Specialist British Mammal Photographic Workshops
Having spent many years studying and attempting to photograph British mammals I know first-hand exactly how difficult this can be as most of our native species are extremely secretive and some even nocturnal.
I am therefore thrilled to be able to offer an opportunity to use two very special locations, one in Devon and one in Surrey, which have both been designed with highly realistic and landscaped enclosures for the animals making your photographs as near to “the wild” as they can possibly be. So much so that many of the major TV channels including the BBC use both venues regularly and a major 4 part wildlife series hosted by Chris Packham was recently filmed at the Devon location.

I have private access to each location meaning we are the only people there. I provide all the photographic tuition and guidance and have an animal handler from the centre allocated to work with us. With many of the animals we can enter the enclosures and thus shoot without having to worry about wire or fences.
Both workshops are carefully tailored to enable me to support everyone from the novice photographer to those who are considerably more experienced. By limiting the numbers I can personally support and assist everyone to improve and refine their photographic skills. This includes a better understanding of digital photography techniques and how to achieve creative images.
In addition to advertising places on these workshops on my website I also run private session for groups of photographers and for groups of people interested in understanding more about photographing British mammals. For such private groups we can arrange a schedule just to suit you e.g. if required we can spend some time in a more classroom type environments looking at techniques and approaches in a more formal way.

The British Wildilfe Centre Surrey

I offer a 1 day workshop in this amazing location and again we cover a wide range of different species including red squirrels in a piece of artificially created woodland with raised walkways meaning you can get close to photograph them. Its proximity to London and easy access via the motorway network makes it very popular.
This centre is normally open to the public but only on bank holidays and at weekends, and then only provides limited access to the animals. We will have the centre to ourselves and privileged access into the pens with some of the animals so there will be no barriers or wire obscuring your view! You will come home with stunning photographs that would be extremely difficult in the wild, will have improved your photographic technique and learnt a great deal more about your camera and the wildlife. This is a workshop not to be missed.
Animals available at the centre include foxes, otters and wild cats – you will be able to enter all these enclosures for stunning photographs. Stoats, weasels, polecats, mink are all kept in enclosures carefully landscaped to provide really natural settings with logs, water and appropriate undergrowth. Other animals available include Badgers, roe deer, red deer, muntjac deer, snakes, water voles, frogs and more. This is a truly magnificent centre and provides unrivalled photo opportunities.

The Devon Centre

The Devon Centre I use as the setting for my 2 day workshop/safari boasts an unrivalled private wildlife collection. With over 16 years’ experience working with wildlife film makers and photographers the owner has created a series of purpose built photographic and film sets where we can photograph an excellent collection of captive British mammals. The aim of this two day workshop / safari is to provide an unparalleled opportunity to photograph a broad range of British mammals with relative ease and in highly realistic and landscaped surroundings. We will have unrestricted access to photograph most species including the rare European beaver in an 8 acre enclosure where they have cut down their own trees to dam the river.
As well as large mammals such as foxes, wild boar, muntjac deer, wildcat, pine martin, polecat, weasel, stoats we will photograph small mammals in specially designed sets. These will include species such as the rare water vole and equally rare water shrew as well as many species of mouse and rats.
I limit the attendance at this workshop to just 6 and as it is over 2 days workshop I arrange accommodation at a local farmhouse B&B (not included in the workshop price) and we share meals together in the evening in a village pub. There is also time in the evening to review images if required and to explore techniques and approaches to wildlife photography.