Secret British Mammals Workshop Devon – Guests Feedback
I am always interested to receive and share feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to this Workshop.

Having spent many years studying and attempting to photograph British mammals I know first-hand exactly how difficult this can be as most of our native species are extremely secretive and some even nocturnal.

I am therefore thrilled to offer this opportunity to use a private wildlife collection in Devon as the setting for a 2 day workshop/safari. With over 16 years’ experience working with wildlife film makers and photographers the owner has created a series of purpose built photographic and film sets where we can photograph an excellent collection of captive British mammals. This two day workshop provides an unparalleled opportunity to photograph a broad range of British mammals with relative ease and in highly realistic and landscaped surroundings. We have unrestricted access to photograph most species including large mammals such as foxes, wild boar, various deer, wildcat, pine martin, polecat, stoats and we photograph small mammals in specially designed sets. These include species such as the rare water vole and equally rare water shrew. We have the centre to ourselves and privileged access into the pens with some of the animals so there will be no barriers or wire obscuring your view! You will come home with stunning photographs that would be extremely difficult in the wild, will have improved your photographic technique and learnt a great deal more about your camera and the wildlife.

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Feed back received from attendees of the Secret British Mammals 2 day workshop in Devon.

Chris Simmonds – June 2024

“Hello Bob and Ann, I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend spent with you down in Devon. It was informative, light hearted and everyone was very good company.

I was able to put into practice back button focus which you explained at our one to one session Steve and I had with you and I have attached some of my favourite images.

I would thoroughly recommend the workshop to other photographers because it catered for people of all abilities and it was so well run, special mention should be made regarding the accommodation with Linda which was excellent and we certainly didn’t go hungry.

Once again thank you for your hard work putting together the workshop and I look forward to meeting you both again in the future. “.

Suzanne Parsons – April 2024

“Hi Bob, I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a great deal.  Now all I have to do is remember it all!  You are an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable on all things regarding the camera and the animals.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere but at the same time you wanted us to get the best shots we could.  I have been so busy since I returned that I have not had time to study my images but I do know I have quite a few “bum” shots to delete.  It is true what they say about an animal moving faster than the finger can fire the shutter.  I did use pro capture some of the time but it does make my finger ache keeping the shutter half pressed.
As I said to you at the end it is not only the information about how to photograph the animals but all the other things you say about cameras and settings as we go along that makes it a valuable learning experience.
Can you please thank Ann for her welcoming cup of tea and contribution to the success of the workshop.
I do hope you run the events again next year as I would very much like to come again.
Many thanks for an excellent workshop.
Regards, Suzanne”

John Gaffney – April 2024

“Hi Bob, My thanks to you and Ann for the workshop last weekend. I appreciate all the hard work you must have put in, to make it run so smoothly. I honestly can’t think of any improvements you could make. Together you are the most welcoming and considerate workshop hosts I have ever experienced. The photography sessions were perfectly organised and most enjoyable. I am really looking forward to my trip to Kenya with you next year. Best Regards John “

Ian Moncrieff CBE BA DL – October 2023

“Good Afternoon Bob, I consider that you met your stated aim comprehensively. I thought that you and Ann organised and ran the event extremely well. You clearly have a good rapport with the Wildlife Centre team and the also the nearby B&B owners for the domestic and accomodation support; all of which works really well. I much enjoyed the weekend which ran at a well-measured pace with a good variety of opportunities to photograph different species in decent background settings. Whilst I am used to heading out for morning and evening light with my oversea trips and largely doing my own thing as well as also working form hides set-ups closer to home, I did like and value the discussions that you ran preceding each different ’stance’ around the naturalist as well as technical approach to each of the different opportunities. I say this because one can always learn something and I recognise the breadth and depth of your expertise in both of these aspects. It is always good to have a reminder on some points to also ponder! The group size also allows you to give time to attendees in a way that covers the range of experiences and differing equipments with which we arrive! I have downloaded all my images but have yet to work through them in earnest although I am pleased with a good number that I have looked at. In all, I am grateful to you and Ann for an informative and enjoyable weekend that more than met my expectations and I would keep doing what you are doing. As Ever, Ian “

Steve Montgomery – July 2023

“For the second year in a row I had a fantastic time down in Devon with Bob and Ann. This year I saw different animals and, in my opinion, my photography has improved from last year thanks to the guidance from Bob. The centre is great and the animal handler is top notch, if a little sarcastic ;) . The access we are allowed to the animals is amazing whilst also safe. Bob’s knowledge is second to none and his style of teaching is perfect (if you need to ask do, if you don’t then I’ll leave you to get on with it). The accommodation, should you choose it, is fantastic. Anyone who want’s to get up close and personal with some of the uk’s best wildlife should go on this weekend.”

