Maddy Pennock’s Gallery – Kicheche Mara 2014

This was a holiday of a lifetime; an absolutely breath-taking experience and a wonderful opportunity to take better nature photographs in a perfect environment and a superb opportunity to meet and make new friends, especially our group leader and workshop tutor, Bob Brind-Surch. From the moment we touched down on the airstrip in the light aircraft our adventure began. We were met by Bob and our drivers, George and Benje who drove us to the most impressive Kicheche Mara Camp where we were greeted warmly by the staff.

We woke early every morning with a cuppa and some biscuits and were out in the vehicles before dawn, watching the dramas of the early morning unfold in front of our eyes. Breakfast was taken in the bush after which we continued observing the wildlife and taking photographs under the expert guidance of Bob. In our group we had photographers of differing experience and all were helped as and when, at their own level. Nobody felt foolish to ask maybe the simplest of questions.

Our driver was George (a Massai Mara guide) who was staggeringly expert on the wildlife and fauna of the area. He could answer every question in perfect English. He could see things none of us could see including birds sitting on far away trees and be able to identify them! He drove cautiously and observed the necessity to give the animals and birds space to behave naturally. This is after all a conservation area! The large off road converted Toyota vehicles were sturdy and safe, and although open sided we never felt vulnerable in front of any animal including the Acacia Pride of lions.

We returned to the camp for lunch and then had a few hours off relaxing/sleeping or downloading our images before starting out again at 4pm. At sunset we had ‘sundown’ which was a wonderful opportunity to have a drink and watch the magnificent sunset. We then returned to the camp for a shower, dinner and bed, before the next amazing day of adventures started!

You could not fail to enjoy this trip and take wonderful images! The light was perfect, the subject matter was in abundance, the guides imparted their knowledge and with Bob’s expertise helped and guided us to take the best shots possible! Thank you!



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