Africa – a land of adventure, great experiences and great photo opportunities.

As the subject of countless TV wildlife documentaries Africa needs little introduction. It is a land of the diverse wildlife, big game, big cats, huge landscapes, great people and is high on many photographers’ wish lists. It is a land of adventure and wide open spaces. The cradle of mankind, part of the old world but also a shiny new one just waiting to be explored. It is all these but it’s never dull.

Are you a keen photographer looking for a trip of a lifetime and an African safari guided by a professional wildlife photographer. Now is your chance.

With over 50 years experience of Africa I know the continent, its safari destinations and the photographic opportunities extremely well. In addition to providing great photographic opportunities, I carefully design my safaris to offer a wide appreciation of the natural beauty of Africa’s wildlife, its people and the environment. The itinerary is constructed to give the maximum time in the field to provide you with unrivalled experiences and the very best photographic opportunities. I use top guides and very special locations where I can offer a unique opportunity to experience the true Africa, its wildlife and its people; have a great holiday; learn more about your photography and come home with some superb images and memories. I specifically chose destinations where the wildlife and photo opportunities are superb, the accommodation and guiding second to none but really importantly they are locations others don’t use. That’s key if you want opportunities to see the true Africa and take photographs without hordes of other photographers present. We are often the only people there.

My aim is simple, to provide you with a highly enjoyable holiday where you can experience the true Africa; where you can concentrate on your photography with truly unique opportunities to view and capture images of the natural world. All this whilst soaking up the very best wilderness experience in a truly comfortable and magic environment.

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Big Cats of the Massai Mara

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The Massai Mara is deservedly known as Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve, and is famous for the abundance of lion, the other big cats, the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Massai people. It is without a doubt Africa’s most well know and famous safari destination.

The area has become well know having featured in many excellent TV programmes including the BBC’s long running “Big Cat Diaries” and “Big Cat Week” as well as the more recent Disney Nature’s “African Cats”. Staying in luxury bush camps the big cats will definitely be on our agenda but we will also have ample opportunities to photograph the wide variety of other wildlife this area supports. 


Southern Serengeti

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This safari is timed for  when every year roughly a million and a half wildebeest gather on the short grass plains of the Southern Serengeti to give birth to over 500,000 calves are born in the space of a few weeks. The spectacle is truly breath taking and as the plains cover many thousands of square miles the sense of space is overwhelming. 

The predators, especially the cats, take advantage of this proliferation of young animals and this is an excellent area to see cheetah, lions and hyena. At this time of year vultures and other carrion eaters gather in large numbers as part of nature’s efforts to keep the plains clean. 

Gorillas and Chimps – Uganda

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This is an amazing opportunity for a very small group of people to go escorted gorilla and chimp trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest of Uganda.

No other wildlife encounter in Africa matches the astounding experience of spending time face-to-face with wild gorillas. Gorillas are a species are on the brink of extinction and treks are a highly restricted activity. Encountering our distant cousins in mist-draped forests of Bwindi’s impenetrable forest is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our professional guides will lead us into the forest’s secret paths, looking for a gorilla family. Once found, we will approach them quietly and settle down to observe them from between 7 and 10m away. You’ll spend time watching the adults forage and groom each other while the babies tumble and play. All the time you’ll be under the watchful gaze of the great silverback patriarch.  

Mana Pools Zimbabwe

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In Mana pools in Zimbabwe the wildlife is unique and the conservancy model keeps the visitor numbers manageable. To get the best from this as in any area in Africa you also need the very best guides. With the best wildlife, without an excellent guide you won’t get the best from the photo opportunities, teaming up with an excellent guide takes the safari experience to a completely different level. Over the years I have had the great good fortune to work with and call friends some of the very best Zimbabwe guides.

For this safari I am working with pro guide Mick Murray who owns and runs Vundu Camp in the heart of the Mana pools National Park. Nick has a passion for wild dogs or painted wolves. He has years of experience working with theses amazing carnivores and has been following and tracking them for over a decade. His unique experience lead to him advising and working with the BBC Earth crew for the 2018 BBC Dynasties episode on the painted wolf.

As well as wild dogs this area boasts elephant that have learnt to stand on their back legs to reach succulent parts of the area’s trees. In 4WD vehicles and on foot with the expert local guides we can approach these and other wildlife to achieve amazing photographs.

The area has plenty of the classic Mana Pools scenery – with forested areas, and some of the pools for which the park is noted.