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I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Fungi Photo Workshop.   Fungi are the perfect subject for the keen close up and macro photographer. They come in a huge variety of colours, shapes, and sizes and the peak autumn season reveals them at their best as wonderful subjects to photograph. Once you know where to look for them and have mastered the basic photographic and lighting techniques they are an excellent subject to practise and perfect your close up and macro photography skills.   For this workshop I have teamed up with Justin Long, an experienced mycologist, who has been studying fungi for around 15 years. He is thus is the perfect person to introduce us to this exciting subject and from whom to learn more about identifying different types of fungi including the dangers of certain varieties.   Macro and close up is a field of photography which all too often can seem baffling and expensive. Through this workshop I will attempt to dispel both of these myths and to help you to understand just how easy and fun it is and can be. During the workshop I introduce guests to some of my preferred techniques for photographing fungi looking to take best advantage of what natural light is available as well as how this can be augmented to optimise the settings the subjects are found in.
This is a very special and always popular workshop.  
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Feed back received from attendees of the Fungi Photo Workshop.

“The workshop was exactly what I expected from the day. Bob provided as much photography tuition as one wanted, or indeed needed. He had copious surplus equipment (Canon) to allow attendees to use. Justin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the local fungi and was more than willing to share his knowledge to those who wanted to learn.”
Malcolm Sales – November 2015  

“This was an excellent introduction to finding and photographing fungi. The location chosen was good for parking and for providing a variety of habitats so that we could find a good selection of fungi over the day. Bob and Justin were very knowledgeable and helpful on both naming and photographing the different types of f ungi. The day was well planned as we moved location to give a variety of plants and keep the level and quality of light high. There was a friendly camaraderie between the participants in the group many of whom had been on other Natures Photos workshops and spoke highly of them.”
John Reading – November 2014  

“Having not done any serious close up work this seemed the ideal opportunity to practice and learn this technique. This proved correct as with Bob’s help and guidance I was able to achieve some acceptable images and my knowledge and confidence was increased. I have been on a lot of Bob’s workshops and as usual this one gets 100% “
Phil Kemp – November 2014 Some of Phil’s Photos from a workshop day

“Bob – this was another very good and enjoyable day. Justin’s talk about fungi was very instructive and also his practical help with the photography was good. You came to check I was doing ok and not in need of any help – so if I had been struggling then help was available. Your LED lights were great and I must acquire a couple of those. Thank you for the loan of one for the day – it certainly helped.”
Martin Vaughan – November 2014  

“Bob – I do not think there is any more you could do – I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it all for our benefit. May aim was to relearn (after an enforced break of a number of years) the skills of macro photography. To be in the countryside in the company of others and to learn something about the specimens we were photographing. I certainly managed all these. Thank you.”
Naomi Saul – November 2014  

“I really enjoyed the day, learnt about the fungi & their common names!!! Brain not capable of remembering the Latin names. I took the Penny Bun home & my hubby believed it was safe to eat due to the fact an expert had told me about it…. Yes we had it in an omelette. Thanks for a wonderful day.”
Di Norwood – November 2014 Some of Di’s Photos from a workshop day

“I went into the day with a very open mind, really just wanting a bit more practice with my macro lens. I was truly amazed at the variety of fungi we found and at the ease of locating them within such a small area. My expectations were exceeded by far. “
Linda Wilson – October 2013Some of Linda’s Photos from a workshop day

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