Jill Toman – April 2023

“Dear Bob and Ann Thank you again so much for such a great weekend. It was lovely to see all the animals and take their photos in a relaxed environment. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience in such pleasant company. All your time, effort and patience was much appreciated. Kind regards Jill “

Vivien Smith – July 2022

“Hi Bob I thoroughly enjoyed the two day workshop in Devon. The amount of animals we were able to photograph was really great. All the information you gave us was really useful and if we needed help you were there to give advice. The size of the group was good and I think we all got on well together. Thanks for a really interesting and enjoyable weekend. Vivien “

Tony Lake – June 2022

“It was a great weekend with the opportunity to photograph animals in near realistic surroundings that we wouldn’t normally get a chance to do, which allowed us to focus on the core skills when photographing these and other animals in the real world. It was great to get instruction from Bob (and Ann) on continuing my development as a photographer and continue to think about the different focus methods, backgrounds and what is your style as well as just enjoying photography as hobby.”

Bob Clowes – April 2022

“I really enjoyed the weekend and the entire photographic experience. I learnt so much from the “Master” on my first ever photography training workshop.
Bob, you are a great photographer and a truly inspirational teacher. Your advice on using my new camera and the set-up you carried out for me has taken it to a new level.
The link to the youtube is fantastic just what I needed THANK YOU.
You know what they say about behind every great man ……. Ann is an incredible person so warm and welcoming and a supportive photography guide. Goodness knows when I will get all my 5,000 plus images culled and sorted. “

David Kingstone – September  2021

“Always around to give advice on your shooting, Bob’s knowledge of a wide ranges of camera’s ensures that no-one is unable to receive the benefit of his experience, and his knowledge of the animals ensures everyone gets a chance to take that great shot. Bob and Ann make everyone feel so welcome, it felt like I was spending a weekend with friends and not a group of strangers on a workshop run by someone I’d never met.”

Julia Morgan – September  2021

“Your course exceeded my expectations. I also enjoyed the meals and company after the course had finished, this added to the event.I always learn something extra on your course and I enjoy the way you explain things.”

After group booking for Secret Mammals Workshop Devon – July 2021

“Hi Bob, I wanted to say what a super three days we have enjoyed in Devon with you and lovely Ann. You have both given our club members a brilliant time and we were all looked after so well. Bob you are not only a lovely gentleman but also a great professional and we all appreciated your information sharing and knowledge of photography, cameras and most importantly, the wonderful mammals that we were privileged to take images of. Ann you have also been helpful, knowledgeable and supportive and a great organizer. You make a very good team.
You both made our group very welcome and I would like to say a very big thank you to you both. Now we have hours of enjoyment sifting through the images on our computer and deleting all the ones that are blurred or missing an ear or tail. I have got a few good images which I am very pleased with, but for me it was fantastic to be in the company of all the animals, I especially enjoyed the beaver on the lake and seeing the whole set up for the project.</br/>Please thank all the staff in Devon for their help and conservation for the future of these animals and the care you give them.”

Tina Jarett – July 2021

“I just wanted to thank you and Ann so much for the workshop this weekend. I’m really pleased to have some good photos but more importantly, I felt I learned so much. The weekend has re-awakened my passion for photography and learning, which had waned during the last year or so.
Your ability to explain things so clearly is fantastic. My camera manual appears to be written in double Dutch to me sometimes! 
I need to put all the theories into practice now for it to become second nature, but I can’t wait to give it all a go. 
The animals, handler and accommodation you recommended all added to make it a great experience.”

Rob Lane – May 2021

“As usual, my expectations were far exceeded. The knowledge gained shows in the improvement from the first shot of the day to the last shot in more trying conditions. I also put it straight into practice on my way home, capturing a great picture of Stonehenge in terrible conditions.

