Sue Totham’s Gallery – Kicheche Mara 2014

The prospect of a few days in Kenya was a long held dream which I never expected to come true, it took 4 or 5 days of complete amazement and disbelief to believe I was actually there. Bob, the perfect host ensured everything ran smoothly; from the pre-travel arrangements to the goodbyes at Heathrow 10 days later. The staff at Kicheche Mara Camp were professional but very friendly & approachable, the guides/drivers were just amazing and incredibly knowledgeable: they seemed to know which animals we wanted to see, where to find them and where to position the vehicles so that we were able to achieve great images.

Friends have asked me whether I photographed the big cats, the elephants or giraffes. My answer is yes and so much more: we saw a pair of cheetah brothers on our very first morning on the way into camp from the airport and were able to follow them at various times during the trip. We met the local pride of lions many times; in rain & in sunshine and at both sunrise & sunset and all times in between. But my favourite cat was the mother leopard with her two cubs, just 5 mins from camp. She was so beautiful and graceful and yet there was no doubt about her maternal instincts to protect her cubs or her innate strength and power.

One of the highlights of the trip was taking breakfast on the banks of the Mara River watching the hippos wallow in the water below us, another was seeing a baby giraffe being born just as the light disappeared and knowing there were two hyenas nearby – it took two days to confirm it had survived and then there were the sunsets – a fantastic sight to end the day.

I don’t think I’ve come back to earth yet! It still feels like an amazing dream. Thanks again for the best experience of my life, it was truly amazing.

Probably the 100 dollar question – would I go back? Unequivocally, Yes I would go tomorrow if given the opportunity! Thank you Bob for providing a trip of a lifetime.


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