I maintain a mailing list to keep people informed what I am doing and the various services I provide. This isn’t the normal mass mailing type approach so often used by people and companies but rather a friendly infrequent note of the work I am doing, the new tips etc. I publish on my website plus updates on courses, trips and talks I offer. If you would like me to keep you informed please use the form below to let me know your e-mail address.

This isn’t an automatic e-mail list management engine where you are added straight away or receive an automated request for confirmation. A real person – me – will e-mail you back, hopefully within a few hours or the next day, asking for confirmation that this request is really from you before adding you to the list.

In a similar vein I won’t share this list with anyone else or sell it for profit etc. so you can be sure you won’t be getting any more SPAM e-mail as a result of subscribing to my list. Equally if ever you want to be removed from the list please just e-mail me, again using the form below, and I will happily remove your name from the list.

Under the ‘comments’ section please leave any observations on my website or things that you would like to see or hear more about or any talks, courses or trips you would like me to consider.

If you should wish to leave my mailing list for any reason whilst I will be very sorry to lose you please click the button on the right.Unsubscribe

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If you have the time please let me have your comments or feedback so that i can imporve my services to you and others.
I would be delighted to sign you up to receive the mailings I send out and am always interested to know why people are interested in following me. If you have a moment please do let me know.

I am always interested to receive any feedback you might have on my website or perhaps a talk of mine you have heard or workshop you have been on.

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