Feedback from clubs after “My Digital Workflow” talk.

I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. This is a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my talk “My Digital Workflow”.

One of the questions I am most frequently asked on workshops and when giving talks to camera clubs is – “could you please explain from start to finish what you do after you have taken a photo.”

Digital workflow is an area of photography often discussed and explored in magazines, on the web and in many a conversation with fellow photographers but despite all this exposure it still seems a mystery to many. I developed this talk to try to clear up some of this mystique and equip club members with new tools and new skills.

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Feedback from clubs after “My Digital Workflow” talk.

Rona Bassett – Prog Secretary Bishops Waltham CC – July 2019

“On behalf of the BWPS committee and members thank you for such an interesting and informative evening yesterday. You provided so much practical and doable information about the workflow process in a really interesting and easy to understand format. I will certainly be reviewing my workflow and I now understand more about how lightroom operates from a workflow perspective too. I am sure many of the members will be going back into the webpage to review and follow up on what you presented, I know I have already!
Thank you also for your very generous offer to members on the course discount, I hope you get many more bookings from members.”

Carolyn Gostelow – Judges & Speakers Officer Biggleswade Camera Club – November 2015

“Hi Bob, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for Sunday. You were a great host and obviously someone who cares deeply about the birds and has extensive knowledge, and this added to the day. Your insights into photography , how cameras work and how to use them creatively were very valuable and I learnt a lot, both at the beginning of the session over a cuppa and throughout the day as you helped us all with our technique. What a great opportunity to explore the lovely grounds of a historic house and have access to the beautiful birds that most people will not get. I had a great time and appreciated your insights, and I learnt a lot. Thanks again! Jason. “

Bob Child – Beeston Camera Club – March 2014

“Hi Bob, I really enjoyed your talk at Beeston Camera Club, it was very helpful.”

Fiona Bureau – Following Digital Workflow talk to Bedford Camera Club – Nov 2013

“I greatly enjoyed the talk you gave last night to Bedford Camera Club, I am a keen Lightroom user already, but I learned lots of new tips so thanks very much. I will be watching for the dates of your macro/fungi course next year! With best wishes Fiona “

Dave Martin – Lee Valley Nature Photographers – October 2013

“Hi Bob, I was at your presentation last night at the Lee Valley Photography Club. I must say it was very informative with out all the technical jargon. Also you slide show was very well put together. Thanks for a great evening. Regards Dave”

Margaret Welby – Lee Valley Nature Photographers – October 2013

“Hello Bob, On behalf of Lee Valley Nature Photographers I would like to thank you very much for fascinating talk you gave us on your Digital Workflow. It was very interesting and I think everyone learnt something. I know I certainly did and will be looking at Photo Mechanic. I am possibly going to get an Apple Mac so now might be a good time to explore the options of Photo Mechanic against BreezeBrowser Pro which I have used for years. Anything to speed up the process so I can go out and take more pictures to add to the vicious circle!
Thanks again and I hope we see you again at LVNP.”

Keith Long – Banbury Camera Club – January 2013

“What a super evening you gave Banbury club ! The content and presentation were delivered by a true professional. It was a super evening pitched at the right level and supplemented by some great pictures, which which you modestly included as ‘background’.”

Ian Draper – Banbury Camera Club – January 2013

“Bob – tonight’s talk at Banbury was superb, I’ve now got a much better grasp of things in RAW, and will go back to Lightroom with increased endeavour and commitment and try again! Superbly presented, with humour and in a way designed not to confuse, and not too turgid with techy stuff! Many thanks, Ian

Keith Watson – Dunchurch Photographic Society – October 2012

“Just once in a while we have a guest speaker at Dunchurch Photographic Society whose presentation remains with me and within my thoughts for a considerable time afterwards. Last night was one of those nights and I wish to thank you for your presentation last night and for your very interesting and informative approach. I particularly found your demonstration on RAW of great interest. I have been photographing in RAW for only a year and I personally found the difference amazing. I think what you did last night was to assure me that what I was already doing with RAW especially in the post development stage was basically correct, that re-assurance is very much appreciated. I also picked up some useful tips on this area which I am sure will benefit my photography. Many thanks again for a great evening. “

Keith Prior – Dunchurch Photographic Society – October 2012

“I attended your talk at Dunchurch photographic society on 24th October, I found your talk both interesting and informative, I am a relative novice with a DSLR and I do not have much experience of LightRoom etc., but after listening to you I now wish to get a lot more experience of both, I could have listened and picked your brain for a lot longer than was possible, so thanks very much for a very enjoyable and informative night.”

Stee Green – Dunchurch Photographic Society – October 2012

“I was at your talk on Wednesday at the Dunchurch club, that was my first time I have been to that club, I found your talk really good it gave me a few tips and I went out today and got “LightRoom” it look really good from the bits I saw you use, just wanted to say thank you for a good talk and some great tips.”

Marilyn (Secretary Dunchurch Photographic Society) – October 2012

“It was good to meet you on Wednesday night, on behalf of the club members and committee I would like to thank you for giving an excellent presentation, I have received good positive feedback from the members, they found your presentation style easy to follow and the section on workflow as something the could adapt as a way to manage their photographs, your equating working in Raw to the ingredients of baking a cake was a process that made understanding Raw a lot easier. Many thanks.”

Eric Gaffney – Burton Photographic Society – October 2012

“Once again it was good to see one of your lectures. Very straight forward and easy to follow, with the added bonus of being able to recall the information afterwards via your web site which is a huge bonus as a lot can be forgotten when just listening. It is very much ” now what did he say about that bit?”
Excellent and look froward to the next lecture. “

Pip – Burton Photographic Society – October 2012

“Can I just say thanks for a great evening. It went down very well with the members. Your demonstrations and clear delivery made a complicated subject much more accessible. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback both from those trying to get to grips with RAW and more the experienced crew.”

Very many thanks Claire Downs

“Bob thanks for yet another splendid presentation. Workflow has always been a mystery to me but now the mist is starting to clear.”

Thanks so much Geoff Holly

“You have given me a new way to explore my photography. I always envy people with those superbly processed images now I realise I can do it too. I have now however to start organising my massive photo library but at least I have the tools and techniques now.”

Chris Hardy

“Bob, I always thought workflow was something for the experts and not for me. Thanks to your superb presentation I now understand what I need to do to improve my photos and start winning competitions. Your style and approach is always fantastic and easy to understand. Thanks so much again for yet another superb evening.”