Sue and Brains Trout’s Gallery – Kicheche Mara 2013

2010 was our first visit to Africa, and like Bob says, having been once it gets under your skin. Our first trip was an organised Safari in Northern Tanzania, and after an allotted period of time, you were moved on, irrespective of whether there was any action taking place or not. I felt there must be a better way of seeing and photographing the African Wildlife, and came across Bob’s website.

Sue says:
I went on the Kenyan Safari having no great expectations principally so that I wouldn’t come back disappointed. I could have had expectations galore, and have returned to England with every one of them met and more. The holiday was made even more special by the other members of the group. We all seemed to ‘gel’ well together and had a fantastic time. Whilst I felt that I was pretty ‘au fait’ with the use of my camera equipment, I found that the little snippets of advice Bob provided invaluable.

Brian says:
I really wanted to see crocodiles in their natural environment, and this ambition was fulfilled. Looking forward to seeing more next year. I loved the whole experience, and would recommend one of these trips to anyone interested in wildlife and photography.

The whole experience was such a success that we have signed up again for next year and look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

These are a selection from both of our photos from the trip.

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Big Cats – Cheetah  

Big Cats – Lions  

Big Cats – Leopards  




Other Ungulates









Other Raptors

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