Southern Serengeti – Wildebeest Safari – Testimonials

This safari is timed for early March when every year roughly a million and a half wildebeest gather on the short grass plains of the Southern Serengeti to give birth. Extraordinarily over 500,000 calves are born in the space of a few weeks. The spectacle is truly breathtaking and as the plains cover many thousands of square miles the sense of space is overwhelming. You can drive for hours off-road, and never be out of sight – or sound – of wildebeest.

The predators, especially the cats, take advantage of this proliferation of young animals and this is an excellent area to see cheetah, lions and hyena. At this time of year vultures and other carrion eaters gather in large numbers as part of nature’s efforts to keep the plains clean. We will also search for the smaller but equally interesting animals, servals, caracals, striped hyenas and bat-eared foxes.

We spend the majority of our time at a comfortable safari camp overlooking the lake Ndutu and the Ndutu plains.

We also visit:

Lake Manyara National Park, an area well known as a bird watching venue. In addition to a wealth of bird life the area is well known for its blue monkeys, herds of elephants and tree climbing lions.

The world famous Ngoro Ngoro crater descending 2,300 feet to the crater floor to explore its unique ecosystem with magnificent black maned lions, some of the largest tuskers still in Africa, black rhinos as well as all the other cats and wildlife the area is famous for.

The famous Oldavai Gorge. This area of Africa is often referred to as the cradle of mankind and is one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world.

With many years’ experience of East Africa and photographing its wildlife I have designed this trip specifically for the enthusiastic wildlife photographers interested in learning more about their camera and at the same time capturing some memorable images.

If you are interested to know more please contact me either through the contact page on this website or by e-mailing and I will be more than happy to discuss any aspect of the tours with you.

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Testimonials and feedback on Natures Photos Safaris.

Diana Gamble – After Wildebeest Calving Safari

Superlatives can’t really describe our trip to Ndutu and the Ngorogoro Crater. Absorbing the scenery in itself was spectacular but watching and photographing the excitement of nature ‘in the raw’ on the plains of Ndutu was unforgettable. From the births of Wildebeest calves through to the survival of the fittest was exciting and memorable and the drivers did a wonderful job of making sure we were always in the right place at the right time. Seeing the structure of the Crater and the endangered mammals within it – such as the black rhino and tusker elephants – was a privilege as well as everything else happening there on a daily basis. Africa is certainly in my blood, but every time I go back on Bob’s photographic trips I just want more!

Phil Kemp – After Wildebeest Calving Safari

Someone recently told me that they were going on safari with Bob to get a long ambition out of their system, I laughed saying safaris are addictive. Having just returned from Tanzania, my seventh safari with Bob I think I can safely say I am addicted. Each one of these safaris have been expertly planned and executed to give the most enjoyable experience possible. Strongly recommended.

Margaret Cooper – After Wildebeest Calving Safari

My first trip to Africa with Bob was in 2013 to Kicheche Mara and I fell in love – with Africa! Had to go back and in 2014 I went to Tanzania. To see wild animals in their own environment was truly spectacular. Bob’s enthusiasm and knowledge, not just of photography, but of the areas, camps, guides etc. made the trips a truly wonderful experience that I shall never forget. We were able to spend as much time with the animals as we wanted, waiting to get that magical shot, and we were always in the best position to do just that. My photography has improved no end and I still have not had enough. Botswana beckons in 2016.

Terry Homewood – After a trip to Northern Tanzanian

“I travelled with Bob to Northern Tanzania in January/February. Firstly, the quality of the accommodation, guides and general organisation was second to none (I have been on many trips to Africa, and this trip was top of the list for quality and overall experience). Bob is a great guy, warm and friendly, always on hand to give advice but never in a way that makes you uncomfortable. He has a deep knowledge of the wildlife and a willingness to share. The stars of the show will always be the wildlife, and with Bob by your side or busy working in the background, you are assured of having a great experience and coming home with far more images that you could have ever imagined. A truly memorable trip.”

David Williams – After a trip to Northern Tanzanian

“I went with Bob to Northern Tanzania and was impressed not only with his photographic skills, but also with his knowledge of the terrain and the wildlife. Putting all three together made a big difference to the experience and the resulting photographs. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a workshop guide or to recommend any of his trips.”