thanks again for a wonderful day and look forward to the next time, whenever that might be 😀.

Cheers Nigel Lawrence”

Hilary Thomas – July 2021

“A very well organised day, with excellent staff and access to the animals being photographed. Unfortunately, I had some issues with my camera, which were dealt with superbly.”

Dean Dunkey – July 2019

“The day was unbelievable, plenty birds plenty opportunity to photo in variety of poses locations all well thought out well done to the team and all involved. You could tell birds well looked after and not miss treated so a pleasure to work with. It ticked all the boxes. What a great day ticked all the boxes for me no complaints you and Ann and all the staff went that little bit extra well done to you all and a big thank you and a well done “

Danny Kidby-Hunter – July 2019

“Bob is a great, and extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher, he is passionate about imparting his knowledge to those on his courses, not only on photography, but also the subjects being photographed. I really appreciate this as it is impossible to capture an outstanding image of an animal without understanding it as a species – and even an individual. Bob’s workshops are always much more than a simple ‘how to take photographs’ session. You learn about the wildlife and how to improve your photography all at the same time. This is important to me as the wildlife and the encounter with nature always comes first, the photography comes second and looking at it in this order allows for some great images. I’ve been on a number of Bob’s workshops now and he never fails to teach me something different each time, and every tip is something I implement each time I pick up my camera.”

Philip Adair – July 2018

“For me, my photography is very hit and miss at the moment. As soon as I start getting into it I end up pausing and then have to work up again, so I want to do more workshops and get the practice in with support. The workshop did this but so, so much more, to have the ability to get so close to such wonderful birds in such a setting is brilliant. To have your support is always really great and appreciated.
Good to meet up and a great workshop – really good team, fellow photographers and Jo, the Falconer was brilliant! Everyone did whatever they could to make sure everyone got something from it. Beautiful birds in a great setting – a perfect day. “

Lloyd Moore – July 2017

“This is the second workshop that I have attended with Bob and, as usual, he was totally professional, welcoming and with a breadth of knowledge that he is willing to share. I learnt much about my camera that has helped my wildlife photography no end; it is amazing how small bits of advice can transform your hit rate. I am delighted with the results. A genuinely nice man and a thoroughly enjoyable day out. Looking forward to the next one.”

Naomi Saul – July 2017

“Fabulous Day – my expectation for good lighting was certainly fully met!!! Absolutley loved the way you ensured we saw the approporiate birds in the best available places and lighting. Thank you so much for all your time and effort – as ever – I shall certainly want to come back again next year for evening light if you run this workshop again. “

Sue Totham – July 2017

“I wanted to expand my ability to take moving objects and flying birds seemed like an excellent way of doing it. I’ve been to falconry centers before and never come away with anything worth showing to anyone. On first glance through my images from yesterday I have a few good ones of flying birds and many really good static birds.
As with all your workshops the location was fantastic and the staff were knowledgeable and very friendly. The day met all my expectations, I really enjoyed it. Many thanks”