Lavinia was brilliant. She is obviously an amazing animal handler and we all enjoyed the banter you both had which kept us smiling throughout the wet weekend. I made one suggestion on the Pine Marten at the time which worked well. I can’t think of anything else I would have changed. Personally, I wish I had tried a few slow shutter speed shots to capture the rain, but there is always next time!”

Clare Burnett – May 2021

“This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. The information provided was very helpful and explained clearly. Any queries were answered in a way so that one felt comfortable asking what might be a basic question in front of the more experienced photographers. The accommodation was extremely well chosen in that it was very clean and comfortable and the meals were so very good indeed. The local pub for evening meals was a delight. Delicious meals and very well priced. Arrangements to take into consideration the current Covid conditions were very well managed. Small details like alternatives for those who did not want tea and coffee throughout the day were appreciated. I am at a loss to think of what could improve this wonderful workshop! Both Bob and Ann made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable and nothing seemed too much trouble to arrange. They gave everyone on the course individual attention and made sure that they could get the very best out of the time photographing the wildlife.”

Charlie Marshall – April 2021

“I had previously attended a work-shop at the British Wildlife Centre and two suggestions from that day made a huge change to the quality of photos coming out of my camera. So I came to this workshop with very high expectations and they were largely met. I learned a lot more about my camera and using more of its focussing capabilities. And I had the opportunity to photograph some amazing animals in beautiful natural settings.

I particularly appreciate, the care and support that Bob provided with finding the accommodation and arranging evening meals on both days that I stayed.

The evening photo session with beavers and the brief introduction to the European Lynx were highlights of the weekend that I will always remember. With both of these, we were given a full briefing of how to get the most out of photographing the subjects in trickier conditions and these really helped me to get pictures that I am very pleased with. I hope that I will have the chance to join another workshop soon.”

Simon Mound – April 2021

“The course was bought for me as a birthday present by my partner so the only expectations for the course that I had were that I would have the opportunity to photograph a selection of British Mammals without the need to track them in the wild and that I would also be able to develop my existing skills in wildlife photography. Both expectations were met I am pleased to say and on reviewing my images once back at home I have certainly learnt some valuable and worthwhile techniques that I will employ on future photography assignments/workshops.”

Danny Kidby-Hunter – Sepetember 2020

“I’ve always wanted to do this workshop but just never been able to due to my availability and cost but so pleased I was finally able to do it this year.

Having already done the British Wildlife Centre workshop I had expected it to be exactly the same as that and half expected I’d be shooting the same animals in similar settings. It was great to have a much more relaxed attitude to the day, spending longer with animals if we wanted. It was great to have the flexibility of 2 days to prevent us rushing and being able to build on new skills and techniques. We photographed a more varied set of animals and the enclosures were fantastic. I hadn’t realised w’d get such a varied itinerary, from photographing right up close to things like foxes within the enclosure, to learning fieldcraft for photographing semi-wild beavers, to macro work with the shrew and harvest mice.

The price is great value for what you get and the tuition and individual attention is second to none. It exceeded my expectations.

Bob always manages to dedicate so much time to individuals and I never fail to come away from one of his workshops having learnt something new. What I really love about Bob’s workshops (over other companies) is he imparts his wealth of knowledge on, not only the photography and technical aspects, but the animals in which you are photographing which is crucial to capture good images of wildlife. I particularly loved photographing the foxes and beavers. I did struggle a little working out interesting compositions when photographing the long eared and little owl. I found it easier on the Birds of Prey workshop where we tried a few different locations to photograph them.”

David Merrifield – October 2020

“”My expectation was to has some instruction and opportunities to photograph various animals, these were met 100%. I also had the hope of understanding better techniques for focusing accurately on the animals and to get more detail in the photograph which was all dealt with by Bob. I didn’t anticipate to finish the course feeling as confident as I did with being able to nail the focusing and following the animals as I can now with the camera which was truly amaz ing. Bob also helped me to get my camera setup correctly and explained the settings very clearly. I was also really impressed with the standard of the other course attendees which I think helped to gauge the course at a really good level. The organisation on the days was incredible and I can’t believe how much we managed to do in that time. I would also like to mention the location was superb, the animals were well looked after and the handler clearly cared about the animals and enjoyed her job. ” I’ve always wanted to do this workshop but just never been able to due to my availability and cost but so pleased I was finally able to do it this year.”

Sue Kennett – September 2020

“This course was simply amazing! It far surpassed our expectations mainly due to the fantastic support and tuition from Bob. There was a great mix of opportunities to practice and develop existing knowledge along side personalised tuition from Bob. We both felt that we learnt so much and really appreciated the extra time that Bob gave us to explain particular concepts. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Sue and David” 

Nick Lane – July 2019

“What a fantastic weekend I learnt a lot and a great venue and good company. great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the course. I would do the course again without thinking.”

Lin Wyles – June 2019

“I expected to see and photograph a wide range of British Mammals as described in the pre-course information and I was not disappointed. There were many highlights but one in particular was sitting in the orchard with the Wild Boar. What a privilege. What stands out for me is the relevance of the pre-shoot information and the guidance and instruction on technical issues and how to get the best out of our cameras. I learnt so much in a very short time and there were ample opportunities to experiment with different camera settings. Successfully sometimes too! Lavinia’s knowledge of the animals in her care was exceptional..”

Mark Field – June 2019

“Bob, Thank you for a great weekend in Devon. I’ve came away with a lot more understanding of not just using the camera but watching and learning about the subject you are shooting. How animals behave etc. I have started to look through my pictures and wow I have some crackers. Please on my thanks to Lavinia, who, I must say, had a great sense of humour.”

Kelven Spratling – October 2018

“Bob, Just a personal email to thank you so much for the wonderful workshop at the weekend. I have had a quick look at my photos and they are brilliant – well done to you for taking my photography up another couple of notches over the weekend.

Thank you for all the hints and tips you imparted with us during the two days. I can’t believe you have taken me up another couple of notches and looking at my photos it looks like I have only to do some cropping – brilliant thank you.

Even the toughest animals have come out really well – superb. Thank you again for a wonderful time and for all your efforts over the weekend as well as I am sure the huge amount of work behind the scenes that you and Lavinia must have done for us. Hope to see you next year on another workshop.”

Steve Mayled – July 2018

“As always, a chance to learn more about the camera – I like the technical info. The photo opportunities, sharing your experience with us, inside knowledge, relaxed approach. I look forward to all of these and wasn’t disappointed – definitely fully met and I very much enjoyed the whole weekend “

Wendy Turner – June 2018

“I really looked forward to doing this course and it exceeded my expectations. The animals were well cared for and easily accessible for photographers. Bob as usual is a great source of knowledge both from the animals and photography information. The course was not rushed and adapted to the needs of the photographers. would highly recommend this course – Thank you 😊 “

Carolyn Moore – May 2018

“The website offers full details of the workshop and is excellent. I knew that if it was as good as it sounded on the website it would be amazing – and it was. My expectations were met and exceeded, everything about the weekend was brilliant. We got to photograph so many different mammals and we also had warmth and sun as the icing on the cake! Your recommendation for accommodation was a good one, I wouldn’t have wanted to stay anywhere else. The rural setting was perfect as was the accommodation. Linda is an incredible hostess and the standard of both the apartment and catering couldn’t be faulted. I felt totally spoiled with amazing breakfasts, and superb packed lunches delivered to the venue.

There isn’t anything that I wanted from the workshop that wasn’t available. Your personal attention to everyone Bob was fantastic.I never felt as if I didn’t know enough and nothing was too much trouble for you to explain. Your knowledge and experience were openly shared with the group. The group was small and enabled us all to get the very best out of the days. I never felt rushed and having time in each of the animal settings was appreciated. I’m also delighted that I have come home with some pictures that I am proud of, but most importantly lots of knowledge that I didn’t have before. Thanks for a really great weekend “

Mark Cox – April 2018

“I wanted to be able to take photos of native UK mammal species in natural settings – which is exactly what happened – with guidance from an experienced, professional photographer as to how to get the best shots. Again, this is exactly as expected and advertised and then some – really appreciated the excellent and very helpful tuition that covered the complete range of experience amongst the group. I certainly learned a lot, and not just about photography! I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, learned an awful lot and, through a first glance, also have some great shots. I thought the workshop was pitched perfectly – informal but massively informative, a nice range of subjects to photograph and well paced and also very focused on us as clients. Bob’s amazing photography knowledge was incredibly impressive but, in addition to that, his natural history knowledge was phenomenal. And, he’s a gifted and very natural educator, a great storyteller and a thoroughly nice man who couldn’t do enough to help. “

Mike Dubery – April 2018

“Fantastic weekend, great company, superb tuition provided in an easy to understand way. Accommodation and catering were great too.”

Robert Holgate – March 2018

“My only concern was how wet and muddy all the enclosures which cannot be helped I believe that this has been the best 2 days photo shoot I have been on the instruction and guidence has helped a lot also found the other members of the group a joy to be with and the two days exceeded my expectations I will be booking again next year for a different season so I can cover them all possible June or July Many Thanks for a great weekend “

Naomi Stolow – September 2017

“I loved everything about the workshop! The sunny day was superb for photography and the rain the second day brought challenges, but that made for more interesting photography and in turn more things to learn.

I found you to be a wonderful teacher – you explained things so clearly that I had trouble understanding before. There was a feeling of enthusiasm, with everyone being included and respected.
The only thing I’d say is that it would have been good to have a choice over which animals to spend time with, e.g. for me I’d have spent less time with the polecat and pine martin and more in-depth time with the foxes or cats – to get more unique images. I’m not sure if that would work or not as a group though! Having said that, the time we spent with the animals was great and you didn’t rush us at all (and there were no dramas!)

I’ve recommended the weekend to some people in our local camera club, so I hope they too will book up. I’d do the whole week end again in a heartbeat! I’m feeling good about the images I took.
I’d like to thank you for all you did for us, taught us and encouraged us to do! “

Robert Holgate – July 2017

“My expectations were exceeded and i took some great photos. The instruction, the accommodation food and company made this one of my most remembered Photography courses.
The accomodation was excellent. Great food through in the midst of chaos with friendly and welcoming hospitality you would not find anywhere better. Thus is an excellent course with the combination of great accommodation ,instruction, and commitment from everyone concerned “

Andrew Griffin – July 2017

“I wanted to be able to photograph British wildlife that it would be nearly impossible to do in the “real” wild. This was what happened although the weather was far from ideal we got nearly everything we wanted. Missing wild Beavers was a shame but then it was pouring! Lots of excellent technical advice, most of which I understood. Together with the Harvest Mice workshop, I have completely changed the way I use my camera because of what I have learnt. Thank you again.

The accommodation was also very comfortable and reasonably priced; exceptional breakfast & packed lunch. “

Kevin Hatfield – May 2017

“I was looking to photograph British Mammals in an environment which was as natural as possible, The Devon Wildlife Photography Centre provided that and more, a really enjoyable weekend of nature photography.

With reagrd to the accommodation / catering: Linda is a charming lady who made me feel very welcome from the minute arrived to the minute I left, I am really glad I followed your suggestion to stay at Frankaborough farm, the pub at Ashwater was a lovely venue, only wished it could have been closer / easier to get to.

Bob it was a pleasure to meet you and to learn from your extensive knowledge and experience, after a quick scan through the 2,000 photos shot over the weekend I know that I have a number which I am really pleased with. Thank you for your guidance and putting up with my sense of humour”

Greg Mayers – May 2017

“A great weekend Bob from a photographic point of view and the wine wasn’t too bad either! It enabled me to photograph a range of creatures that would have been extremely difficult in any other way. The animal sets were critical and I achieved some very pleasing results – I will forward some of the better ones to you. Your ability to put over difficult concepts to a mixed experienced and ability group was impressive. Finally, a wonderfully helpful and happy asistant in Lavinia made the experience even more wortwhile!! Linda (B&B) was a very welcoming and accommodating host.”

Paul Goby – After Secret British mammals Workshop – May 2017

“The whole workshop was very well run from start to finish. Easy booking, lots of pre-course information, excellent accommodation and food, good locations with good facilities, excellent range of species well presented in good photographic locations and excellent help, advice and guidance throughout. A very happy, busy and rewarding weekend. Well deserved score of 5 in every respect.”

Keith Walsh – May 2017

“Almost everything that I wanted to photograph was available. The settings were very natural and well set up. There was plenty of time to get the shots you want, and never felt rushed. The staff were great and did their best to get the animals into a position that you required. A brilliant two days.

In addition the food and acommodation at Frankaborough Farm was excellent. Nothing to fault.”

Linda Wilson April  2017

“My expectations were exceeded in terms of the number of different animals – and birds – available for us to photograph but particularly impressive was the access we had to them and the proximity allowed – without fences between us and our subjects. An excellently designed facility to allow access for the photographer.”

Joyce James – October 2016

“I am very pleased with how much more I have learned. I hoped to move my skills forward from last year when I went on the course for the first time and I feel that the photos I took this year reflect the improvement. I was able to take on board more of what Bob explained and so build on what I’d learned last year. I am pleased that I have fewer specimen shots and more that show some thought about composition. I had a great weekend – I don’t think I’d change any of it.”

Della Astle – June 2016

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but hoped to get some decent shots of the animals in natural looking surroundings. The shots I came away with greatly exceeded my expectations, helped greatly by plenty of constructive advice and tips from Bob. It was an unforgettable experience with a lovely group of people, and I loved it!”

Ros Green – June 2016

“A really positive and informative workshop. My expectations of the two days were met, the variety of animals were great as were the settings which were natural and realistic. I loved the course and learnt a lot from Bob. I was certainly one of the less experienced photographers on the course but this didn’t matter at all, I really appreciated the advice on best lens for particular circumstances, ISO, shutter speed etc. I absolutely love many of my photographs and know that I could not have taken these without the support readily offered. Additionally I now have a good idea of where I need to focus my spending to improve my photography kit.”

Sue Totham – September 2015

“My expectations were fully met. To be able to observe & photograph so many different mammals in such realistic surroundings was fantastic, it was a superb week-end from start to finish. From the warm welcome by Linda of Frankaborough Farm with her large breakfasts to the staff at the centre who’s knowledge & friendliness greatly enhanced the experience. Thank you.”

Alistair Webb – September 2015

“This was the second time I have attended this course and I was a little concerned that I would not learn anything new. I needn’t have worried. The slight differences in weather, new animals and different locations brought new challenges and improved photos. I also gained a deeper understanding of setting up the camera and techniques for maximising the quality of the images. “

Becky Locock – September 2015

“I wasn’t sure how my lesser photographic knowledge would hinder my enjoyment of the weekend. I need not have been at all concerned as i thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be close to all the mammals at the centre. I appreciated and enjoyed the chance to try, learn how to and make use of different settings on my camera. Everyone who was on the course and those we met over the weekend were very friendly and a good time was spent together. “

Naomi Saul – July 2015

“As always Bob – a superb workshop. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into running these wonderful days – making them so enjoyable, informative and above all giving us the opportunity to get close to and more particularly photograph our otherwise secret native wildlife.”

Joyce Rothschild – July 2015

“A fantastic two days. The chance to see the range of animals was wonderful, Thank you also for providing all the additional bits and pieces – the stools, lamps, and for lending your lenses and other equipment. The whole experience was fabulous. I learned such a lot.

Re accommodation / catering: It was great – Linda’s cottages were well equipped and very comfortable and she was really hospitable. Really good to meet her and the family. “

Juliet Morton – May 2015

“I was full able to consolidate my learning so far on taking moving animals and achieving good results without needing too much manipulation later. I feel that the help given was of great relevance and totally pertinent. The feeling of the day was both purposeful and yet relaxed with time being given when needed. I am delighted with some of my photographic results but most importantly it was the course and leadership which inspired.

Wendy Collens – July 2014

“My expectations of the two days in Devon were more than fully met. I was very impressed with the set up at the Farm. Thank you, Bob, for your advice and expertise – you are obviously very passionate about wildlife and photography, and sharing your knowledge with those who want to listen. You made me feel at ease and I felt that I could ask any question no matter how trivial. I certainly picked up a few new tips and as I am no ‘technician’ I’m sure I will learn lots more on future courses. A really big ‘thank you’ once again. The two days were great. I think we all appreciated the time you spent with us and I know I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I think it was the first time, on any course/trip/workshop, that a course leader made me feel at ease and that nothing was too much trouble for you.

The accommodation at the farm cottages was super and really clean and tidy. We were made very welcome by Linda and her family and the breakfasts were excellent as were the packed lunches. We will definitely visit the Farm again in the future.”

Ken Petch – July 2014

“My hope for this workshop was to observe and to photograph some of the harder to find species. My expectations were greatly exceeded. We were able to join the animals within their enclosures and given plenty of time and opportunity to photograph them in near natural conditions.

The Bed and Breakfast at Frankaborough Farm was a great place to stay for this workshop. Very conveniently situated, excellent accommodation and a really friendly and welcoming host who cooks a great breakfast!

This was an excellent two day workshop and a wonderful opportunity to get close to some of the less often seen mammals. The animal handler was very helpful in positioning the animals where we wanted to photograph them and Bob was always nearby to answer queries or to offer advice, if requested, as to how to photograph each animal. Over the two days we spent time with about 14 different species and I came home with cards full of images that pleased me. I would happily return to this venue in the future.”

Tony Banks – July 2014

“Many thanks Bob for an excellent couple of days – I would strongly recommend you to any person wishing to experience a wildlife workshop. I really enjoyed the 2 days, the centre and you provided us with excellent opportunities and all done in a very calm, relaxed yet professional manner. Really good value. Yours, Tony “

Alistair Webb – June 2014

“The course more than met my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it unreservedly. A very special, memorable weekend. The accommodation and the hospitality provided was excellent. I will be recommending it to friends and family for future. “

Dave Roach – June 2014

“I managed to get good photo opportunities with a number of mammals, especially Wildcats, Polecat and Pine Marten. Great pics of Otter and Wild Boar were a bonus. (Not forgetting the Beaver).

The accommodation was excellent and a very warm welcome from Linda and her family. Great breakfasts and good food in the pub also. I would highly recommend Linda ‘s cottages to anyone.”

Mary-Anne Taylor – June 2014

“My expectations of this workshop were high but were completely and fully met. Whilst being aware that I would probably have less skill than other delegates I hoped to use what I did have to better effect. I was certainly able to do just that and to increase my understanding of using my camera ‘in the field’ and to improve my technique generally. Bob provided a great deal of help and support and I was extremely grateful to him and other delegates for their friendliness and generosity in lending equipment (hat, flash, lenses) and knowledge which added to both my comfort and improved images. A very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere prevailed on both days and I found the weekend a very rewarding experience. Linda Banbury’s accommodation and catering were both excellent: extremely generous portions and suitably priced. Her family were very welcoming and helpful. “

Tracey Lund – May 2014

“I had a fantastic 2 days and learnt a few new techniques. Didn’t want to leave and will be in touch about re-booking next year”

Rona Bassett – May 2014

“This workshop is excellent and fully met my expectations. The setting is beautiful and I was really pleased to be able to photograph so many different mammals. Some were more difficult than others to capture but Bob was on hand to provide advice on technique and equipment. Lavinia was a great animal handler and both she and Bob helped to get us the best opportunities to photograph the animals in their natural setting. The highlight was watching the beaver collect rushes for its lodge as the sun was setting. What a memory to keep.

he accommodation at Frankaborough Farm was great. The cottage was spacious and Linda was a lovely host who made the most wonderful breakfasts and lunches. There was a lovely relaxed, homely atmosphere despite it being a working farm and it was lovely to see the milking”

Karen Thomas – May 2014

“I was pleasantly surprised about the number of animals we were able to photo and also the variety within the farm itself. It was great to be able to go into the enclosures to take the photos rather from outside netting! The weather proved to be no problem due to the flexibility and variety on offer.

Hilary Spurrier – Oct 2013

“The close working relationship that Bob had with the Wild life centre was invaluable in making this such a good experience. I managed to see and photograph a wide range of mammals, improve my technique and had reasonable photographs to take away thanks to excellent tuition from Bob.”

Dave Brown – October 2013 

“The course was first rate. It did what it set out to and exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for a great and productive weekend. Regards Dave “

Mike Evans – July 2013  

“Bob thanks for the weekend it was absolutely brilliant and far exceeded my expectations.”

Jim Slade – July 2013   

“Just a quick thank you on behalf of myself and Nigel for arranging the Devon weekend. We both agreed that it was the best photographic trip we’d been on. We both have a stack of great images of animals we would never get the chance, probably, to see in the wild. “

Val Saxby – May 2013    

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the wonderful weekend in Devon – I really enjoyed it and feel I learned loads.

Phil Kemp – May 2013    

“My reasoning for doing the course was to have the chance to photograph animals that have evaded me despite spending many hours patiently waiting. The venue certainly fulfilled this. Having Bob on hand to give advice on technique and equipment was a big bonus. The Animal handler could not have been more helpful in trying to get the subjects to perform and her knowledge was very interesting. What more can I say it was a brilliant week end, perfect in every way. Cannot honestly see how it could be improved.”